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// d3dApp.h by Frank Luna (C) 2005 All Rights Reserved. 
// Contains the base Direct3D application class which provides the 
// framework interface for the sample applications.  Clients are to derive  
// from D3DApp, override the framework methods, and instantiate only a single 
// instance of the derived D3DApp class.  At the same time, the client should 
// set the global application  pointer (gd3dApp) to point to the one and only 
// instance, e.g., gd3dApp = new HelloD3DApp(hInstance); 
#ifndef D3DAPP_H 
#define D3DAPP_H 
#include "d3dUtil.h" 
#include <string> 
class D3DApp 
	D3DApp(HINSTANCE hInstance, std::string winCaption, D3DDEVTYPE devType, DWORD requestedVP); 
	virtual ~D3DApp(); 
	HINSTANCE getAppInst(); 
	HWND      getMainWnd(); 
	// Framework methods.  Derived client class overrides these methods to  
	// implement specific application requirements. 
	virtual bool checkDeviceCaps()     { return true; } 
	virtual void onLostDevice()        {} 
	virtual void onResetDevice()       {} 
	virtual void updateScene(float dt) {} 
	virtual void drawScene()           {} 
	// Override these methods only if you do not like the default window creation, 
	// direct3D device creation, window procedure, or message loop.  In general, 
	// for the sample programs of this book, we will not need to modify these. 
	virtual void initMainWindow(); 
	virtual void initDirect3D(); 
	virtual int run(); 
	virtual LRESULT msgProc(UINT msg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam); 
	void enableFullScreenMode(bool enable); 
	bool isDeviceLost(); 
	// Derived client class can modify these data members in the constructor to  
	// customize the application.   
	std::string mMainWndCaption; 
	D3DDEVTYPE  mDevType; 
	DWORD       mRequestedVP; 
	// Application, Windows, and Direct3D data members. 
	HINSTANCE             mhAppInst; 
	HWND                  mhMainWnd; 
	IDirect3D9*           md3dObject; 
	bool                  mAppPaused; 
// Globals for convenient access. 
extern D3DApp* gd3dApp; 
extern IDirect3DDevice9* gd3dDevice; 
#endif // D3DAPP_H