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 * Software Copyright Licensing Disclaimer 
 * This software module was originally developed by contributors to the 
 * course of the development of ISO/IEC 14496-10 for reference purposes 
 * and its performance may not have been optimized.  This software 
 * module is an implementation of one or more tools as specified by 
 * ISO/IEC 14496-10.  ISO/IEC gives users free license to this software 
 * module or modifications thereof. Those intending to use this software 
 * module in products are advised that its use may infringe existing 
 * patents.  ISO/IEC have no liability for use of this software module 
 * or modifications thereof.  The original contributors retain full 
 * rights to modify and use the code for their own purposes, and to 
 * assign or donate the code to third-parties. 
 * This copyright notice must be included in all copies or derivative 
 * works.  Copyright (c) ISO/IEC 2004. 
 * \file fmo.h 
 * \brief 
 *    Support for Flexilble Macroblock Ordering (FMO) 
 * \date 
 *    19 June, 2002 
 * \author 
 *    Stephan Wenger   stewe@cs.tu-berlin.de 
#ifndef _FMO_H_ 
#define _FMO_H_ 
int FmoInit (pic_parameter_set_rbsp_t* pps, seq_parameter_set_rbsp_t* sps); 
int FmoFinit (); 
int FmoGetNumberOfSliceGroup(); 
int FmoGetLastMBOfPicture(); 
int FmoGetLastMBInSliceGroup(int SliceGroup); 
int FmoGetSliceGroupId (int mb); 
int FmoGetNextMBNr (int CurrentMbNr);