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/* 工    程:BMS数据采集仪               */ 
/* 作    者:Tomas_MENG						       */ 
/* 创建日期:2016-12-26                  */ 
#ifndef __SDIO_SDCARD_H 
#define __SDIO_SDCARD_H																			    
#include "sys.h"												    
#include "stm32f4xx.h"   
#define SDIO_FLAG_CCRCFAIL                  ((uint32_t)0x00000001) 
#define SDIO_FLAG_DCRCFAIL                  ((uint32_t)0x00000002) 
#define SDIO_FLAG_CTIMEOUT                  ((uint32_t)0x00000004) 
#define SDIO_FLAG_DTIMEOUT                  ((uint32_t)0x00000008) 
#define SDIO_FLAG_TXUNDERR                  ((uint32_t)0x00000010) 
#define SDIO_FLAG_RXOVERR                   ((uint32_t)0x00000020) 
#define SDIO_FLAG_CMDREND                   ((uint32_t)0x00000040) 
#define SDIO_FLAG_CMDSENT                   ((uint32_t)0x00000080) 
#define SDIO_FLAG_DATAEND                   ((uint32_t)0x00000100) 
#define SDIO_FLAG_STBITERR                  ((uint32_t)0x00000200) 
#define SDIO_FLAG_DBCKEND                   ((uint32_t)0x00000400) 
#define SDIO_FLAG_CMDACT                    ((uint32_t)0x00000800) 
#define SDIO_FLAG_TXACT                     ((uint32_t)0x00001000) 
#define SDIO_FLAG_RXACT                     ((uint32_t)0x00002000) 
#define SDIO_FLAG_TXFIFOHE                  ((uint32_t)0x00004000) 
#define SDIO_FLAG_RXFIFOHF                  ((uint32_t)0x00008000) 
#define SDIO_FLAG_TXFIFOF                   ((uint32_t)0x00010000) 
#define SDIO_FLAG_RXFIFOF                   ((uint32_t)0x00020000) 
#define SDIO_FLAG_TXFIFOE                   ((uint32_t)0x00040000) 
#define SDIO_FLAG_RXFIFOE                   ((uint32_t)0x00080000) 
#define SDIO_FLAG_TXDAVL                    ((uint32_t)0x00100000) 
#define SDIO_FLAG_RXDAVL                    ((uint32_t)0x00200000) 
#define SDIO_FLAG_SDIOIT                    ((uint32_t)0x00400000) 
#define SDIO_FLAG_CEATAEND                  ((uint32_t)0x00800000) 
//使用DMA模式的时候,传输速率可以到48Mhz(bypass on时),不过如果你的卡不是高速 
#define SDIO_INIT_CLK_DIV        0x76 		//SDIO初始化频率,最大400Kh   
#define SDIO_TRANSFER_CLK_DIV    0x00		//SDIO传输频率,该值太小可能会导致读写文件出错  
#define SD_POLLING_MODE    	0  	//查询模式,该模式下,如果读写有问题,建议增大SDIO_TRANSFER_CLK_DIV的设置. 
#define SD_DMA_MODE    		1	//DMA模式,该模式下,如果读写有问题,建议增大SDIO_TRANSFER_CLK_DIV的设置.    
//SDIO 各种错误枚举定义 
typedef enum 
	SD_CMD_CRC_FAIL                    = (1), /*!< Command response received (but CRC check failed) */ 
	SD_DATA_CRC_FAIL                   = (2), /*!< Data bock sent/received (CRC check Failed) */ 
	SD_CMD_RSP_TIMEOUT                 = (3), /*!< Command response timeout */ 
	SD_DATA_TIMEOUT                    = (4), /*!< Data time out */ 
	SD_TX_UNDERRUN                     = (5), /*!< Transmit FIFO under-run */ 
	SD_RX_OVERRUN                      = (6), /*!< Receive FIFO over-run */ 
	SD_START_BIT_ERR                   = (7), /*!< Start bit not detected on all data signals in widE bus mode */ 
	SD_CMD_OUT_OF_RANGE                = (8), /*!< CMD's argument was out of range.*/ 
	SD_ADDR_MISALIGNED                 = (9), /*!< Misaligned address */ 
	SD_BLOCK_LEN_ERR                   = (10), /*!< Transferred block length is not allowed for the card or the number of transferred bytes does not match the block length */ 
	SD_ERASE_SEQ_ERR                   = (11), /*!< An error in the sequence of erase command occurs.*/ 
	SD_BAD_ERASE_PARAM                 = (12), /*!< An Invalid selection for erase groups */ 
	SD_WRITE_PROT_VIOLATION            = (13), /*!< Attempt to program a write protect block */ 
	SD_LOCK_UNLOCK_FAILED              = (14), /*!< Sequence or password error has been detected in unlock command or if there was an attempt to access a locked card */ 
	SD_COM_CRC_FAILED                  = (15), /*!< CRC check of the previous command failed */ 
	SD_ILLEGAL_CMD                     = (16), /*!< Command is not legal for the card state */ 
	SD_CARD_ECC_FAILED                 = (17), /*!< Card internal ECC was applied but failed to correct the data */ 
	SD_CC_ERROR                        = (18), /*!< Internal card controller error */ 
	SD_GENERAL_UNKNOWN_ERROR           = (19), /*!< General or Unknown error */ 
	SD_STREAM_READ_UNDERRUN            = (20), /*!< The card could not sustain data transfer in stream read operation. */ 
	SD_STREAM_WRITE_OVERRUN            = (21), /*!< The card could not sustain data programming in stream mode */ 
	SD_CID_CSD_OVERWRITE               = (22), /*!< CID/CSD overwrite error */ 
	SD_WP_ERASE_SKIP                   = (23), /*!< only partial address space was erased */ 
	SD_CARD_ECC_DISABLED               = (24), /*!< Command has been executed without using internal ECC */ 
	SD_ERASE_RESET                     = (25), /*!< Erase sequence was cleared before executing because an out of erase sequence command was received */ 
	SD_AKE_SEQ_ERROR                   = (26), /*!< Error in sequence of authentication. */ 
	SD_INVALID_VOLTRANGE               = (27), 
	SD_ADDR_OUT_OF_RANGE               = (28), 
	SD_SWITCH_ERROR                    = (29), 
	SD_SDIO_DISABLED                   = (30), 
	SD_SDIO_FUNCTION_BUSY              = (31), 
	SD_SDIO_FUNCTION_FAILED            = (32), 
	SD_SDIO_UNKNOWN_FUNCTION           = (33), 
	SD_OK = 0  
} SD_Error;		   
typedef struct 
	u8  CSDStruct;            /*!< CSD structure */ 
	u8  SysSpecVersion;       /*!< System specification version */ 
	u8  Reserved1;            /*!< Reserved */ 
	u8  TAAC;                 /*!< Data read access-time 1 */ 
	u8  NSAC;                 /*!< Data read access-time 2 in CLK cycles */ 
	u8  MaxBusClkFrec;        /*!< Max. bus clock frequency */ 
	u16 CardComdClasses;      /*!< Card command classes */ 
	u8  RdBlockLen;           /*!< Max. read data block length */ 
	u8  PartBlockRead;        /*!< Partial blocks for read allowed */ 
	u8  WrBlockMisalign;      /*!< Write block misalignment */ 
	u8  RdBlockMisalign;      /*!< Read block misalignment */ 
	u8  DSRImpl;              /*!< DSR implemented */ 
	u8  Reserved2;            /*!< Reserved */ 
	u32 DeviceSize;           /*!< Device Size */ 
	u8  MaxRdCurrentVDDMin;   /*!< Max. read current @ VDD min */ 
	u8  MaxRdCurrentVDDMax;   /*!< Max. read current @ VDD max */ 
	u8  MaxWrCurrentVDDMin;   /*!< Max. write current @ VDD min */ 
	u8  MaxWrCurrentVDDMax;   /*!< Max. write current @ VDD max */ 
	u8  DeviceSizeMul;        /*!< Device size multiplier */ 
	u8  EraseGrSize;          /*!< Erase group size */ 
	u8  EraseGrMul;           /*!< Erase group size multiplier */ 
	u8  WrProtectGrSize;      /*!< Write protect group size */ 
	u8  WrProtectGrEnable;    /*!< Write protect group enable */ 
	u8  ManDeflECC;           /*!< Manufacturer default ECC */ 
	u8  WrSpeedFact;          /*!< Write speed factor */ 
	u8  MaxWrBlockLen;        /*!< Max. write data block length */ 
	u8  WriteBlockPaPartial;  /*!< Partial blocks for write allowed */ 
	u8  Reserved3;            /*!< Reserded */ 
	u8  ContentProtectAppli;  /*!< Content protection application */ 
	u8  FileFormatGrouop;     /*!< File format group */ 
	u8  CopyFlag;             /*!< Copy flag (OTP) */ 
	u8  PermWrProtect;        /*!< Permanent write protection */ 
	u8  TempWrProtect;        /*!< Temporary write protection */ 
	u8  FileFormat;           /*!< File Format */ 
	u8  ECC;                  /*!< ECC code */ 
	u8  CSD_CRC;              /*!< CSD CRC */ 
	u8  Reserved4;            /*!< always 1*/ 
} SD_CSD;    
typedef struct 
	u8  ManufacturerID;       /*!< ManufacturerID */ 
	u16 OEM_AppliID;          /*!< OEM/Application ID */ 
	u32 ProdName1;            /*!< Product Name part1 */ 
	u8  ProdName2;            /*!< Product Name part2*/ 
	u8  ProdRev;              /*!< Product Revision */ 
	u32 ProdSN;               /*!< Product Serial Number */ 
	u8  Reserved1;            /*!< Reserved1 */ 
	u16 ManufactDate;         /*!< Manufacturing Date */ 
	u8  CID_CRC;              /*!< CID CRC */ 
	u8  Reserved2;            /*!< always 1 */ 
} SD_CID;	  
typedef enum 
	SD_CARD_READY                  = ((uint32_t)0x00000001), 
	SD_CARD_IDENTIFICATION         = ((uint32_t)0x00000002), 
	SD_CARD_STANDBY                = ((uint32_t)0x00000003), 
	SD_CARD_TRANSFER               = ((uint32_t)0x00000004), 
	SD_CARD_SENDING                = ((uint32_t)0x00000005), 
	SD_CARD_RECEIVING              = ((uint32_t)0x00000006), 
	SD_CARD_PROGRAMMING            = ((uint32_t)0x00000007), 
	SD_CARD_DISCONNECTED           = ((uint32_t)0x00000008), 
	SD_CARD_ERROR                  = ((uint32_t)0x000000FF) 
typedef struct 
  SD_CSD SD_csd; 
  SD_CID SD_cid; 
  long long CardCapacity;  	//SD卡容量,单位:字节,最大支持2^64字节大小的卡. 
  u32 CardBlockSize; 		//SD卡块大小	 
  u16 RCA;					//卡相对地址 
  u8 CardType;				//卡类型 
} SD_CardInfo; 
extern SD_CardInfo SDCardInfo;//SD卡信息			  
//SDIO 指令集 
#define SD_CMD_GO_IDLE_STATE                       ((u8)0) 
#define SD_CMD_SEND_OP_COND                        ((u8)1) 
#define SD_CMD_ALL_SEND_CID                        ((u8)2) 
#define SD_CMD_SET_REL_ADDR                        ((u8)3) /*!< SDIO_SEND_REL_ADDR for SD Card */ 
#define SD_CMD_SET_DSR                             ((u8)4) 
#define SD_CMD_SDIO_SEN_OP_COND                    ((u8)5) 
#define SD_CMD_HS_SWITCH                           ((u8)6) 
#define SD_CMD_SEL_DESEL_CARD                      ((u8)7) 
#define SD_CMD_HS_SEND_EXT_CSD                     ((u8)8) 
#define SD_CMD_SEND_CSD                            ((u8)9) 
#define SD_CMD_SEND_CID                            ((u8)10) 
#define SD_CMD_READ_DAT_UNTIL_STOP                 ((u8)11) /*!< SD Card doesn't support it */ 
#define SD_CMD_STOP_TRANSMISSION                   ((u8)12) 
#define SD_CMD_SEND_STATUS                         ((u8)13) 
#define SD_CMD_HS_BUSTEST_READ                     ((u8)14) 
#define SD_CMD_GO_INACTIVE_STATE                   ((u8)15) 
#define SD_CMD_SET_BLOCKLEN                        ((u8)16) 
#define SD_CMD_READ_SINGLE_BLOCK                   ((u8)17) 
#define SD_CMD_READ_MULT_BLOCK                     ((u8)18) 
#define SD_CMD_HS_BUSTEST_WRITE                    ((u8)19) 
#define SD_CMD_WRITE_DAT_UNTIL_STOP                ((u8)20)  
#define SD_CMD_SET_BLOCK_COUNT                     ((u8)23)  
#define SD_CMD_WRITE_SINGLE_BLOCK                  ((u8)24) 
#define SD_CMD_WRITE_MULT_BLOCK                    ((u8)25) 
#define SD_CMD_PROG_CID                            ((u8)26) 
#define SD_CMD_PROG_CSD                            ((u8)27) 
#define SD_CMD_SET_WRITE_PROT                      ((u8)28) 
#define SD_CMD_CLR_WRITE_PROT                      ((u8)29) 
#define SD_CMD_SEND_WRITE_PROT                     ((u8)30) 
#define SD_CMD_SD_ERASE_GRP_START                  ((u8)32) /*!< To set the address of the first write 
                                                                  block to be erased. (For SD card only) */ 
#define SD_CMD_SD_ERASE_GRP_END                    ((u8)33) /*!< To set the address of the last write block of the 
                                                                  continuous range to be erased. (For SD card only) */ 
#define SD_CMD_ERASE_GRP_START                     ((u8)35) /*!< To set the address of the first write block to be erased. 
                                                                  (For MMC card only spec 3.31) */ 
#define SD_CMD_ERASE_GRP_END                       ((u8)36) /*!< To set the address of the last write block of the 
                                                                  continuous range to be erased. (For MMC card only spec 3.31) */ 
#define SD_CMD_ERASE                               ((u8)38) 
#define SD_CMD_FAST_IO                             ((u8)39) /*!< SD Card doesn't support it */ 
#define SD_CMD_GO_IRQ_STATE                        ((u8)40) /*!< SD Card doesn't support it */ 
#define SD_CMD_LOCK_UNLOCK                         ((u8)42) 
#define SD_CMD_APP_CMD                             ((u8)55) 
#define SD_CMD_GEN_CMD                             ((u8)56) 
#define SD_CMD_NO_CMD                              ((u8)64) 
  * @brief Following commands are SD Card Specific commands. 
  *        SDIO_APP_CMD :CMD55 should be sent before sending these commands.  
#define SD_CMD_APP_SD_SET_BUSWIDTH                 ((u8)6)  /*!< For SD Card only */ 
#define SD_CMD_SD_APP_STAUS                        ((u8)13) /*!< For SD Card only */ 
#define SD_CMD_SD_APP_SEND_NUM_WRITE_BLOCKS        ((u8)22) /*!< For SD Card only */ 
#define SD_CMD_SD_APP_OP_COND                      ((u8)41) /*!< For SD Card only */ 
#define SD_CMD_SD_APP_SET_CLR_CARD_DETECT          ((u8)42) /*!< For SD Card only */ 
#define SD_CMD_SD_APP_SEND_SCR                     ((u8)51) /*!< For SD Card only */ 
#define SD_CMD_SDIO_RW_DIRECT                      ((u8)52) /*!< For SD I/O Card only */ 
#define SD_CMD_SDIO_RW_EXTENDED                    ((u8)53) /*!< For SD I/O Card only */ 
  * @brief Following commands are SD Card Specific security commands. 
  *        SDIO_APP_CMD should be sent before sending these commands.  
#define SD_CMD_SD_APP_GET_MKB                      ((u8)43) /*!< For SD Card only */ 
#define SD_CMD_SD_APP_GET_MID                      ((u8)44) /*!< For SD Card only */ 
#define SD_CMD_SD_APP_SET_CER_RN1                  ((u8)45) /*!< For SD Card only */ 
#define SD_CMD_SD_APP_GET_CER_RN2                  ((u8)46) /*!< For SD Card only */ 
#define SD_CMD_SD_APP_SET_CER_RES2                 ((u8)47) /*!< For SD Card only */ 
#define SD_CMD_SD_APP_GET_CER_RES1                 ((u8)48) /*!< For SD Card only */ 
#define SD_CMD_SD_APP_SECURE_READ_MULTIPLE_BLOCK   ((u8)18) /*!< For SD Card only */ 
#define SD_CMD_SD_APP_SECURE_WRITE_MULTIPLE_BLOCK  ((u8)25) /*!< For SD Card only */ 
#define SD_CMD_SD_APP_SECURE_ERASE                 ((u8)38) /*!< For SD Card only */ 
#define SD_CMD_SD_APP_CHANGE_SECURE_AREA           ((u8)49) /*!< For SD Card only */ 
#define SD_CMD_SD_APP_SECURE_WRITE_MKB             ((u8)48) /*!< For SD Card only */ 
#define SDIO_STD_CAPACITY_SD_CARD_V1_1             ((u32)0x00000000) 
#define SDIO_STD_CAPACITY_SD_CARD_V2_0             ((u32)0x00000001) 
#define SDIO_HIGH_CAPACITY_SD_CARD                 ((u32)0x00000002) 
#define SDIO_MULTIMEDIA_CARD                       ((u32)0x00000003) 
#define SDIO_SECURE_DIGITAL_IO_CARD                ((u32)0x00000004) 
#define SDIO_HIGH_SPEED_MULTIMEDIA_CARD            ((u32)0x00000005) 
#define SDIO_SECURE_DIGITAL_IO_COMBO_CARD          ((u32)0x00000006) 
#define SDIO_HIGH_CAPACITY_MMC_CARD                ((u32)0x00000007) 
#define NULL 0 
#define SDIO_STATIC_FLAGS               ((u32)0x000005FF) 
#define SDIO_CMD0TIMEOUT                ((u32)0x00010000)	   
#define SDIO_DATATIMEOUT                ((u32)0xFFFFFFFF)	   
#define SDIO_FIFO_Address               ((u32)0x40018080) 
//Mask for errors Card Status R1 (OCR Register)   
#define SD_OCR_ADDR_OUT_OF_RANGE        ((u32)0x80000000) 
#define SD_OCR_ADDR_MISALIGNED          ((u32)0x40000000) 
#define SD_OCR_BLOCK_LEN_ERR            ((u32)0x20000000) 
#define SD_OCR_ERASE_SEQ_ERR            ((u32)0x10000000) 
#define SD_OCR_BAD_ERASE_PARAM          ((u32)0x08000000) 
#define SD_OCR_WRITE_PROT_VIOLATION     ((u32)0x04000000) 
#define SD_OCR_LOCK_UNLOCK_FAILED       ((u32)0x01000000) 
#define SD_OCR_COM_CRC_FAILED           ((u32)0x00800000) 
#define SD_OCR_ILLEGAL_CMD              ((u32)0x00400000) 
#define SD_OCR_CARD_ECC_FAILED          ((u32)0x00200000) 
#define SD_OCR_CC_ERROR                 ((u32)0x00100000) 
#define SD_OCR_GENERAL_UNKNOWN_ERROR    ((u32)0x00080000) 
#define SD_OCR_STREAM_READ_UNDERRUN     ((u32)0x00040000) 
#define SD_OCR_STREAM_WRITE_OVERRUN     ((u32)0x00020000) 
#define SD_OCR_CID_CSD_OVERWRIETE       ((u32)0x00010000) 
#define SD_OCR_WP_ERASE_SKIP            ((u32)0x00008000) 
#define SD_OCR_CARD_ECC_DISABLED        ((u32)0x00004000) 
#define SD_OCR_ERASE_RESET              ((u32)0x00002000) 
#define SD_OCR_AKE_SEQ_ERROR            ((u32)0x00000008) 
#define SD_OCR_ERRORBITS                ((u32)0xFDFFE008) 
//Masks for R6 Response  
#define SD_R6_GENERAL_UNKNOWN_ERROR     ((u32)0x00002000) 
#define SD_R6_ILLEGAL_CMD               ((u32)0x00004000) 
#define SD_R6_COM_CRC_FAILED            ((u32)0x00008000) 
#define SD_VOLTAGE_WINDOW_SD            ((u32)0x80100000) 
#define SD_HIGH_CAPACITY                ((u32)0x40000000) 
#define SD_STD_CAPACITY                 ((u32)0x00000000) 
#define SD_CHECK_PATTERN                ((u32)0x000001AA) 
#define SD_VOLTAGE_WINDOW_MMC           ((u32)0x80FF8000) 
#define SD_MAX_VOLT_TRIAL               ((u32)0x0000FFFF) 
#define SD_ALLZERO                      ((u32)0x00000000) 
#define SD_WIDE_BUS_SUPPORT             ((u32)0x00040000) 
#define SD_SINGLE_BUS_SUPPORT           ((u32)0x00010000) 
#define SD_CARD_LOCKED                  ((u32)0x02000000) 
#define SD_CARD_PROGRAMMING             ((u32)0x00000007) 
#define SD_CARD_RECEIVING               ((u32)0x00000006) 
#define SD_DATATIMEOUT                  ((u32)0xFFFFFFFF) 
#define SD_0TO7BITS                     ((u32)0x000000FF) 
#define SD_8TO15BITS                    ((u32)0x0000FF00) 
#define SD_16TO23BITS                   ((u32)0x00FF0000) 
#define SD_24TO31BITS                   ((u32)0xFF000000) 
#define SD_MAX_DATA_LENGTH              ((u32)0x01FFFFFF) 
#define SD_HALFFIFO                     ((u32)0x00000008) 
#define SD_HALFFIFOBYTES                ((u32)0x00000020) 
//Command Class Supported   
#define SD_CCCC_LOCK_UNLOCK             ((u32)0x00000080) 
#define SD_CCCC_WRITE_PROT              ((u32)0x00000040) 
#define SD_CCCC_ERASE                   ((u32)0x00000020) 
#define SDIO_SEND_IF_COND               ((u32)0x00000008) 
#define SD_CD PAin(9)	  // SD卡硬件插入检查 
SD_Error SD_Init(void); 
void SDIO_Clock_Set(u8 clkdiv); 
SD_Error SD_PowerON(void);     
SD_Error SD_PowerOFF(void); 
SD_Error SD_InitializeCards(void); 
SD_Error SD_GetCardInfo(SD_CardInfo *cardinfo);		   
SD_Error SD_EnableWideBusOperation(u32 wmode); 
SD_Error SD_SetDeviceMode(u32 mode); 
SD_Error SD_SelectDeselect(u32 addr);  
SD_Error SD_SendStatus(uint32_t *pcardstatus); 
SDCardState SD_GetState(void); 
SD_Error SD_ReadBlock(u8 *buf,long long addr,u16 blksize);   
SD_Error SD_ReadMultiBlocks(u8 *buf,long long  addr,u16 blksize,u32 nblks);   
SD_Error SD_WriteBlock(u8 *buf,long long addr,  u16 blksize);	 
SD_Error SD_WriteMultiBlocks(u8 *buf,long long addr,u16 blksize,u32 nblks); 
SD_Error SD_ProcessIRQSrc(void); 
void SD_DMA_Config(u32*mbuf,u32 bufsize,u32 dir); 
//void SD_DMA_Config(u32*mbuf,u32 bufsize,u8 dir);  
u8 SD_ReadDisk(u8*buf,u32 sector,u8 cnt); 	//读SD卡,fatfs/usb调用 
u8 SD_WriteDisk(u8*buf,u32 sector,u8 cnt);	//写SD卡,fatfs/usb调用