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Late breaking news: 
        Versions of uuencode and uudecode now included, which are helpful 
        for using this package to send/receive encrypted mail. 
Phil asked me to clean this up slightly and package it for distribution. 
I've got it running on my Symmetric 4.2bsd system, Phil reports it runs fine 
on a variety of systems at Bellcore.  Note that getopt is required but not 
provided, as there is already a getopt package in the mod.sources archives. 
Bdale Garbee, N3EUA  870401      
winfree!bdale aka bdale%winfree.uucp@flash.bellcore.com 
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This package contains a DES subroutine library based on the original public 
domain code by James Gillogly, but made faster and more flexible. Commands 
using this library have been added for testing and for encrypting and 
decrypting files (compatible with the DES command under Sun UNIX), among 
other things. 
Run make. That will compile everything and run test data (from the NBS 
certification suite) through it.  It runs as-is under UNIX. It will run 
under MS-DOS with a few minor changes: make sure you define LITTLE_ENDIAN 
when compiling des.c, and change the name of the console in getpass.c.  If 
you have the byte order flag set wrong, you will get ENCRYPT FAIL messages 
when the descert test is run. 
radlogin.c is an experimental program for secure UNIX login via insecure 
channels (like amateur packet radio). Make it and set it up as the login 
shell for a special, password-free login (e.g., "radio"). When it starts the 
user will be asked his REAL login name, which is then looked up in 
/etc/rkeys. (This file must be read protected since it contains DES keys). 
The time of day is then printed in hex as a challenge. The user must encrypt 
it using DES and his key and type the answer back.  The user may use the 
program "descalc" to perform his local calculation. All this is very clumsy; 
it works, but after all it's only experimental. 
Phil Karn, KA9Q 
bellcore!karn aka karn@flash.bellcore.com 
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Subject: Re:  rkeys file 
karn 0123456789abcdef 
uid  des_key_in_hex 
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