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    Copyright (C) 2011-2012 InvenSense Corporation, All Rights Reserved. 
    See included License.txt for License information. 
 *  @addtogroup  DRIVERS Sensor Driver Layer 
 *  @brief       Hardware drivers to communicate with sensors via I2C. 
 *  @{ 
 *      @file       inv_mpu_dmp_motion_driver.h 
 *      @brief      DMP image and interface functions. 
 *      @details    All functions are preceded by the dmp_ prefix to 
 *                  differentiate among MPL and general driver function calls. 
#define TAP_X               (0x01) 
#define TAP_Y               (0x02) 
#define TAP_Z               (0x04) 
#define TAP_XYZ             (0x07) 
#define TAP_X_UP            (0x01) 
#define TAP_X_DOWN          (0x02) 
#define TAP_Y_UP            (0x03) 
#define TAP_Y_DOWN          (0x04) 
#define TAP_Z_UP            (0x05) 
#define TAP_Z_DOWN          (0x06) 
#define ANDROID_ORIENT_PORTRAIT             (0x00) 
#define ANDROID_ORIENT_LANDSCAPE            (0x01) 
#define DMP_INT_GESTURE     (0x01) 
#define DMP_INT_CONTINUOUS  (0x02) 
#define DMP_FEATURE_TAP             (0x001) 
#define DMP_FEATURE_LP_QUAT         (0x004) 
#define DMP_FEATURE_PEDOMETER       (0x008) 
#define DMP_FEATURE_6X_LP_QUAT      (0x010) 
#define DMP_FEATURE_GYRO_CAL        (0x020) 
#define DMP_FEATURE_SEND_RAW_ACCEL  (0x040) 
#define DMP_FEATURE_SEND_RAW_GYRO   (0x080) 
#define DMP_FEATURE_SEND_CAL_GYRO   (0x100) 
#define INV_WXYZ_QUAT       (0x100) 
/* Set up functions. */ 
int dmp_load_motion_driver_firmware(void); 
int dmp_set_fifo_rate(unsigned short rate); 
int dmp_get_fifo_rate(unsigned short *rate); 
int dmp_enable_feature(unsigned short mask); 
int dmp_get_enabled_features(unsigned short *mask); 
int dmp_set_interrupt_mode(unsigned char mode); 
int dmp_set_orientation(unsigned short orient); 
int dmp_set_gyro_bias(long *bias); 
int dmp_set_accel_bias(long *bias); 
/* Tap functions. */ 
int dmp_register_tap_cb(void (*func)(unsigned char, unsigned char)); 
int dmp_set_tap_thresh(unsigned char axis, unsigned short thresh); 
int dmp_set_tap_axes(unsigned char axis); 
int dmp_set_tap_count(unsigned char min_taps); 
int dmp_set_tap_time(unsigned short time); 
int dmp_set_tap_time_multi(unsigned short time); 
int dmp_set_shake_reject_thresh(long sf, unsigned short thresh); 
int dmp_set_shake_reject_time(unsigned short time); 
int dmp_set_shake_reject_timeout(unsigned short time); 
/* Android orientation functions. */ 
int dmp_register_android_orient_cb(void (*func)(unsigned char)); 
/* LP quaternion functions. */ 
int dmp_enable_lp_quat(unsigned char enable); 
int dmp_enable_6x_lp_quat(unsigned char enable); 
/* Pedometer functions. */ 
int dmp_get_pedometer_step_count(unsigned long *count); 
int dmp_set_pedometer_step_count(unsigned long count); 
int dmp_get_pedometer_walk_time(unsigned long *time); 
int dmp_set_pedometer_walk_time(unsigned long time); 
/* DMP gyro calibration functions. */ 
int dmp_enable_gyro_cal(unsigned char enable); 
/* Read function. This function should be called whenever the MPU interrupt is 
 * detected. 
int dmp_read_fifo(short *gyro, short *accel, long *quat, 
    unsigned long *timestamp, short *sensors, unsigned char *more); 
#endif  /* #ifndef _INV_MPU_DMP_MOTION_DRIVER_H_ */