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    Copyright (C) 2011-2012 InvenSense Corporation, All Rights Reserved. 
    See included License.txt for License information. 
 *  @addtogroup  DRIVERS Sensor Driver Layer 
 *  @brief       Hardware drivers to communicate with sensors via I2C. 
 *  @{ 
 *      @file       inv_mpu.h 
 *      @brief      An I2C-based driver for Invensense gyroscopes. 
 *      @details    This driver currently works for the following devices: 
 *                  MPU6050 
 *                  MPU6500 
 *                  MPU9150 (or MPU6050 w/ AK8975 on the auxiliary bus) 
 *                  MPU9250 (or MPU6500 w/ AK8963 on the auxiliary bus) 
#ifndef _INV_MPU_H_ 
#define _INV_MPU_H_ 
#include "sys.h" 
#define DEFAULT_MPU_HZ  (100)		//100Hz 
#define COMPASS_READ_MS (100) 
#define INV_X_GYRO      (0x40) 
#define INV_Y_GYRO      (0x20) 
#define INV_Z_GYRO      (0x10) 
#define INV_XYZ_ACCEL   (0x08) 
#define INV_XYZ_COMPASS (0x01) 
struct int_param_s { 
#if defined EMPL_TARGET_MSP430 || defined MOTION_DRIVER_TARGET_MSP430 
    void (*cb)(void); 
    unsigned short pin; 
    unsigned char lp_exit; 
    unsigned char active_low; 
#elif defined EMPL_TARGET_UC3L0 
    unsigned long pin; 
    void (*cb)(volatile void*); 
    void *arg; 
#elif defined EMPL_TARGET_STM32F4 
    void (*cb)(void); 
#define MPU_INT_STATUS_DATA_READY       (0x0001) 
#define MPU_INT_STATUS_DMP              (0x0002) 
#define MPU_INT_STATUS_PLL_READY        (0x0004) 
#define MPU_INT_STATUS_I2C_MST          (0x0008) 
#define MPU_INT_STATUS_FIFO_OVERFLOW    (0x0010) 
#define MPU_INT_STATUS_ZMOT             (0x0020) 
#define MPU_INT_STATUS_MOT              (0x0040) 
#define MPU_INT_STATUS_FREE_FALL        (0x0080) 
#define MPU_INT_STATUS_DMP_0            (0x0100) 
#define MPU_INT_STATUS_DMP_1            (0x0200) 
#define MPU_INT_STATUS_DMP_2            (0x0400) 
#define MPU_INT_STATUS_DMP_3            (0x0800) 
#define MPU_INT_STATUS_DMP_4            (0x1000) 
#define MPU_INT_STATUS_DMP_5            (0x2000) 
/* Set up APIs */ 
int mpu_init(struct int_param_s *int_param); 
int mpu_init_slave(void); 
int mpu_set_bypass(unsigned char bypass_on); 
/* Configuration APIs */ 
int mpu_lp_accel_mode(unsigned short rate); 
int mpu_lp_motion_interrupt(unsigned short thresh, unsigned char time, 
    unsigned short lpa_freq); 
int mpu_set_int_level(unsigned char active_low); 
int mpu_set_int_latched(unsigned char enable); 
int mpu_set_dmp_state(unsigned char enable); 
int mpu_get_dmp_state(unsigned char *enabled); 
int mpu_get_lpf(unsigned short *lpf); 
int mpu_set_lpf(unsigned short lpf); 
int mpu_get_gyro_fsr(unsigned short *fsr); 
int mpu_set_gyro_fsr(unsigned short fsr); 
int mpu_get_accel_fsr(unsigned char *fsr); 
int mpu_set_accel_fsr(unsigned char fsr); 
int mpu_get_compass_fsr(unsigned short *fsr); 
int mpu_get_gyro_sens(float *sens); 
int mpu_get_accel_sens(unsigned short *sens); 
int mpu_get_sample_rate(unsigned short *rate); 
int mpu_set_sample_rate(unsigned short rate); 
int mpu_get_compass_sample_rate(unsigned short *rate); 
int mpu_set_compass_sample_rate(unsigned short rate); 
int mpu_get_fifo_config(unsigned char *sensors); 
int mpu_configure_fifo(unsigned char sensors); 
int mpu_get_power_state(unsigned char *power_on); 
int mpu_set_sensors(unsigned char sensors); 
int mpu_read_6500_accel_bias(long *accel_bias); 
int mpu_set_gyro_bias_reg(long * gyro_bias); 
int mpu_set_accel_bias_6500_reg(const long *accel_bias); 
int mpu_read_6050_accel_bias(long *accel_bias); 
int mpu_set_accel_bias_6050_reg(const long *accel_bias); 
/* Data getter/setter APIs */ 
int mpu_get_gyro_reg(short *data, unsigned long *timestamp); 
int mpu_get_accel_reg(short *data, unsigned long *timestamp); 
int mpu_get_compass_reg(short *data, unsigned long *timestamp); 
int mpu_get_temperature(long *data, unsigned long *timestamp); 
int mpu_get_int_status(short *status); 
int mpu_read_fifo(short *gyro, short *accel, unsigned long *timestamp, 
    unsigned char *sensors, unsigned char *more); 
int mpu_read_fifo_stream(unsigned short length, unsigned char *data, 
    unsigned char *more); 
int mpu_reset_fifo(void); 
int mpu_write_mem(unsigned short mem_addr, unsigned short length, 
    unsigned char *data); 
int mpu_read_mem(unsigned short mem_addr, unsigned short length, 
    unsigned char *data); 
int mpu_load_firmware(unsigned short length, const unsigned char *firmware, 
    unsigned short start_addr, unsigned short sample_rate); 
int mpu_reg_dump(void); 
int mpu_read_reg(unsigned char reg, unsigned char *data); 
int mpu_run_self_test(long *gyro, long *accel); 
int mpu_run_6500_self_test(long *gyro, long *accel, unsigned char debug); 
int mpu_register_tap_cb(void (*func)(unsigned char, unsigned char)); 
void mget_ms(unsigned long *time); 
unsigned short inv_row_2_scale(const signed char *row); 
unsigned short inv_orientation_matrix_to_scalar(const signed char *mtx); 
u8 run_self_test(void); 
u8 mpu_dmp_init(void); 
u8 mpu_dmp_get_data(float *pitch,float *roll,float *yaw); 
u8 mpu_mpl_get_data(float *pitch,float *roll,float *yaw); 
#endif  /* #ifndef _INV_MPU_H_ */