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#include <windows.h> 
#include <vfw.h> 
char			ErrNoCommand[]	= "There's no command to proceed!"; 
char			ErrNoAVI[]		= "We need AVI file to work with!"; 
char			ErrNoBMP[]		= "We need BMP file name to save to!"; 
char			ErrFirstFrame[]	= "Wrong the first frame parameter!"; 
char			ErrLastFrame[]	= "Wrong the last frame parameter!"; 
char			ErrAVIFile[]	= "Unable to open AVI file!"; 
char			ErrGetStream[]	= "Unable to get video stream!"; 
char			ErrStreamInfo[]	= "Unable to resolve information about stream!"; 
LPSTR			lpstrHowToUse	= "\n" 
								  "	Usage:\n" 
								  "	AVI2BMP_CL.EXE /[Command] -[Parameter 1] ... -[Parameter N]\n" 
								  "	Commands:\n" 
								  "		i - Show information about AVI\n" 
								  "		c - Convert series of frames from AVI to BMP\n" 
								  "		g - Convert one frame from AVI to BMP\n" 
								  "	Parameters:\n" 
								  "		a - AVI file\n" 
								  "		b - BMP file\n" 
								  "		d - Directory for BMP files\n" 
								  "		f - First frame to convert\n" 
								  "		l - Last frame to convert\n" 
								  "		s - Interval between frames\n" 
								  "	Examples:\n" 
								  "		AVI2BMP_CL.EXE /i -aCOOLXXX.AVI\n" 
								  "		AVI2BMP_CL.EXE /c -aCOOLXXX.AVI -dC:\\XXX\\ -f1 -l1000 -s10\n" 
								  "		AVI2BMP_CL.EXE /g -aCOOLXXX.AVI -bXXX.BMP -f1000\n"; 
//HANDLE		hStd;			//Handle for console 
//LPDWORD		lpdwTotal = 0;	//Temp variable for WriteConsole function 
//PAVIFILE		aviFile;		//Handle for AVI file 
//PAVISTREAM	m_pAVISTREAM;	//Handle for video stream 
//AVISTREAMINFO	aviStreamInfo;	//Information about video stream 
#pragma comment(linker,"/MERGE:.rdata=.text") 
#pragma comment(linker,"/FILEALIGN:512 /SECTION:.text,EWRX /IGNORE:4078") 
#pragma comment(linker,"/ENTRY:WinMainA") 
#pragma comment(linker,"/NODEFAULTLIB") 
bool	__save_frame	(const char* fn, int fr); 
int		_atoi			(const char* s); 
void	_error			(const char* m); 
void	_memcpy			(void* output,void* input,int len); 
void	_memset			(void* output,int value,int len);