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 * @file tdi_fw_lib 
 * @author tan wen 
 * @brief I add this file to simplise the including of tdi_fw.lib's  
 *		  header file. tdi_fw.lib is a library based on tdi_fw. You 
 *		  can link this library to build a tdi filter driver easily. 
#ifndef _TDI_FW_LIB_HEADER_ 
#define _TDI_FW_LIB_HEADER_ 
#include <ntddk.h> 
#include <tdikrnl.h> 
#include "net.h" 
#include "sock.h" 
#include "ipc.h" 
/** If you use tdi_fw.lib to build your tdi filter driver, you must write  
 *	tdifw_driver_entry(), tdifw_driver_unload(), tdifw_user_device_dispatch(), 
 *  tdifw_filter(). You can't change these function's name or use their name 
 *	to define other functions or vals. These functions' prototypes are as below. 
/** tdifw_driver_entry is just like DriverEntry. tdi_fw.lib already havs the  
 *  function which named DriverEntry. So when you is using tdi_fw.lib to develop 
 *	a tdi neckwork filter, use tdifw_driver_entry instead. Don't to set driver's 
 *	dispatch function here. tdi_fw has used them. But if you create any device 
 *	here, you may use tdifw_register_user_device() to resigter them. When any 
 *  irp is sending to your devices, tdifw_user_device_dispatch() will be called. 
 *	You can dispatch your irp here. 
extern NTSTATUS 
			IN PDRIVER_OBJECT theDriverObject, 
            IN PUNICODE_STRING theRegistryPath); 
/** tdifw_driver_unload is just like DriverUnload. It will be called when this 
 *  driver is unloading. Delete all devices you created and free memory you  
 *  allocated here. 
extern VOID 
			IN PDRIVER_OBJECT DriverObject); 
/** tdifw_user_device_dispatch() will be called when any device which you  
 *	have created and used tdifw_register_user_device() to register got any 
 *	irp. You should complete any such irp here. Don't passthru. 
extern NTSTATUS tdifw_user_device_dispatch( 
	IN PDEVICE_OBJECT DeviceObject, IN PIRP irp); 
/** These function will be call when any network event happends. You can choose 
 *	interested event to filter. return FLT_ALLOW to passthru or FLT_DENY to  
 *  refuse this event. See the strcut flt_request for more details. 
extern int tdifw_filter(struct flt_request *request); 
BOOLEAN tdifw_register_user_device(PDEVICE_OBJECT dev); 
#endif // _TDI_FW_LIB_HEADER_