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// -*- mode: C++; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*- (for GNU Emacs) 
// $Id: conn_state.h,v 1.1 2009/04/28 12:53:27 tanwen Exp $ 
#ifndef _conn_state_h_ 
#define _conn_state_h_ 
#include "ipc.h" 
NTSTATUS conn_state_init(void); 
void conn_state_free(void); 
/* work with listening ports for all protocols */ 
NTSTATUS add_listen(struct ot_entry *ote_addr); 
void del_listen_obj(struct listen_entry *le, BOOLEAN no_guard); 
BOOLEAN is_listen(ULONG addr, USHORT port, int ipproto); 
BOOLEAN is_bcast_listen(ULONG addr, USHORT port, int ipproto); 
NTSTATUS	enum_listen(struct listen_nfo *buf, ULONG *buf_len, ULONG buf_size); 
/* work with TCP only connections */ 
NTSTATUS add_tcp_conn(struct ot_entry *ote_conn, int tcp_state); 
void del_tcp_conn(PFILE_OBJECT connobj, BOOLEAN is_disconnect); 
void del_tcp_conn_obj(struct conn_entry *ce, BOOLEAN no_guard); 
void log_disconnect(struct ot_entry *ote_conn); 
NTSTATUS set_tcp_conn_state(PFILE_OBJECT connobj, int state); 
NTSTATUS set_tcp_conn_local(PFILE_OBJECT connobj, TA_ADDRESS *local); 
int get_tcp_conn_state(ULONG laddr, USHORT lport, ULONG raddr, USHORT rport); 
int get_tcp_conn_state_by_obj(PFILE_OBJECT connobj); 
NTSTATUS	enum_tcp_conn(struct tcp_conn_nfo *buf, ULONG *buf_len, ULONG buf_size);