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List of people who have contributed to the project 
* the team behind the original java version of zxing 
  without their work ZXing.Net would not be possible 
* Redth (Jonathan Dick, www.twitter.com/Redth) 
  solution files, project files and demo for monoandroid and monotouch 
* jfren484 
  WindowsRT demo 
* Jonas Follesų 
  base of a special windows phone demo (WindowsPhoneDemoJonasFolleso) 
  previously developed for another zxing port and modified to work with ZXing.Net 
  (modification is done by the ZXing.Net team) 
* Stephen Furlani 
  ported PDF417 related 2708 and 2693 from java to C# 
* Rob Fonseca-Ensor 
  renderer and barcode writer for XAML geometry