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#if !defined(AFX_MSFLEXGRID_H__D83979B5_F56A_11D3_85D3_0008C777FFEE__INCLUDED_) 
#define AFX_MSFLEXGRID_H__D83979B5_F56A_11D3_85D3_0008C777FFEE__INCLUDED_ 
#if _MSC_VER > 1000 
#pragma once 
#endif // _MSC_VER > 1000 
// Machine generated IDispatch wrapper class(es) created by Microsoft Visual C++ 
// NOTE: Do not modify the contents of this file.  If this class is regenerated by 
//  Microsoft Visual C++, your modifications will be overwritten. 
// CMSFlexGrid wrapper class 
class CMSFlexGrid : public CWnd 
	CLSID const& GetClsid() 
		static CLSID const clsid 
			= { 0x6262d3a0, 0x531b, 0x11cf, { 0x91, 0xf6, 0xc2, 0x86, 0x3c, 0x38, 0x5e, 0x30 } }; 
		return clsid; 
	virtual BOOL Create(LPCTSTR lpszClassName, 
		LPCTSTR lpszWindowName, DWORD dwStyle, 
		const RECT& rect, 
		CWnd* pParentWnd, UINT nID, 
		CCreateContext* pContext = NULL) 
	{ return CreateControl(GetClsid(), lpszWindowName, dwStyle, rect, pParentWnd, nID); } 
    BOOL Create(LPCTSTR lpszWindowName, DWORD dwStyle, 
		const RECT& rect, CWnd* pParentWnd, UINT nID, 
		CFile* pPersist = NULL, BOOL bStorage = FALSE, 
		BSTR bstrLicKey = NULL) 
	{ return CreateControl(GetClsid(), lpszWindowName, dwStyle, rect, pParentWnd, nID, 
		pPersist, bStorage, bstrLicKey); } 
// Attributes 
// Operations 
	long GetRows(); 
	void SetRows(long nNewValue); 
	long GetCols(); 
	void SetCols(long nNewValue); 
	long GetFixedRows(); 
	void SetFixedRows(long nNewValue); 
	long GetFixedCols(); 
	void SetFixedCols(long nNewValue); 
	short GetVersion(); 
	CString GetFormatString(); 
	void SetFormatString(LPCTSTR lpszNewValue); 
	long GetTopRow(); 
	void SetTopRow(long nNewValue); 
	long GetLeftCol(); 
	void SetLeftCol(long nNewValue); 
	long GetRow(); 
	void SetRow(long nNewValue); 
	long GetCol(); 
	void SetCol(long nNewValue); 
	long GetRowSel(); 
	void SetRowSel(long nNewValue); 
	long GetColSel(); 
	void SetColSel(long nNewValue); 
	CString GetText(); 
	void SetText(LPCTSTR lpszNewValue); 
	unsigned long GetBackColor(); 
	void SetBackColor(unsigned long newValue); 
	unsigned long GetForeColor(); 
	void SetForeColor(unsigned long newValue); 
	unsigned long GetBackColorFixed(); 
	void SetBackColorFixed(unsigned long newValue); 
	unsigned long GetForeColorFixed(); 
	void SetForeColorFixed(unsigned long newValue); 
	unsigned long GetBackColorSel(); 
	void SetBackColorSel(unsigned long newValue); 
	unsigned long GetForeColorSel(); 
	void SetForeColorSel(unsigned long newValue); 
	unsigned long GetBackColorBkg(); 
	void SetBackColorBkg(unsigned long newValue); 
	BOOL GetWordWrap(); 
	void SetWordWrap(BOOL bNewValue); 
	void SetRefFont(LPDISPATCH newValue); 
	float GetFontWidth(); 
	void SetFontWidth(float newValue); 
	CString GetCellFontName(); 
	void SetCellFontName(LPCTSTR lpszNewValue); 
	float GetCellFontSize(); 
	void SetCellFontSize(float newValue); 
	BOOL GetCellFontBold(); 
	void SetCellFontBold(BOOL bNewValue); 
	BOOL GetCellFontItalic(); 
	void SetCellFontItalic(BOOL bNewValue); 
	BOOL GetCellFontUnderline(); 
	void SetCellFontUnderline(BOOL bNewValue); 
	BOOL GetCellFontStrikeThrough(); 
	void SetCellFontStrikeThrough(BOOL bNewValue); 
	float GetCellFontWidth(); 
	void SetCellFontWidth(float newValue); 
	long GetTextStyle(); 
	void SetTextStyle(long nNewValue); 
	long GetTextStyleFixed(); 
	void SetTextStyleFixed(long nNewValue); 
	BOOL GetScrollTrack(); 
	void SetScrollTrack(BOOL bNewValue); 
	long GetFocusRect(); 
	void SetFocusRect(long nNewValue); 
	long GetHighLight(); 
	void SetHighLight(long nNewValue); 
	BOOL GetRedraw(); 
	void SetRedraw(BOOL bNewValue); 
	long GetScrollBars(); 
	void SetScrollBars(long nNewValue); 
	long GetMouseRow(); 
	long GetMouseCol(); 
	long GetCellLeft(); 
	long GetCellTop(); 
	long GetCellWidth(); 
	long GetCellHeight(); 
	long GetRowHeightMin(); 
	void SetRowHeightMin(long nNewValue); 
	long GetFillStyle(); 
	void SetFillStyle(long nNewValue); 
	long GetGridLines(); 
	void SetGridLines(long nNewValue); 
	long GetGridLinesFixed(); 
	void SetGridLinesFixed(long nNewValue); 
	unsigned long GetGridColor(); 
	void SetGridColor(unsigned long newValue); 
	unsigned long GetGridColorFixed(); 
	void SetGridColorFixed(unsigned long newValue); 
	unsigned long GetCellBackColor(); 
	void SetCellBackColor(unsigned long newValue); 
	unsigned long GetCellForeColor(); 
	void SetCellForeColor(unsigned long newValue); 
	short GetCellAlignment(); 
	void SetCellAlignment(short nNewValue); 
	long GetCellTextStyle(); 
	void SetCellTextStyle(long nNewValue); 
	short GetCellPictureAlignment(); 
	void SetCellPictureAlignment(short nNewValue); 
	CString GetClip(); 
	void SetClip(LPCTSTR lpszNewValue); 
	void SetSort(short nNewValue); 
	long GetSelectionMode(); 
	void SetSelectionMode(long nNewValue); 
	long GetMergeCells(); 
	void SetMergeCells(long nNewValue); 
	BOOL GetAllowBigSelection(); 
	void SetAllowBigSelection(BOOL bNewValue); 
	long GetAllowUserResizing(); 
	void SetAllowUserResizing(long nNewValue); 
	long GetBorderStyle(); 
	void SetBorderStyle(long nNewValue); 
	long GetHWnd(); 
	BOOL GetEnabled(); 
	void SetEnabled(BOOL bNewValue); 
	long GetAppearance(); 
	void SetAppearance(long nNewValue); 
	long GetMousePointer(); 
	void SetMousePointer(long nNewValue); 
	LPDISPATCH GetMouseIcon(); 
	void SetRefMouseIcon(LPDISPATCH newValue); 
	long GetPictureType(); 
	void SetPictureType(long nNewValue); 
	LPDISPATCH GetPicture(); 
	LPDISPATCH GetCellPicture(); 
	void SetRefCellPicture(LPDISPATCH newValue); 
	CString GetTextArray(long index); 
	void SetTextArray(long index, LPCTSTR lpszNewValue); 
	short GetColAlignment(long index); 
	void SetColAlignment(long index, short nNewValue); 
	long GetColWidth(long index); 
	void SetColWidth(long index, long nNewValue); 
	long GetRowHeight(long index); 
	void SetRowHeight(long index, long nNewValue); 
	BOOL GetMergeRow(long index); 
	void SetMergeRow(long index, BOOL bNewValue); 
	BOOL GetMergeCol(long index); 
	void SetMergeCol(long index, BOOL bNewValue); 
	void SetRowPosition(long index, long nNewValue); 
	void SetColPosition(long index, long nNewValue); 
	long GetRowData(long index); 
	void SetRowData(long index, long nNewValue); 
	long GetColData(long index); 
	void SetColData(long index, long nNewValue); 
	CString GetTextMatrix(long Row, long Col); 
	void SetTextMatrix(long Row, long Col, LPCTSTR lpszNewValue); 
	void AddItem(LPCTSTR Item, const VARIANT& index); 
	void RemoveItem(long index); 
	void Clear(); 
	void Refresh(); 
	LPDISPATCH GetDataSource(); 
	void SetDataSource(LPDISPATCH newValue); 
	BOOL GetRowIsVisible(long index); 
	BOOL GetColIsVisible(long index); 
	long GetRowPos(long index); 
	long GetColPos(long index); 
	short GetGridLineWidth(); 
	void SetGridLineWidth(short nNewValue); 
	short GetFixedAlignment(long index); 
	void SetFixedAlignment(long index, short nNewValue); 
	BOOL GetRightToLeft(); 
	void SetRightToLeft(BOOL bNewValue); 
	long GetOLEDropMode(); 
	void SetOLEDropMode(long nNewValue); 
	void OLEDrag(); 
// Microsoft Visual C++ will insert additional declarations immediately before the previous line. 
#endif // !defined(AFX_MSFLEXGRID_H__D83979B5_F56A_11D3_85D3_0008C777FFEE__INCLUDED_)