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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
<!-- IMPORTANT: This is an internal file that has been generated 
     by the Xilinx ISE software.  Any direct editing or 
     changes made to this file may result in unpredictable 
     behavior or data corruption.  It is strongly advised that 
     users do not edit the contents of this file. --> 
<msg type="warning" file="Simulator" num="1010" delta="unknown" >One or more environment variables have been detected which affect the operation of the C compiler. These are typically not set in standard installations and are not tested by Xilinx, however they may be appropriate for your system, so the flow will attempt to continue.  If errors occur, try running fuse with the "-mt off -v 1" switches to see more information from the C compiler. The following environment variables have been detected: