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HOW TO configure CanFestival for a CO-PCICAN card for COMEDI in the kernel (optionally with Xenomai):

- install the CO-PCICAN card
- install and load COMEDI and the corresponding driver co_pcican.ko
  (COMEDI sources are expected in /usr/src/comedi)

- optionally: install the Xenomai package
  (Xenomai sources are expected in /usr/xenomai)

- unpack the package to your target (if not already done)

- perform package configuration:
  sh ./configure --can=copcican_comedi --timers=kernel --kerneldir='/lib/modules/$(shell uname -r)/build'

  optionally: use --timers=kernel_xeno for the realtime Xenomai timer functions

- patch the sed "s:-I:-I$(src)/:g" statement to
    's:-I../..:-I/canopeninstalldir:g' in drivers/unix/Makefile
    's:-I..:-I/canopeninstalldir:g'    in src/Makefile
  The original statement did not run on my computer !

- build the CanFestival Unix library:
  cd drivers/unix

- build the CanFestival library:
  cd src
  make install

- build the CO-PCICAN driver interface:
  cd drivers/can_copcican_comedi
  make install

- build the example application (not for Xenomai):
  cd examples/test_copcican_comedi
  make install

Run test_copcican_comedi with the insert.sh script to see it works...

For Xenomai please use the example /usr/src/scale-rt-canopendemo of the SCALE-RT distribution.

Copyright (C) 2010 Cosateq GmbH & Co.KG