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/*This file declares the functions necessary to implement SDQ communication.   */ 
/*The code is written specifically for STR912 microcontroller using Port 9.3   */ 
/*as a push pull port. A 5k pullup resistor was used at 3.3V pullup voltage.   */ 
/* It is used along with the sdq.c file.                                       */ 
/*                                                                             */ 
/*Written by: Michael Vega                                                     */ 
/*            Applications, Battery Monitor Solutions	                       */ 
/*            Texas Instruments, Inc.                                          */ 
#define RTC_TR (unsigned int *)(0x5C00B000) 
void wait_us(int value); 
void SendReset(void); 
unsigned char TestPresence(void); 
void WriteOneBit(unsigned char OneZero); 
void WriteOneByte(unsigned char Data2Send); 
unsigned char ReadOneBit(void); 
unsigned char ReadOneByte(void);