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#ifndef _ENUMSERIAL_H_ 
#define _ENUMSERIAL_H_ 
#include "list.h" 
struct SSerInfo { 
    ListEntry   Link; 
    TCHAR       strDevPath[260];          // Device path for use with CreateFile() 
    TCHAR       strPortName[260];         // Simple name (i.e. COM1) 
    TCHAR       strFriendlyName[260];     // Full name to be displayed to a user 
    BOOL        bUsbDevice;               // Provided through a USB connection? 
    TCHAR       strPortDesc[260];         // friendly name without the COMx 
class EnumSerial 
    ListEntry               serList; 
    void EnumPortsWdm       (ListEntry *); 
    void RemoveAll          (ListEntry *); 
    void EnumPortsWNt4      (ListEntry *); 
    void EnumPortsW9x       (ListEntry *); 
    void SearchPnpKeyW9x    (HKEY hkPnp, BOOL bUsbDevice,ListEntry *); 
	EnumSerial              (void); 
	~EnumSerial             (void); 
    ListEntry * EnumSerialPorts(BOOL bIgnoreBusyPorts=TRUE);