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Lefebure NTRIP Client 
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Requirements: Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework. 
Installation Instructions: Just run the program. All settings are stored in files in the same directory as the application. Event logs are written in a subfolder /Logs to a file named YYYYMMDD.txt, where YYYY is the year, MM is the month, and DD is the date. Nothing is written to or read from the windows registry. 
Purpose: This software is a NTRIP Client. It is intended to be used as a replacement for GNSS Internet Radio. It will connect to a NTRIP Caster on the Internet, get GPS (DGPS or RTK) correction data, and send that data to a serial port. If the caster requires knowing your position, the software will periodically report its current location. That location will typically come from your GPS receiver in the form of a standard NMEA GGA sentence, but can also be generated from a manually entered latitude and longitude. 
Supporting Files: 
Ntripconfig.txt  Contains NTRIP connection settings. 
Settings.txt  Other settings. 
Sourcetable.txt  This is the source table received from the NTRIP Caster. 
File Example: ntripconfig.txt 
NTRIP Caster= 
NTRIP Caster Port=10000 
NTRIP Username=yourusername 
NTRIP Password=yourpassword 
File Example: Settings.txt 
Serial Port Number=1 
Write Events to File=Yes 
Serial Port Speed=38400 
Serial Port Data Bits=8 
Serial Port Stop Bits=1 
Serial Should be Connected=Yes 
NTRIP Use Manual GGA=Yes 
NTRIP Manual Latitude=41 
NTRIP Manual Longitude=-91 
NTRIP Should be Connected=Yes 
Audio Alert File=somewavefile.wav 
NTRIP Only Send GGA Once=No