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#pragma warning(disable:4996) 
#pragma warning(disable:4244) 
#pragma warning(disable:4819) 
#ifndef WIN32 
#define BYTE unsigned char 
#include <iostream> 
#include <fstream> 
#include "yuv.h"  
typedef unsigned char uchar; 
//using namespace std; 
#ifndef UInt 
#define UInt    unsigned int 
class CViewInterpolationGeneral  
  CViewInterpolationGeneral          ();  
  virtual ~CViewInterpolationGeneral      ();  
  // Member function InitLR was added to class CViewInterpolationGeneral. 
  bool InitLR        (  UInt uiWidth, UInt uiHeight, UInt uiPrecision, UInt uiDepthType, 
                                  double dZnearL, double dZfarL, double dZnearR, double dZfarR,  
                                  const char *strCamParamFile, const char *strRefLCamID, const char *strRefRCamID, const char *strVirCamID,  
                                  double Mat_In_Left[9], double Mat_Ex_Left[9], double Mat_Trans_Left[3],  
                                  double Mat_In_Right[9], double Mat_Ex_Right[9], double Mat_Trans_Right[3],  
                                  double Mat_In_Virtual[9], double Mat_Ex_Virtual[9], double Mat_Trans_Virtual[3]);  
  // The number of arguments of Init increased. 
  bool Init        (  UInt uiWidth, UInt uiHeight, UInt uiPrecision, UInt uiDepthType,  
                                  double dZnear, double dZfar, const char *strCamParamFile, const char *strRefCamID, const char *strVirCamID,  
                                  double Mat_In_Ref[9], double Mat_Ex_Ref[9], double Mat_Trans_Ref[3], double Mat_In_Vir[9], double Mat_Ex_Vir[9], double Mat_Trans_Vir[3]);  
  void    xReleaseMemory        (); 
  bool    xSynthesizeView        (BYTE ***src, BYTE **pDepthMap, int th_same_depth=5); 
  bool    xSynthesizeDepth      (BYTE **pDepthMap); 
  bool    xSynthesizeView_reverse    (BYTE ***src, BYTE **pDepthMap, int th_same_depth=5); 
  double    getBaselineDistance      ()  { return m_dBaselineDistance; } 
  double    getLeftBaselineDistance      ()  { return LeftBaselineDistance; } 
  double    getRightBaselineDistance      ()  { return RightBaselineDistance; } 
  IplImage*  getHolePixels        ()  { return m_imgHoles; } 
  IplImage*  getSynthesizedPixels    ()  { return m_imgSuccessSynthesis; } 
  IplImage*  getUnstablePixels      ()  { return m_imgMask[0]; } 
  IplImage*  getVirtualImage        ()  { return m_imgVirtualImage; } 
  IplImage*  getVirtualDepthMap      ()  { return m_imgVirtualDepth; } 
  //Nagoya start 
  BYTE**    getVirtualImageY       ()  { return m_pVirtualImageY; } 
  BYTE**    getVirtualImageU       ()  { return m_pVirtualImageU; } 
  BYTE**    getVirtualImageV       ()  { return m_pVirtualImageV; } 
  //Nagoya end 
  BYTE**    getVirtualDepth        ()  { return m_pVirtualDepth; } 
  BYTE**    getNonHoles          ()  { return m_pSuccessSynthesis; } 
  void SetWidth (int sWidth ) { Width  = sWidth;  } 
  void SetHeight(int sHeight) { Height = sHeight; } 
  void SetDepthType(int sDepthType) {DepthType = sDepthType; } 
  void SetColorSpace(int sColorSpace) { ColorSpace = sColorSpace; } 
  void SetSubPelOption(int sPrecision) { Precision = sPrecision; } 
  void SetViewBlending(int sViewBlending) { ViewBlending = sViewBlending; } 
  void SetBoundaryNoiseRemoval(int sBoundaryNoiseRemoval) { m_uiBoundaryNoiseRemoval = sBoundaryNoiseRemoval; } 
  int  DoOneFrameGeneral(BYTE*** RefLeft, BYTE*** RefRight, BYTE** RefDepthLeft, BYTE** RefDepthRight, CIYuv* pSynYuvBuffer); 
  IplImage*  getImgSynthesizedViewLeft  (); 
  IplImage*  getImgSynthesizedViewRight  (); 
  // GIST added 
  CvMat** GetMatH_V2R() { return m_matH_V2R; } 
  CViewInterpolationGeneral* GetInterpolatedLeft ()   { return m_pcViewSynthesisLeft;} 
  CViewInterpolationGeneral* GetInterpolatedRight()   { return m_pcViewSynthesisRight;} 
  IplImage*  GetSynLeftWithHole      ()    { return m_imgSynLeftforBNR;   }  
  IplImage*  GetSynRightWithHole     ()    { return m_imgSynRightforBNR;  }  
  IplImage*  GetSynDepthLeftWithHole ()    { return m_imgDepthLeftforBNR; }  
  IplImage*  GetSynDepthRightWithHole()    { return m_imgDepthRightforBNR;}  
  IplImage*  GetSynHoleLeft          ()    { return m_imgHoleLeftforBNR;  }  
  IplImage*  GetSynHoleRight         ()    { return m_imgHoleRightforBNR; }  
  int        GetPrecision            ()    { return m_uiPrecision;        } 
  void       SetLeftBaselineDistance( double sLeftBaselineDistance)    { LeftBaselineDistance  = sLeftBaselineDistance;  } 
  void       SetRightBaselineDistance( double sRightBaselineDistance)  { RightBaselineDistance = sRightBaselineDistance; } 
  // GIST end 
  //Nagoya start 
  unsigned char* GetSynColorLeftY () { return *(m_pcViewSynthesisLeft->getVirtualImageY()); } 
  unsigned char* GetSynColorRightY() { return *(m_pcViewSynthesisRight->getVirtualImageY()); } 
  unsigned char* GetSynColorLeftU () { return *(m_pcViewSynthesisLeft->getVirtualImageU()); } 
  unsigned char* GetSynColorRightU() { return *(m_pcViewSynthesisRight->getVirtualImageU()); } 
  unsigned char* GetSynColorLeftV () { return *(m_pcViewSynthesisLeft->getVirtualImageV()); } 
  unsigned char* GetSynColorRightV() { return *(m_pcViewSynthesisRight->getVirtualImageV()); } 
  unsigned char* GetSynDepthLeft  () { return *(m_pcViewSynthesisLeft->getVirtualDepth()); } 
  unsigned char* GetSynDepthRight () { return *(m_pcViewSynthesisRight->getVirtualDepth()); } 
  //Nagoya end 
  void    convertCameraParam      (CvMat *exMat_dst, CvMat *exMat_src); 
  void    cvexMedian          (IplImage* dst); 
  void    cvexBilateral        (IplImage* dst, int sigma_d, int sigma_c); 
  void    erodebound          (IplImage* bound, int flag); 
  int      median_filter_depth      (IplImage *srcDepth, IplImage *dstDepth, IplImage *srcMask,  IplImage *dstMask, int sizeX, int sizeY, bool bSmoothing); 
  int      median_filter_depth_wCheck  (IplImage *srcDepth, IplImage *dstDepth, IplImage *srcMask,  IplImage *dstMask, int sizeX, int sizeY, bool bSmoothing, int th_same_plane=5); 
  CViewInterpolationGeneral*  m_pcViewSynthesisLeft;  
  CViewInterpolationGeneral*  m_pcViewSynthesisRight;  
  bool    init_camera_param(double Mat_In_Ref[9], double Mat_Ex_Ref[9], double Mat_Trans_Ref[3], double Mat_In_Vir[9], double Mat_Ex_Vir[9], double Mat_Trans_Vir[3],  
                                       CvMat *mat_in[2], CvMat *mat_ex_c2w[2], CvMat *mat_proj[2]);  
  bool    init_3Dwarp(double Z_near, double Z_far, unsigned int uiDepthType,  
                                  const char *strCamParamFile, const char *strRefCamID, const char *strVirCamID,  
                                  double Mat_In_Ref[9], double Mat_Ex_Ref[9], double Mat_Trans_Ref[3],  
                                  double Mat_In_Vir[9], double Mat_Ex_Vir[9], double Mat_Trans_Vir[3]);  
  bool    init_shift          (double Z_near, double Z_far, unsigned int uiDepthType, const char *strCamParamFile, const char *strRefCamID, const char *strVirCamID); 
  void    image2world_with_z      (CvMat *mat_Rc2w_invIN_from, CvMat *matEX_c2w_from, CvMat *image, CvMat *world); 
  void    makeHomography        (CvMat *matH_F2T[256], CvMat *matH_T2F[256], double adTable[256], CvMat *matIN_from, CvMat *matEX_c2w_from, CvMat *matProj_to); 
  bool    depthsynthesis_3Dwarp    (BYTE **pDepthMap); 
  bool    depthsynthesis_3Dwarp_ipel  (BYTE **pDepthMap); 
  bool    viewsynthesis_reverse_3Dwarp    (BYTE ***src, BYTE **pDepthMap, int th_same_depth); 
  bool    viewsynthesis_reverse_3Dwarp_ipel  (BYTE ***src, BYTE **pDepthMap, int th_same_depth); 
  double        m_dWeightLeft; 
  double        m_dWeightRight; 
  double        WeightLeft; 
  double        WeightRight; 
  unsigned int  m_uiViewBlending;  
  unsigned int  ViewBlending;  
  unsigned int  m_uiWidth; 
  unsigned int  m_uiHeight; 
  unsigned int  m_uiPicsize; 
  unsigned int  m_uiPrecision; 
  unsigned int  m_uiDepthType; 
  unsigned char  m_ucLeftSide; 
  unsigned int  m_uiColorSpace; 
  unsigned int  m_uiBoundaryNoiseRemoval; 
  std::string   CameraParameterFile; 
  std::string   LeftCameraName; 
  std::string   RightCameraName; 
  std::string   VirtualCameraName; 
  unsigned int  Width; 
  unsigned int  Height; 
  unsigned int  Picsize; 
  unsigned int  Precision; 
  unsigned int  DepthType; 
  unsigned int  ColorSpace; 
  double  Mat_Ex_Left[9]; 
  double  Mat_Ex_Virtual[9]; 
  double  Mat_Ex_Right[9]; 
  double  Mat_In_Left[9]; 
  double  Mat_In_Virtual[9]; 
  double  Mat_In_Right[9]; 
  double  Mat_Trans_Left[3]; 
  double  Mat_Trans_Virtual[3]; 
  double  Mat_Trans_Right[3]; 
  IplImage*  m_imgBlended;          //!> Blended image 
  IplImage*  m_imgInterpolatedView; //!> The final image buffer to be output 
  IplImage*  getImgInterpolatedView    ()    { return m_imgInterpolatedView; } 
  double  m_dBaselineDistance; 
  double  LeftBaselineDistance; 
  double  RightBaselineDistance; 
  BYTE**  m_pVirtualDepth; 
  BYTE**  m_pSuccessSynthesis; 
  //Nagoya start 
  BYTE** m_pVirtualImageY; 
  BYTE** m_pVirtualImageU; 
  BYTE** m_pVirtualImageV; 
  //Nagoya end 
  IplImage*      m_imgVirtualImage; 
  IplImage*      m_imgVirtualDepth; 
  IplImage*      m_imgSuccessSynthesis; 
  IplImage*      m_imgHoles; 
  IplImage*      m_imgBound; 
  IplImage*      m_imgMask[5]; 
  IplImage*      m_imgTemp[5]; 
  IplConvKernel*    m_pConvKernel; 
  CvMat*  m_matH_R2V[256]; 
  CvMat*  m_matH_V2R[256]; 
  int*  m_aiTableDisparity_ipel; 
  int*  m_aiTableDisparity_subpel; 
  bool (CViewInterpolationGeneral::*m_pFunc_ViewSynthesisReverse) (BYTE ***src, BYTE **pDepthMap, int th_same_depth) ;  
  bool (CViewInterpolationGeneral::*m_pFunc_DepthSynthesis) (BYTE **pDepthMap) ; 
  // GIST added 
  IplImage*      m_imgSynLeftforBNR; 
  IplImage*      m_imgSynRightforBNR; 
  IplImage*      m_imgDepthLeftforBNR; 
  IplImage*      m_imgDepthRightforBNR; 
  IplImage*      m_imgHoleLeftforBNR;   
  IplImage*      m_imgHoleRightforBNR; 
  // GIST end 
#ifdef _DEBUG 
  unsigned char    m_ucSetup;