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* This software module BNR(Boundary Noise Removal) was originally developed by  
* Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)  
* in the course of development of the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29 WG 11 (MPEG) 3D Video for reference  
* purposes and its performance may not have been optimized. 
* Those intending to use this software module in products are advised that its use may infringe  
* existing patents. ISO/IEC have no liability for use of this software module or modifications thereof. 
* Assurance that the originally developed software module can be used 
*   (1) in the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29 WG 11 (MPEG) 3D Video once the it is adopted to be used as reference  
*       software; and 
*   (2) to develop the codec for ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29 WG 11 (MPEG) 3D Video. 
* To the extent that GIST owns patent rights that would be required to  
* make, use, or sell the originally developed software module or portions thereof included in the ISO/IEC  
* JTC1/SC29 WG 11 (MPEG) 3D Video in a conforming product, GIST will assure the ISO/IEC that it  
* is willing to negotiate licenses under reasonable and non-discriminatory terms and conditions with  
* applicants throughout the world.  
* GIST  retains full right to modify and use the code for its own purpose, assign or donate the  
* code to a third party and to inhibit third parties from using the code for products that do not conform  
* to MPEG-related and/or ISO/IEC International Standards.  
* This copyright notice must be included in all copies or derivative works. 
* Copyright (c) ISO/IEC 2009. 
* Authors: 
*      Cheon Lee,  leecheon@gist.ac.kr 
*      Yo-Sung Ho, hoyo@gist.ac.kr 
#pragma warning(disable:4996) 
#pragma warning(disable:4244) 
#pragma warning(disable:4819) 
#ifndef WIN32 
#define BYTE unsigned char 
#include <iostream> 
#include <fstream> 
#include "yuv.h"  
#include "upsample.h" 
typedef unsigned char uchar; 
//using namespace std; 
#ifndef UInt 
#define UInt    unsigned int 
#define max2(a,b)        (((a)-(b)>0)?(a):(b)) 
#define min2(a,b)        (((a)-(b)>0)?(b):(a)) 
#define guard(value, min, max)   ( max2((min), min2((max), (value)) ) ) 
#define LEFTVIEW  0 
#define RGHTVIEW  1 
class CBoundaryNoiseRemoval 
  int Width;             
  int Height; 
  int Precision; 
  int ViewBlending; 
  int ColorSpace; 
  int DEPTH_TH; 
  IplImage* m_imgSynWithHole; 
  IplImage* m_imgBound; 
  IplImage* m_imgBackBound; 
  IplImage* m_imgTemp; 
  IplImage* m_imgCheck; 
  IplImage* m_imgExpandedHole; 
  IplImage* m_imgDepth; 
  IplImage* m_imgHoles; 
  IplImage* m_imgCommonHole; 
  IplImage* m_imgHoleOtherView; 
  CvMat** matLeftH_V2R;  // for General Mode 
  CvMat** matRightH_V2R;  // for General Mode 
  double  LeftBaseLineDistance; 
  double  RightBaseLineDistance; 
  double FocalLength;  //!> focal length. it is assumed that all cameras share the same focal length 
  double *LTranslation; //!> The camera distance from the left (0) and right (1) camera 
  double *duPrincipal;  //!> The diff in principal point offset from left (0) and right (1) camera 
  double *Znear;        //!> The real depth value of the nearest  pixel. 0: Left view.  1: Right view 
  double *Zfar;         //!> The real depth value of the farthest pixel. 0: Left view.  1: Right view 
	//void    getDepthThreshold(CvMat* matH_V2R[256], int Precision); 
	bool    DoBoundaryNoiseRemoval(CIYuv* pRefLeft, CIYuv* pRefRight, CIYuv* pRefDepthLeft, CIYuv* pRefDepthRight, CIYuv* pRefHoleLeft, CIYuv* pRefHoleRight, CIYuv* pSynYuvBuffer, bool SynhtesisMode); 
	void    xInit() ; 
	void SetWidth             (int    iWidth)          { Width        = iWidth;        } 
	void SetHeight            (int    iHieght)         { Height       = iHieght;       }  
	void SetViewBlending      (int    bViewBlending)   { ViewBlending = bViewBlending; } 
	void SetColorSpace        (int    bColorSpace)     { ColorSpace   = bColorSpace;   } 
	void SetPrecision         (int    iPrecision)      { Precision    = iPrecision;    } 
	void SetLeftH_V2R         (CvMat **sH_V2R)         { matLeftH_V2R     = sH_V2R;    } 
	void SetRightH_V2R        (CvMat **sH_V2R)         { matRightH_V2R    = sH_V2R;    } 
	void SetFocalLength       (double sFocalLength)    { FocalLength  = sFocalLength;  } 
	void SetLTranslationLeft  (double *sLTranslation)  { LTranslation = sLTranslation; } 
	void SetduPrincipal       (double *sduPrincipal)   { duPrincipal  = sduPrincipal;  } 
	void SetZnear             (double *sZnear)         { Znear        = sZnear;        } 
	void SetZfar              (double *sZfar)          { Zfar         = sZfar;         } 
	void SetLeftBaseLineDist  (double sDist)           { LeftBaseLineDistance  = sDist; } 
	void SetRightBaseLineDist  (double sDist)          { RightBaseLineDistance = sDist; } 
	int  GetPrecision                  ()              { return Precision;             }        
	void calcDepthThreshold1DMode      (bool ViewID); 
	void calcDepthThresholdGeneralMode (CvMat** matH_V2R); 
  void copyImages                    (CIYuv* pSyn_CurrView, CIYuv* pSynDepth_CurrView, CIYuv* pSynHole_CurrView, CIYuv* pDepthHole_OthView); 
	void getBoundaryContour            (IplImage* bound, IplImage* contour); 
	bool checkFourNeighbours           (int i, int j, IplImage* check);   
	void getBackgroundContour          (IplImage* Bound, IplImage* Depth, IplImage* check_Depth, IplImage* BackBound); 
	void expandedHoleforBNM            (IplImage* Depth, IplImage* Hole, IplImage* BackBound, IplImage* ExpandedHole);  
	void HoleFillingWithExpandedHole   (CIYuv* pSrc,   CIYuv* pTar,   IplImage* m_imgExpandedHole, bool SynthesisMode); 
	void Blending                      (CIYuv* pLeft,  CIYuv* pRight, CIYuv*pSyn, bool SynthesisMode); 
	void ColorFillingSmallHoleFor1DMode(CIYuv* pSrc,   CIYuv* pDst); 
	void DepthFillingSmallHoleFor1DMode(CIYuv* pSrc,   CIYuv* pDst); 
	void DepthMatchingWithColor        (CIYuv* pDepth, CIYuv* pColor, CIYuv* pDepthMask); 
	void ColorHoleCleaning             (CIYuv* pSrc);	 
  void RemainingHoleFilling_General  (CIYuv* pSrc); 
  void RemainingHoleFilling_1DMode   (CIYuv* pSrc);