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#include "stdio.h" 
#include <string.h> 
#include "math.h" 
// Include C++ fixed point support 
#include "ap_fixed.h" 
// Number of sinusoidal samples to output 
#define RUNS 1024 
// Step size to pass to the NCO 
#define STEP 20.79 
// prototype function 
void nco (ap_fixed<16,2> *sine_sample, ap_ufixed<16,12> step_size); 
int main() { 
	FILE *fp; 
	ap_fixed<16,2> output; 
	ap_ufixed<16,12> step = STEP; 
	int i = 0; 
	/* Open file for output (nco_sine.m, allowing you to import the sine samples 
	 * into MatLab for verification if you would like). 
	 * Change the value of the outfile string to an appropriate location 
	 * on your local machine */ 
	char *outfile = "E:\\nco_sine.m"; 
	fp = fopen(outfile,"w"); 
	if (!fp) { 
		fprintf(stderr, "Can't open file %s!\r\n",outfile); 
	printf("File open for writing.\r\n"); 
	fprintf(fp,"nco_sine = [\n"); 
		nco(&output, step); 
	printf("Sample output to file complete.\r\n"); 
	return 0;