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//                                                                -*- C++ -*- 
// ========================================================================== 
//! \file LedButtonDemo.h 
//! \brief main header file for the LedButtonDemo application 
//! \author  
//!    Ricky Marek <A HREF="mailto:ricky.marek@gmail.com">ricky.marek@gmail.com</A> 
//!	\par Disclaimer 
//!    This code and the accompanying files are provided <b>"as is"</b> with 
//!    no expressed  or  implied warranty.  No responsibilities  for possible 
//!    damages, or side effects in its functionality.  The  user must assume  
//!    the entire risk of using this code.  The author accepts no  liability 
//!    if it causes any damage to your computer, causes your pet to fall ill,  
//!    increases baldness or makes your car  start  emitting  strange noises  
//!    when you start it up.  <i>This code  has no bugs,  just  undocumented  
//!    features!.</i> 
//! \par Terms of use 
//!    This code is <b>free</b> for personal use, or freeware applications as 
//!    long as this comment-header  header remains like this.  If you plan to  
//!    use  this  code in  a commercial  or shareware  application,   you are  
//!    politely  asked  to  contact the author for his permission via e-mail.  
//!    From: <A HREF="mailto:ricky.marek@gmail.com">ricky.marek@gmail.com</A> 
//! \par Attributes 
//!    \li \b Created       21/Dec/2002 
//!    \li \b Last-Updated  22/Dec/2004 
//!    \li \b Compiler      Visual C++ 
//!    \li \b Requirements  Win98/Win2k or later, MFC. 
//!    \li \b Tested        with Visual 7.1(.NET 2003) 
// ========================================================================== 
#ifndef __AFXWIN_H__ 
	#error include 'stdafx.h' before including this file for PCH 
#include "resource.h"		// main symbols 
// CLedButtonDemoApp: 
// See LedButtonDemo.cpp for the implementation of this class 
class CLedButtonDemoApp : public CWinApp 
// Overrides 
	virtual BOOL InitInstance(); 
// Implementation 
extern CLedButtonDemoApp theApp;