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;;  NOTE: To allow the use of this file for both ARMv6M and ARMv7M, 
;;        we will only use 16-bit Thumb intructions. 
        .extern _lc_ub_stack            ; usr/sys mode stack pointer 
        .extern _lc_ue_stack            ; symbol required by debugger 
        .extern _lc_ub_table            ; ROM to RAM copy table 
        .extern main 
        .extern _Exit 
        .extern exit 
        .weak   exit 
        .global __get_argcv 
        .weak   __get_argcv 
        .extern __argcvbuf 
        .weak   __argcvbuf 
        ;;.extern __init_hardware 
		.extern  SystemInit 
    .if @defined('__PROF_ENABLE__') 
        .extern __prof_init 
    .if @defined('__POSIX__') 
        .extern posix_main 
        .extern _posix_boot_stack_top 
        .global _START 
        .section .text.cstart 
        ;; anticipate possible ROM/RAM remapping 
        ;; by loading the 'real' program address 
        ldr     r1,=_Next 
        bx      r1 
        ;; initialize the stack pointer 
        ldr     r1,=_lc_ub_stack        ; TODO: make this part of the vector table 
        mov     sp,r1 
        ;; call a user function which initializes function. 
		bl  SystemInit 
        ;; copy initialized sections from ROM to RAM 
        ;; and clear uninitialized data sections in RAM 
        ldr     r3,=_lc_ub_table 
        movs    r0,#0 
        ldr     r4,[r3,#0]      ; load type 
        ldr     r5,[r3,#4]      ; dst address 
        ldr     r6,[r3,#8]      ; src address 
        ldr     r7,[r3,#12]     ; size 
        cmp     r4,#1 
        beq     copy 
        cmp     r4,#2 
        beq     clear 
        b       done 
        subs    r7,r7,#1 
        ldrb    r1,[r6,r7] 
        strb    r1,[r5,r7] 
        bne     copy 
        adds    r3,r3,#16 
        b       cploop 
        subs    r7,r7,#1 
        strb    r0,[r5,r7] 
        bne     clear 
        adds    r3,r3,#16 
        b       cploop 
      .if @defined('__POSIX__') 
        ;; posix stack buffer for system upbringing 
        ldr     r0,=_posix_boot_stack_top 
        ldr     r0, [r0] 
        mov     sp,r0 
        ;; load r10 with end of USR/SYS stack, which is 
        ;; needed in case stack overflow checking is on 
        ;; NOTE: use 16-bit instructions only, for ARMv6M 
        ldr     r0,=_lc_ue_stack 
        mov     r10,r0 
    .if @defined('__PROF_ENABLE__') 
        bl      __prof_init 
    .if @defined('__POSIX__') 
        ;; call posix_main with no arguments 
        bl      posix_main 
        ;; retrieve argc and argv (default argv[0]==NULL & argc==0) 
        bl      __get_argcv 
        ldr     r1,=__argcvbuf 
        ;; call main 
        bl       main 
        ;; call exit using the return value from main() 
        ;; Note. Calling exit will also run all functions 
        ;; that were supplied through atexit(). 
        bl      exit 
__get_argcv:                    ; weak definition 
        movs     r0,#0 
        bx      lr 
        .calls  '_START', '  ' 
        .calls  '_START','__init_vector_table' 
    .if @defined('__PROF_ENABLE__') 
        .calls  '_START','__prof_init' 
    .if @defined('__POSIX__') 
        .calls  '_START','posix_main' 
        .calls  '_START','__get_argcv' 
        .calls  '_START','main' 
        .calls  '_START','exit' 
        .calls  '_START','',0