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  * @file      startup_stm32f0xx.s 
  * @author    MCD Application Team 
  * @version   V1.0.1 
  * @date      20-April-2012 
  * @brief     STM32F0xx Devices vector table for Atollic toolchain. 
  *            This module performs: 
  *                - Set the initial SP 
  *                - Set the initial PC == Reset_Handler, 
  *                - Set the vector table entries with the exceptions ISR address 
  *                - Configure the clock system 
  *                - Branches to main in the C library (which eventually 
  *                  calls main()). 
  *            After Reset the Cortex-M0 processor is in Thread mode, 
  *            priority is Privileged, and the Stack is set to Main. 
  * @attention 
  * <h2><center>© COPYRIGHT 2012 STMicroelectronics</center></h2> 
  * Licensed under MCD-ST Liberty SW License Agreement V2, (the "License"); 
  * You may not use this file except in compliance with the License. 
  * You may obtain a copy of the License at: 
  *        http://www.st.com/software_license_agreement_liberty_v2 
  * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software  
  * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,  
  * WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. 
  * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and 
  * limitations under the License. 
  .syntax unified 
  .cpu cortex-m0 
  .fpu softvfp 
.global g_pfnVectors 
.global Default_Handler 
/* start address for the initialization values of the .data section. 
defined in linker script */ 
.word _sidata 
/* start address for the .data section. defined in linker script */ 
.word _sdata 
/* end address for the .data section. defined in linker script */ 
.word _edata 
/* start address for the .bss section. defined in linker script */ 
.word _sbss 
/* end address for the .bss section. defined in linker script */ 
.word _ebss 
.equ  BootRAM, 0xF108F85F 
 * @brief  This is the code that gets called when the processor first 
 *          starts execution following a reset event. Only the absolutely 
 *          necessary set is performed, after which the application 
 *          supplied main() routine is called. 
 * @param  None 
 * @retval : None 
  .section .text.Reset_Handler 
  .weak Reset_Handler 
  .type Reset_Handler, %function 
  ldr   r0, =_estack 
  mov   sp, r0          /* set stack pointer */ 
/* Copy the data segment initializers from flash to SRAM */ 
  movs r1, #0 
  b LoopCopyDataInit 
  ldr r3, =_sidata 
  ldr r3, [r3, r1] 
  str r3, [r0, r1] 
  adds r1, r1, #4 
  ldr r0, =_sdata 
  ldr r3, =_edata 
  adds r2, r0, r1 
  cmp r2, r3 
  bcc CopyDataInit 
  ldr r2, =_sbss 
  b LoopFillZerobss 
/* Zero fill the bss segment. */ 
  movs r3, #0 
  str  r3, [r2] 
  adds r2, r2, #4 
  ldr r3, = _ebss 
  cmp r2, r3 
  bcc FillZerobss 
/* Call the clock system intitialization function.*/ 
    bl  SystemInit 
/* Call static constructors */ 
    bl __libc_init_array 
/* Call the application's entry point.*/ 
  bl main 
    b LoopForever 
.size Reset_Handler, .-Reset_Handler 
 * @brief  This is the code that gets called when the processor receives an 
 *         unexpected interrupt.  This simply enters an infinite loop, preserving 
 *         the system state for examination by a debugger. 
 * @param  None 
 * @retval : None 
    .section .text.Default_Handler,"ax",%progbits 
  b Infinite_Loop 
  .size Default_Handler, .-Default_Handler 
* The minimal vector table for a Cortex M0.  Note that the proper constructs 
* must be placed on this to ensure that it ends up at physical address 
* 0x0000.0000. 
   .section .isr_vector,"a",%progbits 
  .type g_pfnVectors, %object 
  .size g_pfnVectors, .-g_pfnVectors 
  .word _estack 
  .word Reset_Handler 
  .word NMI_Handler 
  .word HardFault_Handler 
  .word 0 
  .word 0 
  .word 0 
  .word 0 
  .word 0 
  .word 0 
  .word 0 
  .word SVC_Handler 
  .word 0 
  .word 0 
  .word PendSV_Handler 
  .word SysTick_Handler 
  .word WWDG_IRQHandler 
  .word PVD_IRQHandler 
  .word RTC_IRQHandler 
  .word FLASH_IRQHandler 
  .word RCC_IRQHandler 
  .word EXTI0_1_IRQHandler 
  .word EXTI2_3_IRQHandler 
  .word EXTI4_15_IRQHandler 
  .word TS_IRQHandler 
  .word DMA1_Channel1_IRQHandler 
  .word DMA1_Channel2_3_IRQHandler 
  .word DMA1_Channel4_5_IRQHandler 
  .word ADC1_COMP_IRQHandler  
  .word TIM1_BRK_UP_TRG_COM_IRQHandler 
  .word TIM1_CC_IRQHandler 
  .word TIM2_IRQHandler 
  .word TIM3_IRQHandler 
  .word TIM6_DAC_IRQHandler 
  .word 0   
  .word TIM14_IRQHandler 
  .word TIM15_IRQHandler 
  .word TIM16_IRQHandler 
  .word TIM17_IRQHandler 
  .word I2C1_IRQHandler 
  .word I2C2_IRQHandler 
  .word SPI1_IRQHandler 
  .word SPI2_IRQHandler 
  .word USART1_IRQHandler 
  .word USART2_IRQHandler 
  .word 0 
  .word CEC_IRQHandler 
  .word 0 
  .word BootRAM          /* @0x108. This is for boot in RAM mode for  
                            STM32F0xx devices. */ 
* Provide weak aliases for each Exception handler to the Default_Handler. 
* As they are weak aliases, any function with the same name will override 
* this definition. 
  .weak NMI_Handler 
  .thumb_set NMI_Handler,Default_Handler 
  .weak HardFault_Handler 
  .thumb_set HardFault_Handler,Default_Handler 
  .weak SVC_Handler 
  .thumb_set SVC_Handler,Default_Handler 
  .weak PendSV_Handler 
  .thumb_set PendSV_Handler,Default_Handler 
  .weak SysTick_Handler 
  .thumb_set SysTick_Handler,Default_Handler 
  .weak WWDG_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set WWDG_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak PVD_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set PVD_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak RTC_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set RTC_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak FLASH_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set FLASH_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak RCC_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set RCC_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak EXTI0_1_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set EXTI0_1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak EXTI2_3_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set EXTI2_3_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak EXTI4_15_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set EXTI4_15_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak TS_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set TS_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak DMA1_Channel1_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set DMA1_Channel1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak DMA1_Channel2_3_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set DMA1_Channel2_3_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak DMA1_Channel4_5_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set DMA1_Channel4_5_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak ADC1_COMP_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set ADC1_COMP_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak TIM1_BRK_UP_TRG_COM_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set TIM1_BRK_UP_TRG_COM_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak TIM1_CC_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set TIM1_CC_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak TIM2_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set TIM2_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak TIM3_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set TIM3_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak TIM6_DAC_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set TIM6_DAC_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak TIM14_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set TIM14_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak TIM15_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set TIM15_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak TIM16_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set TIM16_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak TIM17_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set TIM17_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak I2C1_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set I2C1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak I2C2_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set I2C2_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak SPI1_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set SPI1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak SPI2_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set SPI2_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak USART1_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set USART1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak USART2_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set USART2_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
  .weak CEC_IRQHandler 
  .thumb_set CEC_IRQHandler,Default_Handler 
/************************ (C) COPYRIGHT STMicroelectronics *****END OF FILE****/