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function [bval] = function(fval,bounds,bits) 
% function [bval] = f2b(fval,bounds,bits) 
% Return the binary representation of the float number fval. 
% fval   - the float representation of the number 
% bval   - the binary representation of the number 
% bounds - the bounds on the variables 
% bits   - the number of bits to represent each variable 
scale=(2.^bits-1)./ (bounds(:,2)-bounds(:,1))'; %The range of the variables 
cs=[0 cumsum(bits)]; 
for i=1:numV 
  fval(i)=(fval(i)-bounds(i,1)) * scale(i); 
  bval=[bval rem(floor(fval(i)*pow2(1-bits(i):0)),2)];