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#ifndef __mpc_svpwm_sfun_h__ 
#define __mpc_svpwm_sfun_h__ 
/* Include files */ 
#define S_FUNCTION_NAME                sf_sfun 
#include "sfc_sf.h" 
#include "sfc_mex.h" 
#include "rtwtypes.h" 
#include "sfcdebug.h" 
#define rtInf                          (mxGetInf()) 
#define rtMinusInf                     (-(mxGetInf())) 
#define rtNaN                          (mxGetNaN()) 
#define rtIsNaN(X)                     ((int)mxIsNaN(X)) 
#define rtIsInf(X)                     ((int)mxIsInf(X)) 
struct SfDebugInstanceStruct; 
extern struct SfDebugInstanceStruct* sfGlobalDebugInstanceStruct; 
/* Type Definitions */ 
/* Named Constants */ 
/* Variable Declarations */ 
extern uint32_T _mpc_svpwmMachineNumber_; 
extern real_T _sfTime_; 
/* Variable Definitions */ 
/* Function Declarations */ 
extern void mpc_svpwm_initializer(void); 
extern void mpc_svpwm_terminator(void); 
/* Function Definitions */ 
/* We load infoStruct for rtw_optimation_info on demand in mdlSetWorkWidths and 
   free it immediately in mdlStart. Given that this is machine-wide as 
   opposed to chart specific, we use NULL check to make sure it gets loaded 
   and unloaded once per machine even though the  methods mdlSetWorkWidths/mdlStart 
   are chart/instance specific. The following methods abstract this out. */ 
extern mxArray* load_mpc_svpwm_optimization_info(void); 
extern void unload_mpc_svpwm_optimization_info(void);