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% This code is to reproduce the experiments reported in paper 
% "Segmentation Using Superpixels: A Bipartite Graph Partitioning Approach" 
% Zhenguo Li, Xiao-Ming Wu, and Shih-Fu Chang, CVPR 2012 
% {zgli, xmwu, sfchang}@ee.columbia.edu 
clc;clear all; close all; 
addpath 'msseg' 
addpath 'others' 
addpath 'evals' 
addpath 'algorithms'; 
addpath 'Graph_based_segment' 
%%% set parameters for bipartite graph 
para.alpha = 0.001; % affinity between pixels and superpixels 
para.beta  =  20;   % scale factor in superpixel affinity 
para.nb = 1; % number of neighbors for superpixels 
% read numbers of segments used in the paper  
bsdsRoot = 'E:\Coding\Misc\Segmentation\BSDS300'; 
fid = fopen(fullfile('results','BSDS300','Nsegs.txt'),'r'); 
Nimgs = 300; % number of images in BSDS300 
[BSDS_INFO] = fscanf(fid,'%d %d \n',[2,Nimgs]); 
PRI_all = zeros(Nimgs,1); 
VoI_all = zeros(Nimgs,1); 
GCE_all = zeros(Nimgs,1); 
BDE_all = zeros(Nimgs,1); 
for idxI = 1:Nimgs 
    % read number of segments 
    Nseg = BSDS_INFO(2,idxI); 
    % locate image 
    img_name = int2str(BSDS_INFO(1,idxI)); 
    img_loc = fullfile(bsdsRoot,'images','test',[img_name,'.jpg']);     
    if ~exist(img_loc,'file') 
        img_loc = fullfile(bsdsRoot,'images','train',[img_name,'.jpg']); 
    img = im2double(imread(img_loc)); [X,Y,~] = size(img); 
    out_path = fullfile('results','BSDS300',img_name); 
    % generate superpixels 
    [para_MS, para_FH] = set_parameters_oversegmentation(img_loc); 
    [seg,labels_img,seg_vals,seg_lab_vals,seg_edges,seg_img] = make_superpixels(img_loc,para_MS,para_FH); 
    % save over-segmentations 
    clear labels_img seg_img; 
    % build bipartite graph 
    B = build_bipartite_graph(img_loc,para,seg,seg_lab_vals,seg_edges);  
    clear seg seg_lab_vals seg_edges;  
    % Transfer Cut 
    label_img = Tcut(B,Nseg,[X,Y]); clear B; 
    % save segmentation 
    % evaluate segmentation 
    [gt_imgs gt_cnt] = view_gt_segmentation(bsdsRoot,img,BSDS_INFO(1,idxI),out_path,img_name,1); clear img; 
    out_vals = eval_segmentation(label_img,gt_imgs); clear label_img gt_imgs; 
    fprintf('%6s: %2d %9.6f, %9.6f, %9.6f, %9.6f \n', img_name, Nseg, out_vals.PRI, out_vals.VoI, out_vals.GCE, out_vals.BDE); 
    PRI_all(idxI) = out_vals.PRI; 
    VoI_all(idxI) = out_vals.VoI; 
    GCE_all(idxI) = out_vals.GCE; 
    BDE_all(idxI) = out_vals.BDE; 
fprintf('Mean: %14.6f, %9.6f, %9.6f, %9.6f \n', mean(PRI_all), mean(VoI_all), mean(GCE_all), mean(BDE_all)); 
fid_out = fopen(fullfile('results','BSDS300','evaluation.txt'),'w'); 
for idxI=1:Nimgs 
    fprintf(fid_out,'%6d %9.6f, %9.6f, %9.6f, %9.6f \n', BSDS_INFO(1,idxI), PRI_all(idxI), VoI_all(idxI), GCE_all(idxI), BDE_all(idxI)); 
fprintf(fid_out,'Mean: %10.6f, %9.6f, %9.6f, %9.6f \n', mean(PRI_all), mean(VoI_all), mean(GCE_all), mean(BDE_all));