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If you find any problems during installation write us to: 
The latest version of Instant Report can be downloaded from our web site: 
1. Install scripting engines and script debugger.  
   Please read scripts.txt for details 
2. Run Instant.exe 
3. Select File|Open menu item 
4. Select one of the demo projects (*.ipr file) and open it 
5. To execute demo project: 
    a) press F9 button or select Run|Run menu item 
         You can use this type of run for non db-aware projects.  
         It's faster than external run 
    b) press Alt+F9 button or select Run|External Run menu item 
         We suggest to use this kind of run for the db-aware projects.  
6. To edit form or unit press Ctrl+Alt+F11 or select View|Project Manager. 
   In the project manager select form or unit and click to edit it. 
* Please don't delete runtime packages (*.DPL) that come with Instant Report  
  installation. If you do this, Instant may not work.