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unit TB97Cnst; 
  Copyright (C) 1998-99 by Jordan Russell 
  For conditions of distribution and use, see LICENSE.TXT. 
  String constants 
{$I TB97Ver.inc} 
{$IFDEF TB97D3} resourcestring {$ELSE} const {$ENDIF} 
  { TDock97 exception messages } 
  STB97DockParentNotAllowed = 'A TDock97 control cannot be placed inside a tool window or another TDock97'; 
  STB97DockCannotChangePosition = 'Cannot change Position of a TDock97 if it already contains controls'; 
  { TCustomToolWindow97 exception messages } 
  STB97ToolwinNameNotSet = 'Cannot save tool window''s position because Name property is not set'; 
  STB97ToolwinDockedToNameNotSet = 'Cannot save tool window''s position because DockedTo''s Name property not set'; 
  STB97ToolwinParentNotAllowed = 'A tool window can only be placed on a TDock97 or directly on the form'; 
  { TCustomToolbar97 exception messages } 
  STB97ToolbarControlNotChildOfToolbar = 'Control ''%s'' is not a child of the toolbar'; 
  { TToolbarSep97 exception messages } 
  STB97SepParentNotAllowed = 'TToolbarSep97 can only be placed on a TToolbar97';