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/* ARM board targetting source file. 
Eric Rong 
//Define CPU Type 
#define S3C3400		1 
#define S3C3410		2 
#define S3C44A0X	3 
#define S3C44B0X	4 
#define CPU_TYPE	S3C44B0X 
//Indicate debug mode. 
//#define DEBUG 
//Define version of uC/OS Hardware Associated Layer code. 
#define uHAL_VERSION_STRING	"Version 1.00  COiNS" 
//Output through LCD or serial port to print information. 
int uHALr_printf(const char *format, ...); 
/*** Called by ARMTargetInit() ***/ 
//Reset memory management unit. 
void uHALr_ResetMMU(void); 
//Define pre & post-process routines for Interrupt. 
void uHALir_DefineIRQ(void *is, void *iq, void *n); 
//Initialze interrupts. 
void uHALr_InitInterrupts(void); 
//Initialize timer that is used OS. 
void uHALr_InitTimers(void); 
/*** Called by ARMTargetStart() ***/ 
//Request the system timer. 
//return value 1:success   0:fail 
int uHALr_RequestSystemTimer(void *tick, const unsigned char *str); 
//Start system timer & enable the interrupt. 
void uHALr_InstallSystemTimer(void); 
//add by eric rong 
void ChangePllValue(int mdiv,int pdiv,int sdiv); 
void Port_Init(void); 
void Uart_Init(int Uartnum, int mclk,int baud); 
void Led_Display(int data); 
void Delay(int time); 
void Uart_SendByte(int Uartnum, unsigned char data); 
void Uart_Printf(char *fmt,...); 
char Uart_Getch(char* Revdata, int Uartnum, int timeout); 
void Cache_Flush(void); 
void Timer_Start(int divider); 
int Timer_Stop(void); 
void Uart_TxEmpty(int Uartnum); 
//for debugging 
void BreakPoint(void); 
#define WriteSDIO(data) 		SendSIOData((data)) 
//void EnableURXD(int Uartnum, void* func);