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// Machine generated IDispatch wrapper class(es) created by Microsoft Visual C++ 
// NOTE: Do not modify the contents of this file.  If this class is regenerated by 
//  Microsoft Visual C++, your modifications will be overwritten. 
// COleFont wrapper class 
class COleFont : public COleDispatchDriver 
	COleFont() {}		// Calls COleDispatchDriver default constructor 
	COleFont(LPDISPATCH pDispatch) : COleDispatchDriver(pDispatch) {} 
	COleFont(const COleFont& dispatchSrc) : COleDispatchDriver(dispatchSrc) {} 
// Attributes 
	CString GetName(); 
	void SetName(LPCTSTR); 
	CY GetSize(); 
	void SetSize(const CY&); 
	BOOL GetBold(); 
	void SetBold(BOOL); 
	BOOL GetItalic(); 
	void SetItalic(BOOL); 
	BOOL GetUnderline(); 
	void SetUnderline(BOOL); 
	BOOL GetStrikethrough(); 
	void SetStrikethrough(BOOL); 
	short GetWeight(); 
	void SetWeight(short); 
	short GetCharset(); 
	void SetCharset(short); 
// Operations