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*                                          PC SUPPORT FUNCTIONS 
*                          (c) Copyright 1992-2002, Jean J. Labrosse, Weston, FL 
*                                           All Rights Reserved 
* File : PC.H 
* By   : Jean J. Labrosse 
*                                               CONSTANTS 
*                                    COLOR ATTRIBUTES FOR VGA MONITOR 
* Description: These #defines are used in the PC_Disp???() functions.  The 'color' argument in these 
*              function MUST specify a 'foreground' color, a 'background' and whether the display will 
*              blink or not.  If you don't specify a background color, BLACK is assumed.  You would  
*              specify a color combination as follows: 
*              PC_DispChar(0, 0, 'A', DISP_FGND_WHITE + DISP_BGND_BLUE + DISP_BLINK); 
*              To have the ASCII character 'A' blink with a white letter on a blue background. 
#define DISP_FGND_BLACK           0x00 
#define DISP_FGND_BLUE            0x01 
#define DISP_FGND_GREEN           0x02 
#define DISP_FGND_CYAN            0x03 
#define DISP_FGND_RED             0x04 
#define DISP_FGND_PURPLE          0x05 
#define DISP_FGND_BROWN           0x06 
#define DISP_FGND_LIGHT_GRAY      0x07 
#define DISP_FGND_DARK_GRAY       0x08 
#define DISP_FGND_LIGHT_BLUE      0x09 
#define DISP_FGND_LIGHT_GREEN     0x0A 
#define DISP_FGND_LIGHT_CYAN      0x0B 
#define DISP_FGND_LIGHT_RED       0x0C 
#define DISP_FGND_YELLOW          0x0E 
#define DISP_FGND_WHITE           0x0F 
#define DISP_BGND_BLACK           0x00 
#define DISP_BGND_BLUE            0x10 
#define DISP_BGND_GREEN           0x20 
#define DISP_BGND_CYAN            0x30 
#define DISP_BGND_RED             0x40 
#define DISP_BGND_PURPLE          0x50 
#define DISP_BGND_BROWN           0x60 
#define DISP_BGND_LIGHT_GRAY      0x70 
#define DISP_BLINK                0x80 
*                                           FUNCTION PROTOTYPES 
void    PC_DispChar(INT8U x, INT8U y, INT8U c, INT8U color); 
void    PC_DispClrCol(INT8U x, INT8U bgnd_color); 
void    PC_DispClrRow(INT8U y, INT8U bgnd_color); 
void    PC_DispClrScr(INT8U bgnd_color); 
//change by cmj 
//void    PC_DispStr(INT8U x, INT8U y, INT8U *s, INT8U color); 
void    PC_DispStr(INT8U x, INT8U y, const char *s, INT8U color); 
void    PC_DOSReturn(void); 
void    PC_DOSSaveReturn(void); 
void    PC_ElapsedInit(void); 
void    PC_ElapsedStart(void); 
INT16U  PC_ElapsedStop(void); 
void    PC_GetDateTime(char *s); 
BOOLEAN PC_GetKey(INT16S *c); 
void    PC_SetTickRate(INT16U freq); 
void   *PC_VectGet(INT8U vect); 
void    PC_VectSet(INT8U vect, void (*isr)(void)); 
//add by cmj 
extern INT8U random(INT8U seed); 
//add by cmj 
#define _8087   0