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	; avoid using R20..23
; this is only used in fpm5enh.s and is saved and restored there
.define	quotl	r12	; partial product scratch area

.define	quot	r13
.define	quotm	r14
.define	quoth	r15

.define	mant1	r16	; Accumulator 1
.define	mant1m	r17
.define	mant1h	r18
.define	fexp1	r19
.define	fsign1	r24

.define	mant2	r2	; Accumulator 2
.define	mant2m	r3
.define	mant2h	r4
.define	fexp2	r25
.define	fsign2	r26

.define	ftemp	r27	; scratch 'ram'?