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// PixieLib(TM) Copyright 1997-1999 Paul DiLascia 
// If this code works, it was written by Paul DiLascia. 
// If not, I don't know who wrote it. 
// CStaticLink implements a static control that's a hyperlink 
// to any file on your desktop or web. You can use it in dialog boxes 
// to create hyperlinks to web sites. When clicked, opens the file/URL 
#include "StdAfx.h" 
#include "StatLink.h" 
#ifdef _DEBUG 
#define new DEBUG_NEW 
#undef THIS_FILE 
static char THIS_FILE[] = __FILE__; 
COLORREF CStaticLink::g_colorUnvisited = RGB(0,0,255);		 // blue 
COLORREF CStaticLink::g_colorVisited   = RGB(128,0,128);		 // purple 
HCURSOR	CStaticLink::g_hCursorLink = NULL; 
BEGIN_MESSAGE_MAP(CStaticLink, CStatic) 
// Constructor sets default colors = blue/purple. 
// bDeleteOnDestroy is used internally by PixieLib in CPixieDlg. 
CStaticLink::CStaticLink(LPCTSTR lpText, BOOL bDeleteOnDestroy) 
	m_link = lpText;								// link text (NULL ==> window text) 
	m_color = g_colorUnvisited;				// not visited yet 
	m_bDeleteOnDestroy = bDeleteOnDestroy;	// delete object with window? 
// Normally,	a static control does not get mouse events unless it has 
// SS_NOTIFY. This achieves the same effect as SS_NOTIFY, but it's fewer 
// lines of code and more reliable than turning on SS_NOTIFY in OnCtlColor 
// because Windows doesn't send WM_CTLCOLOR to bitmap static controls. 
UINT CStaticLink::OnNcHitTest(CPoint point) 
	return HTCLIENT; 
// Handle reflected WM_CTLCOLOR to set custom control color. 
// For a text control, use visited/unvisited colors and underline font. 
// For non-text controls, do nothing. Also ensures SS_NOTIFY is on. 
HBRUSH CStaticLink::CtlColor(CDC* pDC, UINT nCtlColor) 
	DWORD dwStyle = GetStyle(); 
	HBRUSH hbr = NULL; 
	if ((dwStyle & 0xFF) <= SS_RIGHT) { 
		// this is a text control: set up font and colors 
		if (!(HFONT)m_font) { 
			// first time init: create font 
			LOGFONT lf; 
			GetFont()->GetObject(sizeof(lf), &lf); 
			lf.lfUnderline = TRUE; 
		// use underline font and visited/unvisited colors 
		// return hollow brush to preserve parent background color 
		hbr = (HBRUSH)::GetStockObject(HOLLOW_BRUSH); 
	return hbr; 
// Handle mouse click: navigate link 
void CStaticLink::OnLButtonDown(UINT nFlags, CPoint point) 
	if (m_link.IsEmpty()) { 
		// no link: try to load from resource string or window text  
		m_link.LoadString(GetDlgCtrlID()) || (GetWindowText(m_link),1); 
		if (m_link.IsEmpty()) 
	// Call ShellExecute to run the file. 
	// For an URL, this means opening it in the browser. 
	HINSTANCE h = m_link.Navigate(); 
	if ((UINT)h > 32) {						 // success! 
		m_color = g_colorVisited;			 // change color 
		Invalidate();							 // repaint  
	} else { 
		MessageBeep(0);		// unable to execute file! 
		TRACE(_T("*** WARNING: CStaticLink: unable to navigate link %s\n"), 
// Set "hand" cursor to cue user that this is a link. If app has not set 
// g_hCursorLink, then try to get the cursor from winhlp32.exe, 
// resource 106, which is a pointing finger. This is a bit of a kludge, 
// but it works. 
BOOL CStaticLink::OnSetCursor(CWnd* pWnd, UINT nHitTest, UINT message) 
	if (g_hCursorLink == NULL) { 
		static bTriedOnce = FALSE; 
		if (!bTriedOnce) { 
         CString windir; 
         GetWindowsDirectory(windir.GetBuffer(MAX_PATH), MAX_PATH); 
         windir += _T("\\winhlp32.exe"); 
         HMODULE hModule = LoadLibrary(windir); 
			if (hModule) { 
				g_hCursorLink = 
					CopyCursor(::LoadCursor(hModule, MAKEINTRESOURCE(106))); 
			bTriedOnce = TRUE; 
	if (g_hCursorLink) { 
		return TRUE; 
	return FALSE; 
// Normally, a control class is not destoyed when the window is; 
// however, CPixieDlg creates static controls with "new" instead of 
// as class members, so it's convenient to allow the option of destroying 
// object with window. In applications where you want the object to be 
// destoyed along with the window, you can call constructor with 
// bDeleteOnDestroy=TRUE. 
void CStaticLink::PostNcDestroy() 
	if (m_bDeleteOnDestroy) 
		delete this;