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The GPIO project is a simple program for the NXP 'LPC1768'  
microcontroller using Keil 'MCB1700' evaluation board, and  
demonstrating the usage of the BOD. 
LEDs P2.2-2.6 will continously blink while in active mode. 
During stage-1 BOD (Vdd(reg)(3v3) typically <= 2.2V) 
LED connected to P1.31 will blink rapidly. This indicates 
that the BOD interrupt handler is being executed. 
During state-2 BOD (Vdd(reg)(3v3) typically <= 1.85V) 
The BODR bit in the RSID register is set. Once Vdd(reg)(3V3) 
has recovered from brownout, the LED connected to P1.29 
is set. 
To test this project, a variable external power supply 
is required. It is attached onto the MCB1700's VDDREG jumper. 
Example functionality:                                                    
 - Clock Settings: 
   - XTAL  =  12 MHz 
   - PLL0  = 288 MHz 
   - CCLK  =  72 MHz