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 *   $Id:: dma.h 6089 2011-01-06 04:38:09Z nxp12832                         $ 
 *   Project: NXP LPC17xx ADC DMA example 
 *   Description: 
 *     This file contains ADC DMA code header definition. 
 * Software that is described herein is for illustrative purposes only 
 * which provides customers with programming information regarding the 
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 * warranty that such application will be suitable for the specified 
 * use without further testing or modification. 
#ifndef __DMA_H  
#define __DMA_H 
/* Second half of the second RAM is used for GPDMA operation. */ 
#define DMA_SRC			(LPC_ADC_BASE+ADC_OFFSET)	/* DATA register entry */ 
/* DMA connection number, or DMA request number */ 
#define DMA_ADC			4 
/* DMA transfer size */  
#define DMA_SIZE		8 
/* DMA mode */ 
#define M2M				0x00 
#define M2P				0x01 
#define P2M				0x02 
#define P2P				0x03 
extern void DMA_IRQHandler( void );  
extern void DMA_Init( void ); 
extern uint32_t DMAChannel_Init( uint32_t ChannelNum, uint32_t DMAMode ); 
#endif /* end __DMA_H */ 
**                            End Of File