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   Release R2009B Compliant Analog and Mixed Signal Examples 
   To install this collection of Analog and Mixed Signal examples, please do the following:  
   1) Create a directory at the top level of a disk partition and name it AMS eg d:\ams  (it must be named AMS!) 
   2) Unzip the AMS_R2009B.zip file into this directory.  As a result of this, seven subdirectories should be created.  
   3) Open MATLAB and ADD the AMS directory top the TOP of your MATLAB path. You only need to add this one directory.  
      OR simply browse to the AMS directory.   
   4) Type AMS at the MATLAB command prompt and the Example Navigator will open.  
   To run all of these examples, the following products are required:  
      Signal Processing Toolbox 
      RF Toolbox 
      Communication Toolbox 
      Signal Processing Blockset 
      Communication Toolbox 
      SimPower Systems 
      RF Blockset 
  NOTE: If you want to install this package in a directory other than "ams",  you will need to edit  
  both the ams.m file and the AMS_sel.txt file.  
  Dick Benson 
  May 2007 
  Nov 2008 
  Jan 2010