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#ifndef	_IMAGE_H_ 
#define	_IMAGE_H_ 
class CImage : public CObject 
        DWORD Transform(WORD width); 
        DWORD ByteNumForOneLine(WORD nDIBWidth, int nBpp); 
        BOOL		m_bIsDIB; 
        CPalette*	m_pPal;	     
        BYTE*		m_pDib;     // DIB data buffer 
        DWORD		m_dwLength;  // total buffer length 
        BYTE*       m_pData;  
        virtual ~CImage(); 
        CImage(CImage& img, CSize newSize); 
        CImage(CDC* pDC, int nBt = 0, BOOL bCompr = FALSE); // nBt = 0 means use default bits/pixel 
        CImage(CImage& img, CPoint start, CSize size); 
        CImage(CSize size, int NumColor=256, int Bits=8); 
        CImage(CImage& img, float scale); 
        CImage(const CImage& img);//copy constructor 
        CImage& operator=(const CImage& img); 
        void	Resize(int w, int h); 
        void	ImageClear(); 
        BOOL	WriteToFile(CFile* pFile); 
        BOOL	ReadFromFile(CFile* pFile); 
        BOOL	WriteAsBMP(CFile* pFile); 
        BOOL	WriteAsPGM(CFile* pFile); 
        BOOL	WriteAsData(CFile* pFile); 
        BOOL	WriteToFile(CString filename); 
        BOOL	SaveAsText(CString	 filename, BOOL	bIsBinary = FALSE); 
        BOOL	ReadFromFile(CString filename); 
        BOOL	ReadFromPGM(CFile* pFile); 
        BOOL	ReadFromBMP(CFile* pFile); 
        BOOL	ReadFromIMG(CFile* pFile); 
        BOOL	ReadFromDAT(CFile* pFile); 
        BOOL	ReadFromJPG(CString filename); 
        double	DistanceBetween(CImage* img); 
        //	BOOL	VisualizeDataAsImage(double* pData, int cols, int rows); 
        virtual void Serialize(CArchive &ar); 
        CBitmap* MakeBitmap(CDC* pDC, CSize& bmSize); // bmsize returned 
        BOOL	CreateDIBPalette(); 
        BOOL	CreateGreyPalette(); 
        BOOL	CreateGreyDib(); 
        BOOL	Display(CDC*, CPoint origin) const; 
        BOOL	Stretch(CDC*, CPoint origin, CSize size) const; 
        WORD	Bits() const;  // bits per pixel 
        WORD	NumColors() const;//real colors  
        DWORD	Length() const; 
        WORD	Height() const; 
        WORD	Width() const; 
        CSize	Size() const; 
        CPalette* Palette() const; 
        UINT	SetPalette(CDC* pDC,BOOL bBackground=FALSE) const; 
        void	SetDIB(BOOL Flag=TRUE); 
        BYTE*	Dib(); 
        BYTE*	Data(); 
        void	SetMonoColors(DWORD dwForeground, DWORD dwBackground); 
        BOOL	GetMonoColors(DWORD& dwForeground, DWORD& dwBackground); 
        LPBITMAPINFOHEADER	BMInfoHdPtr() const; 
        LPBITMAPINFO		BMInfoPtr() const; 
        RGBQUAD*			BMColorTblPtr() const; 
        BOOL				AllocateMemory(BOOL bRealloc = FALSE); 
        BYTE				Get8NeiborAver(BYTE* pGreyData, WORD w, WORD h, CPoint pos); 
        /////////the property of the image 
        BOOL		ValidImage(void); 
        BYTE		MeanGrey(); 
        double		Contrast(); 
        double		CleanMeasure(); 
        double		NoiseMeasure(); 
        double		Entropy(); 
        double		ImageQuality(); 
        static const int GREY; 
        ///////////////////////////Process Algorithms//////////////////////// 
        void HistogramEqualize(BYTE * newgrey, BYTE q_step = 1); 
        BYTE GetBit(BYTE* pImageData,DWORD dwWidth,DWORD dwHeight,int x,int y); 
        void BivalValue(int thred); 
        BOOL CenterRotateInImagePlane(double angle, BOOL bClockWise); 
        BOOL MirrorImage(); 
        /* transform*/ 
        BOOL	FFT( double* fr, double* fi, double* fm, double* fa); 
        //color space transform 
        BOOL	Mask5x5ConvFilter(int pMaskMatrix[5][5], int nNormalFactor); 
        BOOL	Mask3x3ConvFilter(int pMaskMatrix[3][3], int nNormalFactor); 
        BOOL	GetBImage(CImage* pBImg); 
        BOOL	GetGImage(CImage* pGImg); 
        BOOL	GetRImage(CImage* pRImg ); 
        BOOL	Convert2I_Image(void); 
        BOOL	Convert2FaiImage(); 
        //add noise 
        void	AddNoise(double	nNoiseMag=20.0); 
        // smoothing operator 
        void	Smoothing(); 
        void	MidFilter(); 
        void	ImageMidValueFilter(void);//color 
        void	ImageSmoothing(void);//color 
        // edge detector 
        BOOL	ColorFaiImgCannyEdge(double sigma, BOOL bBinary); 
        BOOL	ColorImageCannyEdgeDetector(double sigma, BOOL bBinary); 
        void	SecondOrderEdgeDetect(); 
        void	Thin(); 
        void	Sobel(); 
        BOOL	Prewitt(int*	pnEdge, BYTE *pucDir); 
        BOOL	Kirsch(int*	pnEdge, BYTE *pucDir); 
        BOOL	CannyEdgeDetect(double sigma = 0.5, BOOL bBinary = FALSE); 
        BOOL	YDirectionGradient(); 
        BOOL	XDirectionGradient(); 
        BOOL	LaplaceOperator(int*	pnEdge = NULL); 
        // binary operator 
        int		DajinThre(); 
        void	Binary(int t, BOOL bBackground=TRUE); 
        // grey process 
        void	GammaTransform(double lfGamma); 
        void	LogProcess(); 
        void	GreyStratch(); 
        void	SegmentedGrayStretch(int nSegNum); 
        BOOL	ImageEnhance(); 
        BOOL    GreyTranslation(int GreyBase); 
        BOOL	ContrastEnhance(int factor); 
        BOOL	IntensityAverage128(); 
        // historgram process 
        BOOL	DisplayHistogram(CDC* pDC, CPoint pos); 
        BOOL	NormalHistogram(BYTE step); 
        void	ModifyHistogramTo(CImage& img, BYTE q_step = 1); 
        void	IntraIlluminationNormal(BYTE q_step = 1);