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 * Name:    Serial.h 
 * Purpose: MCB1700 Low level serial definitions 
 * Note(s): 
 * This file is part of the uVision/ARM development tools. 
 * This software may only be used under the terms of a valid, current, 
 * end user licence from KEIL for a compatible version of KEIL software 
 * development tools. Nothing else gives you the right to use this software. 
 * This software is supplied "AS IS" without warranties of any kind. 
 * Copyright (c) 2009 Keil - An ARM Company. All rights reserved. 
#ifndef __SERIAL_H 
#define __SERIAL_H 
extern void SER_init      (int uart); 
extern int  SER_getChar   (int uart); 
extern int  SER_getChar_nb(int uart); 
extern int  SER_putChar   (int uart, int c); 
extern void SER_putString (int uart, unsigned char *s);