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#ifndef PARSE_H 
#define PARSE_H 
#include <vector> 
#include <stdlib.h> 
#include <stdio.h> 
// these define the maximum number of characters in a key, and in a value 
#define MAX_KEYLENGTH 64 
#define MAX_VALLENGTH 64 
using namespace std; 
struct Pair { 
  char* key; // note max lengths above 
  char* val; 
class Parse { 
    void WriteFile(const char* filename, const char* buffer, int buffersize); 
    void ParseFile(const char* filename); 
    // probably should never call this externally, but there's no technical reason why you can't ... 
    void RegisterPair(char* k, char* v); 
    int GetAsInt(const char* k); 
    bool GetAsBool(const char* k); 
    char* GetAsString(const char* k); 
    double GetAsDouble(const char* k); 
    // don't mess with this. 
    Pair* FindPair(const char* k); 
    Pair* FindPairFailFast(const char* k); 
    bool IsTerminator(const char c); 
    bool IsLF(const char c); 
    bool IsSpace(const char c); 
    vector<Pair> keyValuePairs;