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ARM Linker, RVCT3.1 [Build 942] for uVision [Professional] 
Section Cross References 
    stm32f10x_vector.o(STACK) refers (Special) to stkheap2.o(.text) for __use_two_region_memory 
    stm32f10x_vector.o(HEAP) refers (Special) to stkheap2.o(.text) for __use_two_region_memory 
    stm32f10x_vector.o(RESET) refers to stm32f10x_vector.o(STACK) for __initial_sp 
    stm32f10x_vector.o(RESET) refers to stm32f10x_vector.o(.text) for Reset_Handler 
    stm32f10x_vector.o(RESET) refers to stm32f10x_it.o(.text) for NMIException 
    stm32f10x_vector.o(RESET) refers (Special) to stkheap2.o(.text) for __use_two_region_memory 
    stm32f10x_vector.o(.text) refers to __main.o(!!!main) for __main 
    stm32f10x_vector.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_vector.o(HEAP) for Heap_Mem 
    stm32f10x_vector.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_vector.o(STACK) for Stack_Mem 
    stm32f10x_vector.o(.text) refers (Special) to stkheap2.o(.text) for __use_two_region_memory 
    stm32f10x_gpio.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) for RCC_APB2PeriphResetCmd 
    stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) refers to cortexm3_macro.o(.text) for __SETPRIMASK 
    stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_rcc.o(.data) for .data 
    stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_rcc.o(.constdata) for .constdata 
    stm32f10x_usart.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) for RCC_APB2PeriphResetCmd 
    stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) for RCC_APB2PeriphResetCmd 
    spi_flash.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) for RCC_APB2PeriphClockCmd 
    spi_flash.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_gpio.o(.text) for GPIO_Init 
    spi_flash.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) for SPI_Init 
    lcd.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_fsmc.o(.text) for FSMC_NORSRAMInit 
    lcd.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) for RCC_AHBPeriphClockCmd 
    lcd.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_gpio.o(.text) for GPIO_Init 
    lcd.o(.text) refers to main.o(.text) for Delay 
    lcd.o(.text) refers to lcd.o(.data) for .data 
    lcd.o(.text) refers to lcd.o(.constdata) for ASCII_Table 
    lcd.o(.text) refers to spi_flash.o(.text) for SPI_FLASH_BufferRead 
    lcd.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) for SPI_Cmd 
    lcd.o(.text) refers to cortexm3_macro.o(.text) for __REV_HalfWord 
    dac_codec.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) for RCC_APB1PeriphClockCmd 
    dac_codec.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_dac.o(.text) for DAC_StructInit 
    dac_codec.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) for TIM_OCStructInit 
    dac_codec.o(.text) refers to spi_flash.o(.text) for SPI_FLASH_BufferRead 
    dac_codec.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_gpio.o(.text) for GPIO_Init 
    dac_codec.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) for NVIC_Init 
    dac_codec.o(.text) refers to dac_codec.o(.data) for .data 
    dac_codec.o(.text) refers to dac_codec.o(.bss) for AudioFileHeader 
    dac_codec.o(.text) refers to dac_codec.o(.constdata) for Wave_Buffer 
    main.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_systick.o(.text) for SysTick_CLKSourceConfig 
    main.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) for NVIC_DeInit 
    main.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_gpio.o(.text) for GPIO_Init 
    main.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) for RCC_DeInit 
    main.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) for FLASH_PrefetchBufferCmd 
    main.o(.text) refers to lcd.o(.text) for STM3210E_LCD_Init 
    main.o(.text) refers to spi_flash.o(.text) for SPI_FLASH_Init 
    main.o(.text) refers to waveplayer.o(.text) for WavePlayer_StartSpeaker 
    main.o(.text) refers to main.o(.data) for .data 
    stm32f10x_dac.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) for RCC_APB1PeriphResetCmd 
    stm32f10x_it.o(.text) refers to main.o(.text) for Decrement_TimingDelay 
    stm32f10x_it.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) for TIM_ClearITPendingBit 
    stm32f10x_it.o(.text) refers to dac_codec.o(.text) for DAC_CODEC_DataTransfer 
    stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) for RCC_APB2PeriphResetCmd 
    waveplayer.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_gpio.o(.text) for GPIO_ReadInputDataBit 
    waveplayer.o(.text) refers to lcd.o(.text) for LCD_SetBackColor 
    waveplayer.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) for RCC_AHBPeriphClockCmd 
    waveplayer.o(.text) refers to dac_codec.o(.text) for GetVar_AudioDataIndex 
    waveplayer.o(.text) refers to waveplayer.o(.data) for DemoTitle1 
    stkheap2.o(.text) refers to sys_stackheap_outer.o(.text) for __user_setup_stackheap 
    stkheap2.o(.text) refers to rt_stackheap_storage_intlibspace.o(.text) for __rt_stackheap_storage 
    __main.o(!!!main) refers to kernel.o(.text) for __rt_entry 
    kernel.o(.text) refers to stkheap2.o(.text) for __rt_stackheap_init 
    kernel.o(.text) refers to boardinit2.o(.text) for _platform_post_stackheap_init 
    kernel.o(.text) refers to lib_init.o(.text) for __rt_lib_init 
    kernel.o(.text) refers to boardinit3.o(.text) for _platform_post_lib_init 
    kernel.o(.text) refers to main.o(.text) for main 
    kernel.o(.text) refers to exit.o(.text) for exit 
    kernel.o(.text) refers to sys_exit.o(.text) for _sys_exit 
    kernel.o(.ARM.exidx) refers to kernel.o(.text) for __rt_entry 
    sys_stackheap_outer.o(.text) refers to libspace.o(.text) for __user_perproc_libspace 
    sys_stackheap_outer.o(.text) refers to stm32f10x_vector.o(.text) for __user_initial_stackheap 
    rt_stackheap_storage.o(.text) refers to rt_stackheap_storage.o(.bss) for __rt_stackheap_storage_data 
    rt_stackheap_storage_intlibspace.o(.text) refers to libspace.o(.bss) for __libspace_start 
    sys_exit.o(.text) refers to use_no_semi.o(.text) for __I_use_semihosting 
    libspace.o(.text) refers to libspace.o(.bss) for __libspace_start 
    exit.o(.text) refers to kernel.o(.text) for __rt_exit 
    stkheap1.o(.text) refers to sys_stackheap_outer.o(.text) for __user_setup_stackheap 
    stkheap1.o(.text) refers to rt_stackheap_storage_intlibspace.o(.text) for __rt_stackheap_storage 
    lib_init.o(.emb_text) refers to no_argv.o(.text) for __ARM_get_argv 
    lib_init.o(.text) refers to fpinit.o(x$fpl$fpinit) for _fp_init 
    lib_init.o(.text) refers to lib_init.o(.emb_text) for __ARM_argv_veneer 
    lib_init.o(.text) refers to rt_locale_intlibspace.o(.text) for __rt_locale 
    rt_locale.o(.text) refers to rt_locale.o(.bss) for __rt_locale_data 
    rt_locale_intlibspace.o(.text) refers to libspace.o(.bss) for __libspace_start 
    _get_argv.o(.text) refers to heapext.o(.text) for __heap_extend 
    _get_argv.o(.text) refers to defsig_rtmem_outer.o(.text) for __rt_SIGRTMEM 
    _get_argv.o(.text) refers to sys_command.o(.text) for _sys_command_string 
    _get_argv.o(.text) refers (Special) to hrguard.o(.text) for __heap_region_guard 
    fpinit.o(x$fpl$fpinit) refers to rt_fp_status_addr_intlibspace.o(.text) for __rt_fp_status_addr 
    sys_command.o(.text) refers (Special) to use_no_semi.o(.text) for __I_use_semihosting 
    rt_fp_status_addr.o(.text) refers to rt_fp_status_addr.o(.bss) for __rt_fp_status_addr_data 
    rt_fp_status_addr_intlibspace.o(.text) refers to libspace.o(.bss) for __libspace_start 
    defsig_rtmem_outer.o(.text) refers to defsig_rtmem_inner.o(.text) for __rt_SIGRTMEM_inner 
    defsig_rtmem_outer.o(.text) refers to defsig_exit.o(.text) for __sig_exit 
    defsig_rtmem_formal.o(.text) refers to rt_raise.o(.text) for __rt_raise 
    heapext.o(.text) refers to stkheap2.o(.text) for __rt_heap_extend 
    rt_raise.o(.text) refers to __raise.o(.text) for __raise 
    rt_raise.o(.text) refers to sys_exit.o(.text) for _sys_exit 
    defsig_exit.o(.text) refers to sys_exit.o(.text) for _sys_exit 
    defsig_rtmem_inner.o(.text) refers to defsig_general.o(.text) for __default_signal_display 
    __raise.o(.text) refers to defsig.o(CL$$defsig) for __default_signal_handler 
    defsig_general.o(.text) refers to sys_wrch.o(.text) for _ttywrch 
    sys_wrch.o(.text) refers (Special) to use_no_semi.o(.text) for __I_use_semihosting 
    defsig.o(CL$$defsig) refers to defsig_rtmem_inner.o(.text) for __rt_SIGRTMEM_inner 
    defsig_abrt_inner.o(.text) refers to defsig_general.o(.text) for __default_signal_display 
    defsig_fpe_inner.o(.text) refers to defsig_general.o(.text) for __default_signal_display 
    defsig_rtred_inner.o(.text) refers to defsig_general.o(.text) for __default_signal_display 
    defsig_stak_inner.o(.text) refers to defsig_general.o(.text) for __default_signal_display 
    defsig_pvfn_inner.o(.text) refers to defsig_general.o(.text) for __default_signal_display 
    defsig_cppl_inner.o(.text) refers to defsig_general.o(.text) for __default_signal_display 
    defsig_segv_inner.o(.text) refers to defsig_general.o(.text) for __default_signal_display 
    defsig_other.o(.text) refers to defsig_general.o(.text) for __default_signal_display 
Removing Unused input sections from the image. 
    Removing stm32f10x_usart.o(.text), (876 bytes). 
    Removing stm32f10x_it.o(.data), (12 bytes). 
    Removing stm32f10x_exti.o(.text), (336 bytes). 
3 unused section(s) (total 1224 bytes) removed from the image. 
Image Symbol Table 
    Local Symbols 
    Symbol Name                              Value     Ov Type        Size  Object(Section) 
    ../../angel/boardlib.s                   0x00000000   Number         0  boardinit3.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../angel/boardlib.s                   0x00000000   Number         0  boardshut.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../angel/boardlib.s                   0x00000000   Number         0  boardinit1.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../angel/boardlib.s                   0x00000000   Number         0  boardinit2.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../angel/boardlib.s                   0x00000000   Number         0  cpuinit.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../angel/dczerorl2.s                  0x00000000   Number         0  __dczerorl2.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../angel/handlers.s                   0x00000000   Number         0  __scatter_zi.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../angel/kernel.s                     0x00000000   Number         0  kernel.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../angel/rt.s                         0x00000000   Number         0  rt_locale_intlibspace.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../angel/rt.s                         0x00000000   Number         0  rt_locale.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../angel/rt.s                         0x00000000   Number         0  rt_fp_status_addr.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../angel/rt.s                         0x00000000   Number         0  rt_raise.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../angel/rt.s                         0x00000000   Number         0  rt_stackheap_storage_intlibspace.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../angel/rt.s                         0x00000000   Number         0  rt_fp_status_addr_intlibspace.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../angel/rt.s                         0x00000000   Number         0  rt_stackheap_storage.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../angel/scatter.s                    0x00000000   Number         0  __scatter.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../angel/startup.s                    0x00000000   Number         0  __main.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../angel/sys.s                        0x00000000   Number         0  use_no_semi.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../angel/sys.s                        0x00000000   Number         0  libspace.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../angel/sys.s                        0x00000000   Number         0  sys_exit.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../angel/sys.s                        0x00000000   Number         0  sys_stackheap_outer.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../angel/sysapp.c                     0x00000000   Number         0  sys_wrch.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../angel/sysapp.c                     0x00000000   Number         0  sys_command.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../armsys.c                           0x00000000   Number         0  lib_init.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../armsys.c                           0x00000000   Number         0  lib_init.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../armsys.c                           0x00000000   Number         0  _get_argv.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../armsys.c                           0x00000000   Number         0  no_argv.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../fpinit.s                           0x00000000   Number         0  fpinit.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../heapalloc.c                        0x00000000   Number         0  hrguard.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../signal.c                           0x00000000   Number         0  defsig_segv_inner.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../signal.c                           0x00000000   Number         0  defsig_stak_inner.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../signal.c                           0x00000000   Number         0  defsig_rtmem_inner.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../signal.c                           0x00000000   Number         0  defsig_exit.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../signal.c                           0x00000000   Number         0  defsig_rtmem_outer.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../signal.c                           0x00000000   Number         0  defsig_abrt_inner.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../signal.c                           0x00000000   Number         0  defsig_fpe_inner.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../signal.c                           0x00000000   Number         0  defsig_general.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../signal.c                           0x00000000   Number         0  defsig_rtred_inner.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../signal.c                           0x00000000   Number         0  defsig_other.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../signal.c                           0x00000000   Number         0  __raise.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../signal.c                           0x00000000   Number         0  defsig_cppl_inner.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../signal.c                           0x00000000   Number         0  defsig_pvfn_inner.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../signal.c                           0x00000000   Number         0  defsig_rtmem_formal.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../signal.s                           0x00000000   Number         0  defsig.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../stdlib.c                           0x00000000   Number         0  exit.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../stkheap.s                          0x00000000   Number         0  heapext.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../stkheap1.s                         0x00000000   Number         0  stkheap1.o ABSOLUTE 
    ../../stkheap2.s                         0x00000000   Number         0  stkheap2.o ABSOLUTE 
    ..\..\common\src\cortexm3_macro.s        0x00000000   Number         0  cortexm3_macro.o ABSOLUTE 
    ..\..\common\src\lcd.c                   0x00000000   Number         0  lcd.o ABSOLUTE 
    ..\..\common\src\spi_flash.c             0x00000000   Number         0  spi_flash.o ABSOLUTE 
    ..\..\common\src\stm32f10x_flash.c       0x00000000   Number         0  stm32f10x_flash.o ABSOLUTE 
    ..\..\common\src\stm32f10x_fsmc.c        0x00000000   Number         0  stm32f10x_fsmc.o ABSOLUTE 
    ..\..\common\src\stm32f10x_gpio.c        0x00000000   Number         0  stm32f10x_gpio.o ABSOLUTE 
    ..\..\common\src\stm32f10x_lib.c         0x00000000   Number         0  stm32f10x_lib.o ABSOLUTE 
    ..\..\common\src\stm32f10x_nvic.c        0x00000000   Number         0  stm32f10x_nvic.o ABSOLUTE 
    ..\..\common\src\stm32f10x_rcc.c         0x00000000   Number         0  stm32f10x_rcc.o ABSOLUTE 
    ..\..\common\src\stm32f10x_spi.c         0x00000000   Number         0  stm32f10x_spi.o ABSOLUTE 
    ..\..\common\src\stm32f10x_systick.c     0x00000000   Number         0  stm32f10x_systick.o ABSOLUTE 
    ..\..\common\src\stm32f10x_usart.c       0x00000000   Number         0  stm32f10x_usart.o ABSOLUTE 
    ..\..\common\startup\stm32f10x_vector.s  0x00000000   Number         0  stm32f10x_vector.o ABSOLUTE 
    ..\src\dac_codec.c                       0x00000000   Number         0  dac_codec.o ABSOLUTE 
    ..\src\main.c                            0x00000000   Number         0  main.o ABSOLUTE 
    ..\src\stm32f10x_dac.c                   0x00000000   Number         0  stm32f10x_dac.o ABSOLUTE 
    ..\src\stm32f10x_exti.c                  0x00000000   Number         0  stm32f10x_exti.o ABSOLUTE 
    ..\src\stm32f10x_it.c                    0x00000000   Number         0  stm32f10x_it.o ABSOLUTE 
    ..\src\stm32f10x_tim.c                   0x00000000   Number         0  stm32f10x_tim.o ABSOLUTE 
    ..\src\waveplayer.c                      0x00000000   Number         0  waveplayer.o ABSOLUTE 
    dc.s                                     0x00000000   Number         0  dc.o ABSOLUTE 
    RESET                                    0x08000000   Section      304  stm32f10x_vector.o(RESET) 
    !!!main                                  0x08000130   Section        8  __main.o(!!!main) 
    !!!scatter                               0x08000138   Section       52  __scatter.o(!!!scatter) 
    !!dczerorl2                              0x0800016c   Section       90  __dczerorl2.o(!!dczerorl2) 
    !!handler_zi                             0x080001c8   Section       28  __scatter_zi.o(!!handler_zi) 
    .emb_text                                0x080001e4   Section        4  lib_init.o(.emb_text) 
    .text                                    0x080001e8   Section       36  stm32f10x_vector.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x0800020c   Section      796  stm32f10x_gpio.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x08000528   Section     1324  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    delay                                    0x080005b7   Thumb Code    14  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x08000a54   Section     1004  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x08000e40   Section      932  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x080011e4   Section      122  cortexm3_macro.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x0800125e   Section      194  stm32f10x_systick.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x08001320   Section      824  stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x08001658   Section      984  spi_flash.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x08001a30   Section     2140  lcd.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x0800228c   Section     1556  stm32f10x_fsmc.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x080028a0   Section     1812  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    DAC_Config                               0x080028a1   Thumb Code   130  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    ReadUnit                                 0x08002923   Thumb Code    80  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    DAC_GPIO_Config                          0x08002b8b   Thumb Code    84  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    NVIC_Config                              0x08002bdf   Thumb Code    32  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x08002fb4   Section      432  main.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x08003164   Section      356  stm32f10x_dac.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x080032c8   Section      166  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x08003370   Section     2806  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TI4_Config                               0x08003673   Thumb Code    66  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TI3_Config                               0x080036c7   Thumb Code    60  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TI2_Config                               0x08003719   Thumb Code    80  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TI1_Config                               0x0800377b   Thumb Code    50  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x08003e68   Section     1780  waveplayer.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x0800455c   Section       38  stkheap2.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x08004582   Section       62  kernel.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x080045c0   Section       74  sys_stackheap_outer.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x0800460c   Section       12  rt_stackheap_storage_intlibspace.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x08004618   Section       20  sys_exit.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x0800462c   Section        8  libspace.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x08004634   Section       12  exit.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x08004640   Section      192  lib_init.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x08004700   Section       10  boardinit2.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x0800470a   Section        8  boardinit3.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x08004712   Section        2  use_no_semi.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x08004714   Section       12  rt_locale_intlibspace.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x08004720   Section        2  no_argv.o(.text) 
    .text                                    0x08004724   Section       12  rt_fp_status_addr_intlibspace.o(.text) 
    x$fpl$fpinit                             0x08004730   Section       14  fpinit.o(x$fpl$fpinit) 
    .constdata                               0x0800473e   Section       20  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.constdata) 
    APBAHBPrescTable                         0x0800473e   Data          16  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.constdata) 
    ADCPrescTable                            0x0800474e   Data           4  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.constdata) 
    .constdata                               0x08004752   Section     4560  lcd.o(.constdata) 
    .constdata                               0x08005922   Section    62552  dac_codec.o(.constdata) 
    .data                                    0x20000000   Section        5  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.data) 
    StartUpCounter                           0x20000000   Data           4  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.data) 
    HSEStatus                                0x20000004   Data           1  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.data) 
    .data                                    0x20000006   Section     9604  lcd.o(.data) 
    TextColor                                0x20002586   Data           2  lcd.o(.data) 
    BackColor                                0x20002588   Data           2  lcd.o(.data) 
    .data                                    0x2000258c   Section       68  dac_codec.o(.data) 
    TIM2ARRValue                             0x200025a0   Data           2  dac_codec.o(.data) 
    AudioReplay                              0x200025a4   Data           4  dac_codec.o(.data) 
    AudioReplayCount                         0x200025a8   Data           4  dac_codec.o(.data) 
    SendDummyData                            0x200025ac   Data           4  dac_codec.o(.data) 
    AudioPlayStatus                          0x200025b0   Data           4  dac_codec.o(.data) 
    CurrentVolume                            0x200025b4   Data           1  dac_codec.o(.data) 
    errorcode                                0x200025b8   Data           4  dac_codec.o(.data) 
    monovar                                  0x200025bc   Data           4  dac_codec.o(.data) 
    tmpvar                                   0x200025c0   Data           4  dac_codec.o(.data) 
    data@DAC_CODEC_DataTransfer_0            0x200025cc   Data           4  dac_codec.o(.data) 
    .data                                    0x200025d0   Section       16  main.o(.data) 
    TimingDelay                              0x200025d0   Data           4  main.o(.data) 
    LedShowStatus                            0x200025d4   Data           4  main.o(.data) 
    HSEStartUpStatus                         0x200025d8   Data           1  main.o(.data) 
    SELStatus                                0x200025dc   Data           4  main.o(.data) 
    .data                                    0x200025e0   Section      342  waveplayer.o(.data) 
    previoustmp                              0x20002734   Data           1  waveplayer.o(.data) 
    player                                   0x20002735   Data           1  waveplayer.o(.data) 
    .bss                                     0x20002738   Section      156  dac_codec.o(.bss) 
    .bss                                     0x200027d4   Section       96  libspace.o(.bss) 
    HEAP                                     0x20002838   Section     1024  stm32f10x_vector.o(HEAP) 
    Heap_Mem                                 0x20002838   Data        1024  stm32f10x_vector.o(HEAP) 
    STACK                                    0x20002c38   Section     1024  stm32f10x_vector.o(STACK) 
    Stack_Mem                                0x20002c38   Data        1024  stm32f10x_vector.o(STACK) 
    __initial_sp                             0x20003038   Number         0  stm32f10x_vector.o(STACK) 
    Global Symbols 
    Symbol Name                              Value     Ov Type        Size  Object(Section) 
    BuildAttributes$$THM_ISAv4$M$P$D$K$S$PE$A:L22UL41UL21$X:L11$S22US41US21$IEEE1$IW$USESV6$~STKCKD$USESV7$~SHL$OSPACE$EBA8$STANDARDLIB$REQ8$PRES8$EABIv2 0x00000000   Number         0  anon$$obj.o ABSOLUTE 
    __ARM_use_no_argv                        0x00000000   Number         0  main.o ABSOLUTE 
    __ARM_exceptions_init                     - Undefined Weak Reference 
    __Heap_DescSize                           - Undefined Weak Reference 
    __alloca_initialize                       - Undefined Weak Reference 
    __cpp_initialize__aeabi_                  - Undefined Weak Reference 
    __cxa_finalize                            - Undefined Weak Reference 
    __sigvec_lookup                           - Undefined Weak Reference 
    __user_heap_extend                        - Undefined Weak Reference 
    _atexit_init                              - Undefined Weak Reference 
    _call_atexit_fns                          - Undefined Weak Reference 
    _clock_init                               - Undefined Weak Reference 
    _fp_trap_init                             - Undefined Weak Reference 
    _get_lc_collate                           - Undefined Weak Reference 
    _get_lc_ctype                             - Undefined Weak Reference 
    _get_lc_monetary                          - Undefined Weak Reference 
    _get_lc_numeric                           - Undefined Weak Reference 
    _get_lc_time                              - Undefined Weak Reference 
    _getenv_init                              - Undefined Weak Reference 
    _handle_redirection                       - Undefined Weak Reference 
    _init_alloc                               - Undefined Weak Reference 
    _init_user_alloc                          - Undefined Weak Reference 
    _initio                                   - Undefined Weak Reference 
    _rand_init                                - Undefined Weak Reference 
    _signal_init                              - Undefined Weak Reference 
    _terminate_user_alloc                     - Undefined Weak Reference 
    _terminateio                              - Undefined Weak Reference 
    __Vectors                                0x08000000   Data           4  stm32f10x_vector.o(RESET) 
    __main                                   0x08000131   Thumb Code     8  __main.o(!!!main) 
    __scatterload                            0x08000139   Thumb Code     0  __scatter.o(!!!scatter) 
    __scatterload_rt2                        0x08000139   Thumb Code    44  __scatter.o(!!!scatter) 
    __scatterload_rt2_thumb_only             0x08000139   Thumb Code     0  __scatter.o(!!!scatter) 
    __scatterload_null                       0x08000147   Thumb Code     0  __scatter.o(!!!scatter) 
    __decompress                             0x0800016d   Thumb Code    90  __dczerorl2.o(!!dczerorl2) 
    __decompress1                            0x0800016d   Thumb Code     0  __dczerorl2.o(!!dczerorl2) 
    __scatterload_zeroinit                   0x080001c9   Thumb Code    28  __scatter_zi.o(!!handler_zi) 
    __ARM_argv_veneer                        0x080001e5   Thumb Code     4  lib_init.o(.emb_text) 
    Reset_Handler                            0x080001e9   Thumb Code     4  stm32f10x_vector.o(.text) 
    __user_initial_stackheap                 0x080001ed   Thumb Code     0  stm32f10x_vector.o(.text) 
    GPIO_DeInit                              0x0800020d   Thumb Code   188  stm32f10x_gpio.o(.text) 
    GPIO_AFIODeInit                          0x080002c9   Thumb Code    20  stm32f10x_gpio.o(.text) 
    GPIO_Init                                0x080002dd   Thumb Code   270  stm32f10x_gpio.o(.text) 
    GPIO_StructInit                          0x080003eb   Thumb Code    16  stm32f10x_gpio.o(.text) 
    GPIO_ReadInputDataBit                    0x080003fb   Thumb Code    18  stm32f10x_gpio.o(.text) 
    GPIO_ReadInputData                       0x0800040d   Thumb Code     8  stm32f10x_gpio.o(.text) 
    GPIO_ReadOutputDataBit                   0x08000415   Thumb Code    18  stm32f10x_gpio.o(.text) 
    GPIO_ReadOutputData                      0x08000427   Thumb Code     8  stm32f10x_gpio.o(.text) 
    GPIO_SetBits                             0x0800042f   Thumb Code     4  stm32f10x_gpio.o(.text) 
    GPIO_ResetBits                           0x08000433   Thumb Code     4  stm32f10x_gpio.o(.text) 
    GPIO_WriteBit                            0x08000437   Thumb Code    10  stm32f10x_gpio.o(.text) 
    GPIO_Write                               0x08000441   Thumb Code     4  stm32f10x_gpio.o(.text) 
    GPIO_PinLockConfig                       0x08000445   Thumb Code    18  stm32f10x_gpio.o(.text) 
    GPIO_EventOutputConfig                   0x08000457   Thumb Code    24  stm32f10x_gpio.o(.text) 
    GPIO_EventOutputCmd                      0x0800046f   Thumb Code     6  stm32f10x_gpio.o(.text) 
    GPIO_PinRemapConfig                      0x08000475   Thumb Code   104  stm32f10x_gpio.o(.text) 
    GPIO_EXTILineConfig                      0x080004dd   Thumb Code    60  stm32f10x_gpio.o(.text) 
    FLASH_SetLatency                         0x08000529   Thumb Code    22  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    FLASH_HalfCycleAccessCmd                 0x0800053f   Thumb Code    22  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    FLASH_PrefetchBufferCmd                  0x08000555   Thumb Code    22  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    FLASH_Unlock                             0x0800056b   Thumb Code    12  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    FLASH_Lock                               0x08000577   Thumb Code    14  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    FLASH_GetStatus                          0x08000585   Thumb Code    50  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    FLASH_WaitForLastOperation               0x080005c5   Thumb Code    42  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    FLASH_ErasePage                          0x080005ef   Thumb Code    76  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    FLASH_EraseAllPages                      0x0800063b   Thumb Code    72  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    FLASH_EraseOptionBytes                   0x08000683   Thumb Code   142  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    FLASH_ProgramWord                        0x08000711   Thumb Code   100  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    FLASH_ProgramHalfWord                    0x08000775   Thumb Code    64  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    FLASH_ProgramOptionByteData              0x080007b5   Thumb Code    72  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    FLASH_EnableWriteProtection              0x080007fd   Thumb Code   188  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    FLASH_ReadOutProtection                  0x080008b9   Thumb Code   178  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    FLASH_UserOptionByteConfig               0x0800096b   Thumb Code    90  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    FLASH_GetUserOptionByte                  0x080009c5   Thumb Code     8  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    FLASH_GetWriteProtectionOptionByte       0x080009cd   Thumb Code     6  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    FLASH_GetReadOutProtectionStatus         0x080009d3   Thumb Code    20  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    FLASH_GetPrefetchBufferStatus            0x080009e7   Thumb Code    20  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    FLASH_ITConfig                           0x080009fb   Thumb Code    26  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    FLASH_GetFlagStatus                      0x08000a15   Thumb Code    42  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    FLASH_ClearFlag                          0x08000a3f   Thumb Code     6  stm32f10x_flash.o(.text) 
    NVIC_DeInit                              0x08000a55   Thumb Code    54  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_SCBDeInit                           0x08000a8b   Thumb Code    92  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_PriorityGroupConfig                 0x08000ae7   Thumb Code    12  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_Init                                0x08000af3   Thumb Code   154  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_StructInit                          0x08000b8d   Thumb Code    12  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_SETPRIMASK                          0x08000b99   Thumb Code     8  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_RESETPRIMASK                        0x08000ba1   Thumb Code     8  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_SETFAULTMASK                        0x08000ba9   Thumb Code     8  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_RESETFAULTMASK                      0x08000bb1   Thumb Code     8  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_BASEPRICONFIG                       0x08000bb9   Thumb Code    12  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_GetBASEPRI                          0x08000bc5   Thumb Code     8  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_GetCurrentPendingIRQChannel         0x08000bcd   Thumb Code    10  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_GetIRQChannelPendingBitStatus       0x08000bd7   Thumb Code    42  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_SetIRQChannelPendingBit             0x08000c01   Thumb Code     6  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_ClearIRQChannelPendingBit           0x08000c07   Thumb Code    20  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_GetCurrentActiveHandler             0x08000c1b   Thumb Code    10  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_GetIRQChannelActiveBitStatus        0x08000c25   Thumb Code    42  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_GetCPUID                            0x08000c4f   Thumb Code     8  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_SetVectorTable                      0x08000c57   Thumb Code    14  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_GenerateSystemReset                 0x08000c65   Thumb Code    12  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_GenerateCoreReset                   0x08000c71   Thumb Code    12  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_SystemLPConfig                      0x08000c7d   Thumb Code    38  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_SystemHandlerConfig                 0x08000ca3   Thumb Code    52  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_SystemHandlerPriorityConfig         0x08000cd7   Thumb Code    98  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_GetSystemHandlerPendingBitStatus    0x08000d39   Thumb Code    44  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_SetSystemHandlerPendingBit          0x08000d65   Thumb Code    26  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_ClearSystemHandlerPendingBit        0x08000d7f   Thumb Code    30  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_GetSystemHandlerActiveBitStatus     0x08000d9d   Thumb Code    42  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_GetFaultHandlerSources              0x08000dc7   Thumb Code    66  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    NVIC_GetFaultAddress                     0x08000e09   Thumb Code    28  stm32f10x_nvic.o(.text) 
    RCC_DeInit                               0x08000e41   Thumb Code    62  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_HSEConfig                            0x08000e7f   Thumb Code    70  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_GetFlagStatus                        0x08000ec5   Thumb Code    56  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_WaitForHSEStartUp                    0x08000efd   Thumb Code    64  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_AdjustHSICalibrationValue            0x08000f3d   Thumb Code    18  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_HSICmd                               0x08000f4f   Thumb Code     6  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_PLLConfig                            0x08000f55   Thumb Code    22  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_PLLCmd                               0x08000f6b   Thumb Code     6  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_SYSCLKConfig                         0x08000f71   Thumb Code    16  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_GetSYSCLKSource                      0x08000f81   Thumb Code    10  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_HCLKConfig                           0x08000f8b   Thumb Code    16  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_PCLK1Config                          0x08000f9b   Thumb Code    16  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_PCLK2Config                          0x08000fab   Thumb Code    18  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_ITConfig                             0x08000fbd   Thumb Code    30  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_USBCLKConfig                         0x08000fdb   Thumb Code     8  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_ADCCLKConfig                         0x08000fe3   Thumb Code    16  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_LSEConfig                            0x08000ff3   Thumb Code    50  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_LSICmd                               0x08001025   Thumb Code     6  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_RTCCLKConfig                         0x0800102b   Thumb Code    12  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_RTCCLKCmd                            0x08001037   Thumb Code     8  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_GetClocksFreq                        0x0800103f   Thumb Code   194  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_AHBPeriphClockCmd                    0x08001101   Thumb Code    26  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_APB2PeriphClockCmd                   0x0800111b   Thumb Code    26  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_APB1PeriphClockCmd                   0x08001135   Thumb Code    26  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_APB2PeriphResetCmd                   0x0800114f   Thumb Code    26  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_APB1PeriphResetCmd                   0x08001169   Thumb Code    26  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_BackupResetCmd                       0x08001183   Thumb Code     8  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_ClockSecuritySystemCmd               0x0800118b   Thumb Code     6  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_MCOConfig                            0x08001191   Thumb Code     6  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_ClearFlag                            0x08001197   Thumb Code    14  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_GetITStatus                          0x080011a5   Thumb Code    20  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    RCC_ClearITPendingBit                    0x080011b9   Thumb Code     6  stm32f10x_rcc.o(.text) 
    __WFI                                    0x080011e5   Thumb Code     0  cortexm3_macro.o(.text) 
    __WFE                                    0x080011e9   Thumb Code     0  cortexm3_macro.o(.text) 
    __SEV                                    0x080011ed   Thumb Code     0  cortexm3_macro.o(.text) 
    __ISB                                    0x080011f1   Thumb Code     0  cortexm3_macro.o(.text) 
    __DSB                                    0x080011f7   Thumb Code     0  cortexm3_macro.o(.text) 
    __DMB                                    0x080011fd   Thumb Code     0  cortexm3_macro.o(.text) 
    __SVC                                    0x08001203   Thumb Code     0  cortexm3_macro.o(.text) 
    __MRS_CONTROL                            0x08001207   Thumb Code     0  cortexm3_macro.o(.text) 
    __MSR_CONTROL                            0x0800120d   Thumb Code     0  cortexm3_macro.o(.text) 
    __MRS_PSP                                0x08001217   Thumb Code     0  cortexm3_macro.o(.text) 
    __MSR_PSP                                0x0800121d   Thumb Code     0  cortexm3_macro.o(.text) 
    __MRS_MSP                                0x08001223   Thumb Code     0  cortexm3_macro.o(.text) 
    __MSR_MSP                                0x08001229   Thumb Code     0  cortexm3_macro.o(.text) 
    __RESETPRIMASK                           0x0800122f   Thumb Code     0  cortexm3_macro.o(.text) 
    __SETPRIMASK                             0x08001233   Thumb Code     0  cortexm3_macro.o(.text) 
    __READ_PRIMASK                           0x08001237   Thumb Code     0  cortexm3_macro.o(.text) 
    __SETFAULTMASK                           0x0800123d   Thumb Code     0  cortexm3_macro.o(.text) 
    __RESETFAULTMASK                         0x08001241   Thumb Code     0  cortexm3_macro.o(.text) 
    __READ_FAULTMASK                         0x08001245   Thumb Code     0  cortexm3_macro.o(.text) 
    __BASEPRICONFIG                          0x0800124b   Thumb Code     0  cortexm3_macro.o(.text) 
    __GetBASEPRI                             0x08001251   Thumb Code     0  cortexm3_macro.o(.text) 
    __REV_HalfWord                           0x08001257   Thumb Code     0  cortexm3_macro.o(.text) 
    __REV_Word                               0x0800125b   Thumb Code     0  cortexm3_macro.o(.text) 
    SysTick_CLKSourceConfig                  0x0800125f   Thumb Code    40  stm32f10x_systick.o(.text) 
    SysTick_SetReload                        0x08001287   Thumb Code     8  stm32f10x_systick.o(.text) 
    SysTick_CounterCmd                       0x0800128f   Thumb Code    54  stm32f10x_systick.o(.text) 
    SysTick_ITConfig                         0x080012c5   Thumb Code    38  stm32f10x_systick.o(.text) 
    SysTick_GetCounter                       0x080012eb   Thumb Code     8  stm32f10x_systick.o(.text) 
    SysTick_GetFlagStatus                    0x080012f3   Thumb Code    46  stm32f10x_systick.o(.text) 
    SPI_I2S_DeInit                           0x08001321   Thumb Code    88  stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) 
    SPI_Init                                 0x08001379   Thumb Code    60  stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) 
    I2S_Init                                 0x080013b5   Thumb Code   200  stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) 
    SPI_StructInit                           0x0800147d   Thumb Code    24  stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) 
    I2S_StructInit                           0x08001495   Thumb Code    20  stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) 
    SPI_Cmd                                  0x080014a9   Thumb Code    24  stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) 
    I2S_Cmd                                  0x080014c1   Thumb Code    24  stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) 
    SPI_I2S_ITConfig                         0x080014d9   Thumb Code    36  stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) 
    SPI_I2S_DMACmd                           0x080014fd   Thumb Code    24  stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) 
    SPI_I2S_SendData                         0x08001515   Thumb Code     4  stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) 
    SPI_I2S_ReceiveData                      0x08001519   Thumb Code     6  stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) 
    SPI_NSSInternalSoftwareConfig            0x0800151f   Thumb Code    30  stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) 
    SPI_SSOutputCmd                          0x0800153d   Thumb Code    24  stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) 
    SPI_DataSizeConfig                       0x08001555   Thumb Code    18  stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) 
    SPI_TransmitCRC                          0x08001567   Thumb Code    10  stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) 
    SPI_CalculateCRC                         0x08001571   Thumb Code    24  stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) 
    SPI_GetCRC                               0x08001589   Thumb Code    16  stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) 
    SPI_GetCRCPolynomial                     0x08001599   Thumb Code     6  stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) 
    SPI_BiDirectionalLineConfig              0x0800159f   Thumb Code    28  stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) 
    SPI_I2S_GetFlagStatus                    0x080015bb   Thumb Code    18  stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) 
    SPI_I2S_ClearFlag                        0x080015cd   Thumb Code    34  stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) 
    SPI_I2S_GetITStatus                      0x080015ef   Thumb Code    52  stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) 
    SPI_I2S_ClearITPendingBit                0x08001623   Thumb Code    48  stm32f10x_spi.o(.text) 
    SPI_FLASH_Init                           0x08001659   Thumb Code   150  spi_flash.o(.text) 
    SPI_FLASH_SendByte                       0x080016ef   Thumb Code    50  spi_flash.o(.text) 
    SPI_FLASH_WaitForWriteEnd                0x08001721   Thumb Code    46  spi_flash.o(.text) 
    SPI_FLASH_WriteEnable                    0x0800174f   Thumb Code    26  spi_flash.o(.text) 
    SPI_FLASH_SectorErase                    0x08001769   Thumb Code    58  spi_flash.o(.text) 
    SPI_FLASH_BulkErase                      0x080017a3   Thumb Code    34  spi_flash.o(.text) 
    SPI_FLASH_PageWrite                      0x080017c5   Thumb Code    82  spi_flash.o(.text) 
    SPI_FLASH_BufferWrite                    0x08001817   Thumb Code   276  spi_flash.o(.text) 
    SPI_FLASH_BufferRead                     0x0800192b   Thumb Code    76  spi_flash.o(.text) 
    SPI_FLASH_ReadID                         0x08001977   Thumb Code    74  spi_flash.o(.text) 
    SPI_FLASH_StartReadSequence              0x080019c1   Thumb Code    42  spi_flash.o(.text) 
    SPI_FLASH_ReadByte                       0x080019eb   Thumb Code    10  spi_flash.o(.text) 
    SPI_FLASH_SendHalfWord                   0x080019f5   Thumb Code    48  spi_flash.o(.text) 
    LCD_WriteReg                             0x08001a31   Thumb Code    10  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_FSMCConfig                           0x08001a3b   Thumb Code    88  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_CtrlLinesConfig                      0x08001a93   Thumb Code    96  lcd.o(.text) 
    STM3210E_LCD_Init                        0x08001af3   Thumb Code   530  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_SetTextColor                         0x08001d05   Thumb Code     6  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_SetBackColor                         0x08001d0b   Thumb Code     8  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_SetCursor                            0x08001d13   Thumb Code    24  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_WriteRAM                             0x08001d2b   Thumb Code     8  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_WriteRAM_Prepare                     0x08001d33   Thumb Code    10  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_DrawChar                             0x08001d3d   Thumb Code   110  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_DisplayChar                          0x08001dab   Thumb Code    34  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_DisplayStringLine                    0x08001dcd   Thumb Code    44  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_ClearLine                            0x08001df9   Thumb Code    14  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_Clear                                0x08001e07   Thumb Code    38  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_SetDisplayWindow                     0x08001e2d   Thumb Code    88  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_WindowModeDisable                    0x08001e85   Thumb Code    76  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_DrawLine                             0x08001ed1   Thumb Code    90  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_DrawRect                             0x08001f2b   Thumb Code    66  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_DrawCircle                           0x08001f6d   Thumb Code   292  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_DrawMonoPict                         0x08002091   Thumb Code    78  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_WriteBMP                             0x080020df   Thumb Code    74  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_DrawBMP                              0x08002129   Thumb Code   174  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_ReadReg                              0x080021d7   Thumb Code    12  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_ReadRAM                              0x080021e3   Thumb Code    14  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_PowerOn                              0x080021f1   Thumb Code   118  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_DisplayOn                            0x08002267   Thumb Code    14  lcd.o(.text) 
    LCD_DisplayOff                           0x08002275   Thumb Code    12  lcd.o(.text) 
    FSMC_NORSRAMDeInit                       0x0800228d   Thumb Code    56  stm32f10x_fsmc.o(.text) 
    FSMC_NANDDeInit                          0x080022c5   Thumb Code    62  stm32f10x_fsmc.o(.text) 
    FSMC_PCCARDDeInit                        0x08002303   Thumb Code    36  stm32f10x_fsmc.o(.text) 
    FSMC_NORSRAMInit                         0x08002327   Thumb Code   230  stm32f10x_fsmc.o(.text) 
    FSMC_NANDInit                            0x0800240d   Thumb Code   136  stm32f10x_fsmc.o(.text) 
    FSMC_PCCARDInit                          0x08002495   Thumb Code   134  stm32f10x_fsmc.o(.text) 
    FSMC_NORSRAMStructInit                   0x0800251b   Thumb Code   112  stm32f10x_fsmc.o(.text) 
    FSMC_NANDStructInit                      0x0800258b   Thumb Code    56  stm32f10x_fsmc.o(.text) 
    FSMC_PCCARDStructInit                    0x080025c3   Thumb Code    62  stm32f10x_fsmc.o(.text) 
    FSMC_NORSRAMCmd                          0x08002601   Thumb Code    46  stm32f10x_fsmc.o(.text) 
    FSMC_NANDCmd                             0x0800262f   Thumb Code    86  stm32f10x_fsmc.o(.text) 
    FSMC_PCCARDCmd                           0x08002685   Thumb Code    44  stm32f10x_fsmc.o(.text) 
    FSMC_NANDECCCmd                          0x080026b1   Thumb Code    90  stm32f10x_fsmc.o(.text) 
    FSMC_GetECC                              0x0800270b   Thumb Code    24  stm32f10x_fsmc.o(.text) 
    FSMC_ITConfig                            0x08002723   Thumb Code   128  stm32f10x_fsmc.o(.text) 
    FSMC_GetFlagStatus                       0x080027a3   Thumb Code    52  stm32f10x_fsmc.o(.text) 
    FSMC_ClearFlag                           0x080027d7   Thumb Code    62  stm32f10x_fsmc.o(.text) 
    FSMC_GetITStatus                         0x08002815   Thumb Code    64  stm32f10x_fsmc.o(.text) 
    FSMC_ClearITPendingBit                   0x08002855   Thumb Code    68  stm32f10x_fsmc.o(.text) 
    DAC_CODEC_WaveParsing                    0x08002973   Thumb Code   388  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    Media_BufferRead                         0x08002af7   Thumb Code    20  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    Media_BufferWrite                        0x08002b0b   Thumb Code    34  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    Media_Init                               0x08002b2d   Thumb Code    10  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    AudioFile_Init                           0x08002b37   Thumb Code    84  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    DAC_CODEC_Init                           0x08002bff   Thumb Code    90  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    DAC_CODEC_ReplayConfig                   0x08002c59   Thumb Code    12  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    SetVar_AudioPlayStatus                   0x08002c65   Thumb Code    12  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    Media_StartReadSequence                  0x08002c71   Thumb Code     2  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    DAC_CODEC_Play                           0x08002c73   Thumb Code    58  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    DAC_CODEC_Pause                          0x08002cad   Thumb Code   146  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    DAC_CODEC_Stop                           0x08002d3f   Thumb Code    44  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    DAC_CODEC_ControlVolume                  0x08002d6b   Thumb Code   100  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    GetVar_AudioDataIndex                    0x08002dcf   Thumb Code     6  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    Decrement_AudioReplay                    0x08002dd5   Thumb Code    50  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    ResetVar_AudioDataIndex                  0x08002e07   Thumb Code    28  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    IncrementVar_AudioDataIndex              0x08002e23   Thumb Code    36  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    DAC_CODEC_ForwardPlay                    0x08002e47   Thumb Code    52  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    DecrementVar_AudioDataIndex              0x08002e7b   Thumb Code    30  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    DAC_CODEC_RewindPlay                     0x08002e99   Thumb Code    52  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    GetVar_AudioPlayStatus                   0x08002ecd   Thumb Code     8  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    DAC_CODEC_UpdateStatus                   0x08002ed5   Thumb Code    26  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    GetVar_DataStartAddr                     0x08002eef   Thumb Code     6  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    GetVar_CurrentVolume                     0x08002ef5   Thumb Code     8  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    SetVar_AudioDataIndex                    0x08002efd   Thumb Code     6  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    GetVar_SendDummyData                     0x08002f03   Thumb Code     8  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    SetVar_SendDummyData                     0x08002f0b   Thumb Code    14  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    ResetVar_SendDummyData                   0x08002f19   Thumb Code    14  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    GetVar_AudioReplay                       0x08002f27   Thumb Code     8  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    GetVar_AudioDataLength                   0x08002f2f   Thumb Code     6  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    GetVar_i2saudiofreq                      0x08002f35   Thumb Code     6  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    Media_ReadHalfWord                       0x08002f3b   Thumb Code    26  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    DAC_CODEC_DataTransfer                   0x08002f55   Thumb Code    68  dac_codec.o(.text) 
    SysTick_Config                           0x08002fb5   Thumb Code    22  main.o(.text) 
    InterruptConfig                          0x08002fcb   Thumb Code    36  main.o(.text) 
    GPIO_Config                              0x08002fef   Thumb Code    94  main.o(.text) 
    Demo_Init                                0x0800304d   Thumb Code   160  main.o(.text) 
    main                                     0x080030ed   Thumb Code    14  main.o(.text) 
    Delay                                    0x080030fb   Thumb Code    44  main.o(.text) 
    Decrement_TimingDelay                    0x08003127   Thumb Code    24  main.o(.text) 
    Set_SELStatus                            0x0800313f   Thumb Code    10  main.o(.text) 
    Get_HSEStartUpStatus                     0x08003149   Thumb Code     6  main.o(.text) 
    DAC_DeInit                               0x08003165   Thumb Code    22  stm32f10x_dac.o(.text) 
    DAC_Init                                 0x0800317b   Thumb Code    48  stm32f10x_dac.o(.text) 
    DAC_StructInit                           0x080031ab   Thumb Code    12  stm32f10x_dac.o(.text) 
    DAC_Cmd                                  0x080031b7   Thumb Code    38  stm32f10x_dac.o(.text) 
    DAC_DMACmd                               0x080031dd   Thumb Code    38  stm32f10x_dac.o(.text) 
    DAC_SoftwareTriggerCmd                   0x08003203   Thumb Code    48  stm32f10x_dac.o(.text) 
    DAC_DualSoftwareTriggerCmd               0x08003233   Thumb Code    38  stm32f10x_dac.o(.text) 
    DAC_WaveGenerationCmd                    0x08003259   Thumb Code    40  stm32f10x_dac.o(.text) 
    DAC_SetChannel1Data                      0x08003281   Thumb Code    10  stm32f10x_dac.o(.text) 
    DAC_SetChannel2Data                      0x0800328b   Thumb Code    10  stm32f10x_dac.o(.text) 
    DAC_SetDualChannelData                   0x08003295   Thumb Code    28  stm32f10x_dac.o(.text) 
    DAC_GetDataOutputValue                   0x080032b1   Thumb Code    16  stm32f10x_dac.o(.text) 
    NMIException                             0x080032c9   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    NMI_Handler                              0x080032c9   Thumb Code     0  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    HardFaultException                       0x080032cb   Thumb Code     4  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    HardFault_Handler                        0x080032cb   Thumb Code     0  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    MemManageException                       0x080032cf   Thumb Code     4  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    MemManage_Handler                        0x080032cf   Thumb Code     0  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    BusFaultException                        0x080032d3   Thumb Code     4  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    BusFault_Handler                         0x080032d3   Thumb Code     0  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    UsageFaultException                      0x080032d7   Thumb Code     4  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    UsageFault_Handler                       0x080032d7   Thumb Code     0  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    DebugMon_Handler                         0x080032db   Thumb Code     0  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    DebugMonitor                             0x080032db   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    SVCHandler                               0x080032dd   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    SVC_Handler                              0x080032dd   Thumb Code     0  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    PendSVC                                  0x080032df   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    PendSV_Handler                           0x080032df   Thumb Code     0  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    SysTickHandler                           0x080032e1   Thumb Code     8  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    SysTick_Handler                          0x080032e1   Thumb Code     0  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    WWDG_IRQHandler                          0x080032e9   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    PVD_IRQHandler                           0x080032eb   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    TAMPER_IRQHandler                        0x080032ed   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    RTC_IRQHandler                           0x080032ef   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    FLASH_IRQHandler                         0x080032f1   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    RCC_IRQHandler                           0x080032f3   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    EXTI0_IRQHandler                         0x080032f5   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    EXTI1_IRQHandler                         0x080032f7   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    EXTI2_IRQHandler                         0x080032f9   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    EXTI3_IRQHandler                         0x080032fb   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    EXTI4_IRQHandler                         0x080032fd   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    DMA1_Channel1_IRQHandler                 0x080032ff   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    DMA1_Channel2_IRQHandler                 0x08003301   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    DMA1_Channel3_IRQHandler                 0x08003303   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    DMA1_Channel4_IRQHandler                 0x08003305   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    DMA1_Channel5_IRQHandler                 0x08003307   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    DMA1_Channel6_IRQHandler                 0x08003309   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    DMA1_Channel7_IRQHandler                 0x0800330b   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    ADC1_2_IRQHandler                        0x0800330d   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    USB_HP_CAN_TX_IRQHandler                 0x0800330f   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    USB_LP_CAN_RX0_IRQHandler                0x08003311   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    CAN_RX1_IRQHandler                       0x08003313   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    CAN_SCE_IRQHandler                       0x08003315   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    EXTI9_5_IRQHandler                       0x08003317   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    TIM1_BRK_IRQHandler                      0x08003319   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    TIM1_UP_IRQHandler                       0x0800331b   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    TIM1_TRG_COM_IRQHandler                  0x0800331d   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    TIM1_CC_IRQHandler                       0x0800331f   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    TIM2_IRQHandler                          0x08003321   Thumb Code    16  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    TIM3_IRQHandler                          0x08003331   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    TIM4_IRQHandler                          0x08003333   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    I2C1_EV_IRQHandler                       0x08003335   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    I2C1_ER_IRQHandler                       0x08003337   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    I2C2_EV_IRQHandler                       0x08003339   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    I2C2_ER_IRQHandler                       0x0800333b   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    SPI1_IRQHandler                          0x0800333d   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    SPI2_IRQHandler                          0x0800333f   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    USART1_IRQHandler                        0x08003341   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    USART2_IRQHandler                        0x08003343   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    USART3_IRQHandler                        0x08003345   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    EXTI15_10_IRQHandler                     0x08003347   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    RTCAlarm_IRQHandler                      0x08003349   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    USBWakeUp_IRQHandler                     0x0800334b   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    TIM8_BRK_IRQHandler                      0x0800334d   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    TIM8_UP_IRQHandler                       0x0800334f   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    TIM8_TRG_COM_IRQHandler                  0x08003351   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    TIM8_CC_IRQHandler                       0x08003353   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    ADC3_IRQHandler                          0x08003355   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    FSMC_IRQHandler                          0x08003357   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    SDIO_IRQHandler                          0x08003359   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    TIM5_IRQHandler                          0x0800335b   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    SPI3_IRQHandler                          0x0800335d   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    UART4_IRQHandler                         0x0800335f   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    UART5_IRQHandler                         0x08003361   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    TIM6_IRQHandler                          0x08003363   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    TIM7_IRQHandler                          0x08003365   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    DMA2_Channel1_IRQHandler                 0x08003367   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    DMA2_Channel2_IRQHandler                 0x08003369   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    DMA2_Channel3_IRQHandler                 0x0800336b   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    DMA2_Channel4_5_IRQHandler               0x0800336d   Thumb Code     2  stm32f10x_it.o(.text) 
    TIM_DeInit                               0x08003371   Thumb Code   214  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_TimeBaseInit                         0x08003447   Thumb Code    50  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_OC1Init                              0x08003479   Thumb Code   110  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_OC2Init                              0x080034e7   Thumb Code   140  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_OC3Init                              0x08003573   Thumb Code   136  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_OC4Init                              0x080035fb   Thumb Code    98  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_SetIC4Prescaler                      0x0800365d   Thumb Code    22  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_SetIC3Prescaler                      0x080036b5   Thumb Code    18  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_SetIC2Prescaler                      0x08003703   Thumb Code    22  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_SetIC1Prescaler                      0x08003769   Thumb Code    18  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_ICInit                               0x080037ad   Thumb Code   110  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_PWMIConfig                           0x0800381b   Thumb Code   120  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_BDTRConfig                           0x08003893   Thumb Code    32  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_TimeBaseStructInit                   0x080038b3   Thumb Code    18  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_OCStructInit                         0x080038c5   Thumb Code    20  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_ICStructInit                         0x080038d9   Thumb Code    18  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_BDTRStructInit                       0x080038eb   Thumb Code    18  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_Cmd                                  0x080038fd   Thumb Code    24  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_CtrlPWMOutputs                       0x08003915   Thumb Code    30  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_ITConfig                             0x08003933   Thumb Code    24  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_GenerateEvent                        0x0800394b   Thumb Code     4  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_DMAConfig                            0x0800394f   Thumb Code    10  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_DMACmd                               0x08003959   Thumb Code    24  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_InternalClockConfig                  0x08003971   Thumb Code    12  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_SelectInputTrigger                   0x0800397d   Thumb Code    16  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_ITRxExternalClockConfig              0x0800398d   Thumb Code    24  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_TIxExternalClockConfig               0x080039a5   Thumb Code    58  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_ETRConfig                            0x080039df   Thumb Code    24  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_ETRClockMode1Config                  0x080039f7   Thumb Code    54  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_ETRClockMode2Config                  0x08003a2d   Thumb Code    32  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_PrescalerConfig                      0x08003a4d   Thumb Code     6  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_CounterModeConfig                    0x08003a53   Thumb Code    16  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_EncoderInterfaceConfig               0x08003a63   Thumb Code    56  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_ForcedOC1Config                      0x08003a9b   Thumb Code    16  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_ForcedOC2Config                      0x08003aab   Thumb Code    20  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_ForcedOC3Config                      0x08003abf   Thumb Code    16  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_ForcedOC4Config                      0x08003acf   Thumb Code    20  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_ARRPreloadConfig                     0x08003ae3   Thumb Code    24  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_SelectCOM                            0x08003afb   Thumb Code    24  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_SelectCCDMA                          0x08003b13   Thumb Code    24  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_CCPreloadControl                     0x08003b2b   Thumb Code    24  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_OC1PreloadConfig                     0x08003b43   Thumb Code    16  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_OC2PreloadConfig                     0x08003b53   Thumb Code    20  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_OC3PreloadConfig                     0x08003b67   Thumb Code    16  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_OC4PreloadConfig                     0x08003b77   Thumb Code    20  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_OC1FastConfig                        0x08003b8b   Thumb Code    16  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_OC2FastConfig                        0x08003b9b   Thumb Code    20  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_OC3FastConfig                        0x08003baf   Thumb Code    16  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_OC4FastConfig                        0x08003bbf   Thumb Code    20  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_ClearOC1Ref                          0x08003bd3   Thumb Code    16  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_ClearOC2Ref                          0x08003be3   Thumb Code    18  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_ClearOC3Ref                          0x08003bf5   Thumb Code    16  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_ClearOC4Ref                          0x08003c05   Thumb Code    18  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_OC1PolarityConfig                    0x08003c17   Thumb Code    16  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_OC1NPolarityConfig                   0x08003c27   Thumb Code    16  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_OC2PolarityConfig                    0x08003c37   Thumb Code    20  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_OC2NPolarityConfig                   0x08003c4b   Thumb Code    20  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_OC3PolarityConfig                    0x08003c5f   Thumb Code    20  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_OC3NPolarityConfig                   0x08003c73   Thumb Code    20  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_OC4PolarityConfig                    0x08003c87   Thumb Code    20  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_CCxCmd                               0x08003c9b   Thumb Code    30  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_CCxNCmd                              0x08003cb9   Thumb Code    30  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_SelectOCxM                           0x08003cd7   Thumb Code   114  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_UpdateDisableConfig                  0x08003d49   Thumb Code    24  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_UpdateRequestConfig                  0x08003d61   Thumb Code    24  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_SelectHallSensor                     0x08003d79   Thumb Code    24  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_SelectOnePulseMode                   0x08003d91   Thumb Code    18  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_SelectOutputTrigger                  0x08003da3   Thumb Code    18  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_SelectSlaveMode                      0x08003db5   Thumb Code    18  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_SelectMasterSlaveMode                0x08003dc7   Thumb Code    18  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_SetCounter                           0x08003dd9   Thumb Code     4  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_SetAutoreload                        0x08003ddd   Thumb Code     4  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_SetCompare1                          0x08003de1   Thumb Code     4  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_SetCompare2                          0x08003de5   Thumb Code     4  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_SetCompare3                          0x08003de9   Thumb Code     4  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_SetCompare4                          0x08003ded   Thumb Code     6  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_SetClockDivision                     0x08003df3   Thumb Code    14  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_GetCapture1                          0x08003e01   Thumb Code     6  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_GetCapture2                          0x08003e07   Thumb Code     6  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_GetCapture3                          0x08003e0d   Thumb Code     6  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_GetCapture4                          0x08003e13   Thumb Code     8  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_GetCounter                           0x08003e1b   Thumb Code     6  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_GetPrescaler                         0x08003e21   Thumb Code     6  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_GetFlagStatus                        0x08003e27   Thumb Code    18  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_ClearFlag                            0x08003e39   Thumb Code     6  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_GetITStatus                          0x08003e3f   Thumb Code    34  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    TIM_ClearITPendingBit                    0x08003e61   Thumb Code     6  stm32f10x_tim.o(.text) 
    ReadKey                                  0x08003e69   Thumb Code   190  waveplayer.o(.text) 
    I2S_CODEC_LCDConfig                      0x08003f27   Thumb Code    58  waveplayer.o(.text) 
    LCD_DisplayError                         0x08003f61   Thumb Code   106  waveplayer.o(.text) 
    LCD_Update                               0x08003fcb   Thumb Code   978  waveplayer.o(.text) 
    WavePlayer_StartSpeaker                  0x0800439d   Thumb Code   436  waveplayer.o(.text) 
    __use_two_region_memory                  0x0800455d   Thumb Code     2  stkheap2.o(.text) 
    __rt_stackheap_init                      0x0800455f   Thumb Code    24  stkheap2.o(.text) 
    __rt_heap_extend                         0x08004577   Thumb Code    12  stkheap2.o(.text) 
    __rt_entry                               0x08004583   Thumb Code    36  kernel.o(.text) 
    __rt_exit                                0x080045a7   Thumb Code    18  kernel.o(.text) 
    __rt_abort                               0x080045b9   Thumb Code     8  kernel.o(.text) 
    __user_setup_stackheap                   0x080045c1   Thumb Code    74  sys_stackheap_outer.o(.text) 
    __rt_stackheap_storage                   0x0800460d   Thumb Code     6  rt_stackheap_storage_intlibspace.o(.text) 
    _sys_exit                                0x08004619   Thumb Code    16  sys_exit.o(.text) 
    __user_libspace                          0x0800462d   Thumb Code     4  libspace.o(.text) 
    __user_perproc_libspace                  0x0800462d   Thumb Code     0  libspace.o(.text) 
    __user_perthread_libspace                0x0800462d   Thumb Code     0  libspace.o(.text) 
    exit                                     0x08004635   Thumb Code    12  exit.o(.text) 
    __rt_lib_init                            0x08004641   Thumb Code   174  lib_init.o(.text) 
    __rt_lib_shutdown                        0x080046ef   Thumb Code    18  lib_init.o(.text) 
    _platform_post_stackheap_init            0x08004701   Thumb Code    10  boardinit2.o(.text) 
    _platform_post_lib_init                  0x0800470b   Thumb Code     8  boardinit3.o(.text) 
    __I_use_semihosting                      0x08004713   Thumb Code     0  use_no_semi.o(.text) 
    __use_no_semihosting_swi                 0x08004713   Thumb Code     2  use_no_semi.o(.text) 
    __rt_locale                              0x08004715   Thumb Code     6  rt_locale_intlibspace.o(.text) 
    __ARM_get_argv                           0x08004721   Thumb Code     2  no_argv.o(.text) 
    __rt_fp_status_addr                      0x08004725   Thumb Code     6  rt_fp_status_addr_intlibspace.o(.text) 
    _fp_init                                 0x08004731   Thumb Code    14  fpinit.o(x$fpl$fpinit) 
    __fplib_config_pureend_doubles           0x0800473d   Thumb Code     0  fpinit.o(x$fpl$fpinit) 
    ASCII_Table                              0x08004752   Data        4560  lcd.o(.constdata) 
    Wave_Buffer                              0x08005922   Data       62552  dac_codec.o(.constdata) 
    Region$$Table$$Base                      0x08014d7c   Number         0  anon$$obj.o(Region$$Table) 
    Region$$Table$$Limit                     0x08014d9c   Number         0  anon$$obj.o(Region$$Table) 
    picture_table                            0x20000006   Data        9600  lcd.o(.data) 
    dacaudiofreq                             0x2000258c   Data           2  dac_codec.o(.data) 
    HeaderTabIndex                           0x2000258e   Data           1  dac_codec.o(.data) 
    AudioFileAddress                         0x20002590   Data           4  dac_codec.o(.data) 
    AudioDataLength                          0x20002594   Data           4  dac_codec.o(.data) 
    DataStartAddr                            0x20002598   Data           4  dac_codec.o(.data) 
    AudioDataIndex                           0x2000259c   Data           4  dac_codec.o(.data) 
    WaveFileStatus                           0x200025c4   Data           1  dac_codec.o(.data) 
    TransferStatus1                          0x200025c5   Data           1  dac_codec.o(.data) 
    TransferStatus2                          0x200025c6   Data           1  dac_codec.o(.data) 
    FLASH_ID                                 0x200025c8   Data           4  dac_codec.o(.data) 
    DemoTitle1                               0x200025e0   Data          20  waveplayer.o(.data) 
    DemoTitle2                               0x200025f4   Data          20  waveplayer.o(.data) 
    CmdTitle0                                0x20002608   Data          20  waveplayer.o(.data) 
    CmdTitle1                                0x2000261c   Data          20  waveplayer.o(.data) 
    CmdTitle1Playing                         0x20002630   Data          20  waveplayer.o(.data) 
    CmdTitle2Playing                         0x20002644   Data          20  waveplayer.o(.data) 
    CmdTitle3Playing                         0x20002658   Data          20  waveplayer.o(.data) 
    CmdTitle1Paused                          0x2000266c   Data          20  waveplayer.o(.data) 
    CmdTitle2Paused                          0x20002680   Data          20  waveplayer.o(.data) 
    CmdTitle1Stopped                         0x20002694   Data          20  waveplayer.o(.data) 
    CmdTitle2Stopped                         0x200026a8   Data          20  waveplayer.o(.data) 
    StatusTitleStopped                       0x200026bc   Data          20  waveplayer.o(.data) 
    StatusTitlePlaying                       0x200026d0   Data          20  waveplayer.o(.data) 
    StatusTitlePaused                        0x200026e4   Data          20  waveplayer.o(.data) 
    i2cerr                                   0x200026f8   Data          20  waveplayer.o(.data) 
    memerr                                   0x2000270c   Data          20  waveplayer.o(.data) 
    fileerr                                  0x20002720   Data          20  waveplayer.o(.data) 
    AudioFileHeader                          0x20002738   Data         100  dac_codec.o(.bss) 
    AudioDataBuffer                          0x2000279c   Data          32  dac_codec.o(.bss) 
    WAVE_Format                              0x200027bc   Data          24  dac_codec.o(.bss) 
    __libspace_start                         0x200027d4   Data          96  libspace.o(.bss) 
    __temporary_stack_top_libspace           0x20002834   Number         0  libspace.o(.bss) 
Memory Map of the image 
  Image Entry point : 0x08000131 
  Load Region LR_IROM1 (Base: 0x08000000, Size: 0x000174d4, Max: 0x00080000, ABSOLUTE, COMPRESSED[0x00016108]) 
    Execution Region ER_IROM1 (Base: 0x08000000, Size: 0x00014d9c, Max: 0x00080000, ABSOLUTE) 
    Base Addr    Size         Type   Attr      Idx    E Section Name        Object 
    0x08000000   0x00000130   Data   RO            3    RESET               stm32f10x_vector.o 
    0x08000130   0x00000008   Code   RO          357  * !!!main             __main.o(c_w.l) 
    0x08000138   0x00000034   Code   RO          453    !!!scatter          __scatter.o(c_w.l) 
    0x0800016c   0x0000005a   Code   RO          451    !!dczerorl2         __dczerorl2.o(c_w.l) 
    0x080001c6   0x00000002   PAD 
    0x080001c8   0x0000001c   Code   RO          455    !!handler_zi        __scatter_zi.o(c_w.l) 
    0x080001e4   0x00000004   Code   RO          378    .emb_text           lib_init.o(c_w.l) 
    0x080001e8   0x00000024   Code   RO            4    .text               stm32f10x_vector.o 
    0x0800020c   0x0000031c   Code   RO           11    .text               stm32f10x_gpio.o 
    0x08000528   0x0000052c   Code   RO           42    .text               stm32f10x_flash.o 
    0x08000a54   0x000003ec   Code   RO          129    .text               stm32f10x_nvic.o 
    0x08000e40   0x000003a4   Code   RO          141    .text               stm32f10x_rcc.o 
    0x080011e4   0x0000007a   Code   RO          167    .text               cortexm3_macro.o 
    0x0800125e   0x000000c2   Code   RO          170    .text               stm32f10x_systick.o 
    0x08001320   0x00000338   Code   RO          182    .text               stm32f10x_spi.o 
    0x08001658   0x000003d8   Code   RO          194    .text               spi_flash.o 
    0x08001a30   0x0000085c   Code   RO          209    .text               lcd.o 
    0x0800228c   0x00000614   Code   RO          232    .text               stm32f10x_fsmc.o 
    0x080028a0   0x00000714   Code   RO          244    .text               dac_codec.o 
    0x08002fb4   0x000001b0   Code   RO          278    .text               main.o 
    0x08003164   0x00000164   Code   RO          291    .text               stm32f10x_dac.o 
    0x080032c8   0x000000a6   Code   RO          303    .text               stm32f10x_it.o 
    0x0800336e   0x00000002   PAD 
    0x08003370   0x00000af6   Code   RO          316    .text               stm32f10x_tim.o 
    0x08003e66   0x00000002   PAD 
    0x08003e68   0x000006f4   Code   RO          328    .text               waveplayer.o 
    0x0800455c   0x00000026   Code   RO          355    .text               stkheap2.o(c_w.l) 
    0x08004582   0x0000003e   Code   RO          359    .text               kernel.o(c_w.l) 
    0x080045c0   0x0000004a   Code   RO          362    .text               sys_stackheap_outer.o(c_w.l) 
    0x0800460a   0x00000002   PAD 
    0x0800460c   0x0000000c   Code   RO          367    .text               rt_stackheap_storage_intlibspace.o(c_w.l) 
    0x08004618   0x00000014   Code   RO          369    .text               sys_exit.o(c_w.l) 
    0x0800462c   0x00000008   Code   RO          371    .text               libspace.o(c_w.l) 
    0x08004634   0x0000000c   Code   RO          374    .text               exit.o(c_w.l) 
    0x08004640   0x000000c0   Code   RO          379    .text               lib_init.o(c_w.l) 
    0x08004700   0x0000000a   Code   RO          384    .text               boardinit2.o(c_w.l) 
    0x0800470a   0x00000008   Code   RO          386    .text               boardinit3.o(c_w.l) 
    0x08004712   0x00000002   Code   RO          390    .text               use_no_semi.o(c_w.l) 
    0x08004714   0x0000000c   Code   RO          395    .text               rt_locale_intlibspace.o(c_w.l) 
    0x08004720   0x00000002   Code   RO          401    .text               no_argv.o(c_w.l) 
    0x08004722   0x00000002   PAD 
    0x08004724   0x0000000c   Code   RO          410    .text               rt_fp_status_addr_intlibspace.o(c_w.l) 
    0x08004730   0x0000000e   Code   RO          403    x$fpl$fpinit        fpinit.o(fz_ws.l) 
    0x0800473e   0x00000014   Data   RO          143    .constdata          stm32f10x_rcc.o 
    0x08004752   0x000011d0   Data   RO          211    .constdata          lcd.o 
    0x08005922   0x0000f458   Data   RO          246    .constdata          dac_codec.o 
    0x08014d7a   0x00000002   PAD 
    0x08014d7c   0x00000020   Data   RO          450    Region$$Table       anon$$obj.o 
    Execution Region RW_IRAM1 (Base: 0x20000000, Size: 0x00003038, Max: 0x00010000, ABSOLUTE, COMPRESSED[0x0000136c]) 
    Base Addr    Size         Type   Attr      Idx    E Section Name        Object 
    0x20000000   0x00000005   Data   RW          142    .data               stm32f10x_rcc.o 
    0x20000005   0x00000001   PAD 
    0x20000006   0x00002584   Data   RW          210    .data               lcd.o 
    0x2000258a   0x00000002   PAD 
    0x2000258c   0x00000044   Data   RW          245    .data               dac_codec.o 
    0x200025d0   0x00000010   Data   RW          279    .data               main.o 
    0x200025e0   0x00000156   Data   RW          329    .data               waveplayer.o 
    0x20002736   0x00000002   PAD 
    0x20002738   0x0000009c   Zero   RW          247    .bss                dac_codec.o 
    0x200027d4   0x00000060   Zero   RW          372    .bss                libspace.o(c_w.l) 
    0x20002834   0x00000004   PAD 
    0x20002838   0x00000400   Zero   RW            2    HEAP                stm32f10x_vector.o 
    0x20002c38   0x00000400   Zero   RW            1    STACK               stm32f10x_vector.o 
Image component sizes 
      Code (inc. data)   RO Data    RW Data    ZI Data      Debug   Object Name 
       122          0          0          0          0        352   cortexm3_macro.o 
      1812        108      62552         68        156      10216   dac_codec.o 
      2140         60       4560       9604          0       7174   lcd.o 
       432         22          0         16          0       1899   main.o 
       984         12          0          0          0       3844   spi_flash.o 
       356          8          0          0          0       3114   stm32f10x_dac.o 
      1324         38          0          0          0      10598   stm32f10x_flash.o 
      1556         16          0          0          0       4823   stm32f10x_fsmc.o 
       796         16          0          0          0      35003   stm32f10x_gpio.o 
       166          0          0          0          0       6320   stm32f10x_it.o 
         0          0          0          0          0      48992   stm32f10x_lib.o 
      1004         28          0          0          0       6392   stm32f10x_nvic.o 
       932         38         20          5          0       7784   stm32f10x_rcc.o 
       824          6          0          0          0       5782   stm32f10x_spi.o 
       194          0          0          0          0       1285   stm32f10x_systick.o 
      2806         16          0          0          0      21936   stm32f10x_tim.o 
        36         22        304          0       2048       9216   stm32f10x_vector.o 
      1780        144          0        342          0       3311   waveplayer.o 
     17268        534      67470      10040       2204     188044   Object Totals 
         0          0         32          0          0          0   (incl. Generated) 
         4          0          2          5          0          3   (incl. Padding) 
      Code (inc. data)   RO Data    RW Data    ZI Data      Debug   Library Member Name 
        90          0          0          0          0          0   __dczerorl2.o 
         8          0          0          0          0          0   __main.o 
        52          8          0          0          0          0   __scatter.o 
        28          0          0          0          0          0   __scatter_zi.o 
        10          0          0          0          0          0   boardinit2.o 
         8          0          0          0          0          0   boardinit3.o 
        12          0          0          0          0          0   exit.o 
        14          0          0          0          0          0   fpinit.o 
        62          0          0          0          0          0   kernel.o 
       196          0          0          0          0          0   lib_init.o 
         8          4          0          0         96          0   libspace.o 
         2          0          0          0          0          0   no_argv.o 
        12          6          0          0          0          0   rt_fp_status_addr_intlibspace.o 
        12          6          0          0          0          0   rt_locale_intlibspace.o 
        12          6          0          0          0          0   rt_stackheap_storage_intlibspace.o 
        38          0          0          0          0          0   stkheap2.o 
        20         10          0          0          0          0   sys_exit.o 
        74          0          0          0          0          0   sys_stackheap_outer.o 
         2          0          0          0          0          0   use_no_semi.o 
       666         40          0          0        100          0   Library Totals 
         6          0          0          0          4          0   (incl. Padding) 
      Code (inc. data)   RO Data    RW Data    ZI Data      Debug   Library Name 
       646         40          0          0         96          0   c_w.l 
        14          0          0          0          0          0   fz_ws.l 
       666         40          0          0        100          0   Library Totals 
      Code (inc. data)   RO Data    RW Data    ZI Data      Debug    
     17934        574      67470      10040       2304     188044   Grand Totals 
     17934        574      67470       4972       2304     188044   ELF Image Totals (compressed) 
     17934        574      67470       4972          0          0   ROM Totals 
    Total RO  Size (Code + RO Data)                85404 (  83.40kB) 
    Total RW  Size (RW Data + ZI Data)             12344 (  12.05kB) 
    Total ROM Size (Code + RO Data + RW Data)      90376 (  88.26kB)