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*                                                uC/OS-II 
*                                          The Real-Time Kernel 
*                              (c) Copyright 1992-2009, Micrium, Weston, FL 
*                                           All Rights Reserved 
* File    : uCOS_II.C 
* By      : Jean J. Labrosse 
* Version : V2.91 
* --------------- 
*   uC/OS-II is provided in source form for FREE evaluation, for educational use or for peaceful research.   
* If you plan on using  uC/OS-II  in a commercial product you need to contact Micriµm to properly license  
* its use in your product. We provide ALL the source code for your convenience and to help you experience  
* uC/OS-II.   The fact that the  source is provided does  NOT  mean that you can use it without  paying a  
* licensing fee. 
#define  OS_GLOBALS                           /* Declare GLOBAL variables                              */ 
#include <ucos_ii.h> 
#define  OS_MASTER_FILE                       /* Prevent the following files from including includes.h */ 
#include <os_core.c> 
#include <os_flag.c> 
#include <os_mbox.c> 
#include <os_mem.c> 
#include <os_mutex.c> 
#include <os_q.c> 
#include <os_sem.c> 
#include <os_task.c> 
#include <os_time.c> 
#include <os_tmr.c>