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% The CREWES Geometric toolbox % These are routines for geometric problems such as 'find the closest point % to a line', 'is a point inside a polygon', etc. %  % All these routines work with piecewise linear curves. % % arclen2xy   --- converts from arclength representation to xy coordinates of  %             --- piecewise linear curve % between     --- logical test for 'betweenness' % ccw         --- counterclockwise - sorts lines which intersect at point in %                 counterclockwise order % closestnode --- finds the closest node on a PWL curve to a point % closestpt   --- finds the closest point on a PWL to a given point % distcum     --- computes the cumulative distance along a PWL % distinc     --- computes the incremental distance along a PWL % distpoint **--- computes the perpendicular distance from a point to a line % distreach   --- given a pointset, finds all points with a radius of a %                 given point % inside      --- given a closed polygon determines whether a point is %                 inside it % notbetween  --- the logical opposite of between % oncurve     --- determines if a point is on a PWL or not % paratran    --- parallel transport of a point parallel to a PWL % pdist **    ---  % poly2d      --- evaluates a 2-D polynomial on a grid % polyarea    --- computes the area of an polygon in 2-D % polydist    --- computes the minimum distance between a polynomial and a line % polyint     --- Polynomial interpolation % polysurf    --- Fits a 2-D polynomial surface to data % slope       --- Computes the slope at a given point on a PWL % surround    --- Finds the indicies of points on a PWL which surround a %                 given point  % xy2arclen   --- Convert from xy representation to arc length representation % ycurve      --- Computes the y coordinate of a PWL at a given x coordinate % % (C) The CREWES Project, 1996   % % NOTE: It is illegal for you to use this software for a purpose other % than non-profit education or research UNLESS you are employed by a CREWES % Project sponsor. By using this software, you are agreeing to the terms % detailed in this software's Matlab source file.   % BEGIN TERMS OF USE LICENSE % % This SOFTWARE is maintained by the CREWES Project at the Department % of Geology and Geophysics of the University of Calgary, Calgary, % Alberta, Canada.  The copyright and ownership is jointly held by  % its author (identified above) and the CREWES Project.  The CREWES  % project may be contacted via email at:  crewesinfo@crewes.org %  % The term 'SOFTWARE' refers to the Matlab source code, translations to % any other computer language, or object code % % Terms of use of this SOFTWARE % % 1) Use of this SOFTWARE by any for-profit commercial organization is %    expressly forbidden unless said organization is a CREWES Project %    Sponsor. % % 2) A CREWES Project sponsor may use this SOFTWARE under the terms of the  %    CREWES Project Sponsorship agreement. % % 3) A student or employee of a non-profit educational institution may  %    use this SOFTWARE subject to the following terms and conditions: %    - this SOFTWARE is for teaching or research purposes only. %    - this SOFTWARE may be distributed to other students or researchers  %      provided that these license terms are included. %    - reselling the SOFTWARE, or including it or any portion of it, in any %      software that will be resold is expressly forbidden. %    - transfering the SOFTWARE in any form to a commercial firm or any  %      other for-profit organization is expressly forbidden. % % END TERMS OF USE LICENSE