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function [sectionout,flag]=validatesection(sectionin,psec,tzobj,direction,... 			dy,ynot,traceflags)  % sectionout=validatesection(sectionin,psec,tzobj,direction,dy,ynot,traceflags) % % VALIDATESECTION checks a LOGSEC derived section object against its primary % section and the time depth object to determine if the section is valid. It % is valid if it was converted from the primary with the tzobj and if the % tzid saved in the section indicates that tzobj is the object which did the % conversion. If the section is found to be invalid, then it is converted % anew from the primary using the tzobj supplied. % % sectionin ... input section (container object) to be validated (may be null) % psec ... primary section (from which sectionout can be computed %			if sectionin is invalid). Cannot be null % tzobj ... Time to Depth conversion object. Can be null % direction ... 1 indicates conversion from depth to time is desired %               2 indicates conversion from time to depth is desired % dy = sample rate in either time or depth for the converted section if it is %      invalid % ynot = reference y. If conversion is done, the converted section will  %        be on a grid with includes ynot (perhaps extrapolated). % traceflags = one entry per trace in the same order that the traces appear %              in the fleximat. If 0 (false) the trace is outdated and must %              be reconverted. %              **** default is all zeros **** %  % return values: % flag == 0 ... input section invalid, no conversion possible %               (because tzobj was null) % flag == 1 ... input section was valid and no conversion was done % flag == 2 ... input section was invalid and was converted % sectionout == sectionin if no conversion was done for any reason %               otherwise, it is the converted section % % G.F. Margrave May 1994 % % NOTE: It is illegal for you to use this software for a purpose other % than non-profit education or research UNLESS you are employed by a CREWES % Project sponsor. By using this software, you are agreeing to the terms % detailed in this software's Matlab source file.   % BEGIN TERMS OF USE LICENSE % % This SOFTWARE is maintained by the CREWES Project at the Department % of Geology and Geophysics of the University of Calgary, Calgary, % Alberta, Canada.  The copyright and ownership is jointly held by  % its author (identified above) and the CREWES Project.  The CREWES  % project may be contacted via email at:  crewesinfo@crewes.org %  % The term 'SOFTWARE' refers to the Matlab source code, translations to % any other computer language, or object code % % Terms of use of this SOFTWARE % % 1) Use of this SOFTWARE by any for-profit commercial organization is %    expressly forbidden unless said organization is a CREWES Project %    Sponsor. % % 2) A CREWES Project sponsor may use this SOFTWARE under the terms of the  %    CREWES Project Sponsorship agreement. % % 3) A student or employee of a non-profit educational institution may  %    use this SOFTWARE subject to the following terms and conditions: %    - this SOFTWARE is for teaching or research purposes only. %    - this SOFTWARE may be distributed to other students or researchers  %      provided that these license terms are included. %    - reselling the SOFTWARE, or including it or any portion of it, in any %      software that will be resold is expressly forbidden. %    - transfering the SOFTWARE in any form to a commercial firm or any  %      other for-profit organization is expressly forbidden. % % END TERMS OF USE LICENSE  if(nargin<7) 	traceflags=0; end  convert=0; if(isempty(sectionin)) 	if(~isempty(tzobj)) 		convert=1; 	else 		convert=-1; 	end else 	t1=objget(sectionin,'objmodified'); 	t2=objget(psec,'objmodified'); 	if( newest(t1,t2)==2) 		if(~isempty(tzobj)) 			convert=1; 		else 			convert=-1; 		end 	elseif(~isempty(tzobj)) 		tzid1=objget(sectionin,'username'); 		tzid2=objget(tzobj,'objmodified'); 		if(~strcmp(tzid1,tzid2)) 			convert=1; 		end 	end end  if( convert == -1) 	flag=0; 	sectionout=sectionin; 	return; elseif( convert == 0) 	flag=1; 	sectionout=sectionin; 	return; else 	flag=2; 	if( direction==1) 		if( sum(traceflags) == 0) 			sectionout=sectiontotime(psec,tzobj,dy); 		else 			% we only convert certain traces 			% unpack 			fmpsec=objget(psec,'fmat'); 			fmsec=objget(sectionin,'fmat'); 			x=fmget(fmpsec,'x'); 			z=fmget(fmpsec,'y'); 			plogs=fmget(fmpsec,'mat'); 			for k=1:length(x) 				if(~traceflags(k)) 					tlog=logtotime([z,plogs(:,k)],tzobj,dy,x(k)); 					fmsec=fmset(fmsec,x(k),tlog(:,1),tlog(:,2)); 				end 			end 			sectionout=objset(sectionin,'fmat',fmsec); 		end		 	else 		if( sum(traceflags) == 0) 			sectionout=sectiontodepth(psec,tzobj,dy,ynot); 		else 			% we only convert certain traces 			% unpack 			fmpsec=objget(psec,'fmat'); 			fmsec=objget(sectionin,'fmat'); 			x=fmget(fmpsec,'x'); 			t=fmget(fmpsec,'y'); 			plogs=fmget(fmpsec,'mat'); 			for k=1:length(x) 				if(~traceflags(k)) 					zlog=logtodepth([t,plogs(:,k)],tzobj,dy,x(k)); 					disp(['Trace ',num2str(k),' converted']); 					fmsec=fmset(fmsec,x(k),zlog(:,1),zlog(:,2)); 				end 			end 			sectionout=objset(sectionin,'fmat',fmsec); 		end		 	end end