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function lasheader = lasheaderunits(lasheader,units,logsonly)  % lasheader = lasheaderunits(lasheader,units,logsonly) % % Given an las header in a string matrix (such as is provided by % readlas) LASHEADERUNITS cchanges its units from whatever it is to % either metric or imperial. The second argument (units) should either % be the string 'metric' or 'imperial'. The third argument is a logical % flag. If 1, then only units corresponding to logs are changed and depths % are left alone. It defaults to 0. % % G.F. Margrave, CCR, Aug 94 % % NOTE: It is illegal for you to use this software for a purpose other % than non-profit education or research UNLESS you are employed by a CREWES % Project sponsor. By using this software, you are agreeing to the terms % detailed in this software's Matlab source file.   % BEGIN TERMS OF USE LICENSE % % This SOFTWARE is maintained by the CREWES Project at the Department % of Geology and Geophysics of the University of Calgary, Calgary, % Alberta, Canada.  The copyright and ownership is jointly held by  % its author (identified above) and the CREWES Project.  The CREWES  % project may be contacted via email at:  crewesinfo@crewes.org %  % The term 'SOFTWARE' refers to the Matlab source code, translations to % any other computer language, or object code % % Terms of use of this SOFTWARE % % 1) Use of this SOFTWARE by any for-profit commercial organization is %    expressly forbidden unless said organization is a CREWES Project %    Sponsor. % % 2) A CREWES Project sponsor may use this SOFTWARE under the terms of the  %    CREWES Project Sponsorship agreement. % % 3) A student or employee of a non-profit educational institution may  %    use this SOFTWARE subject to the following terms and conditions: %    - this SOFTWARE is for teaching or research purposes only. %    - this SOFTWARE may be distributed to other students or researchers  %      provided that these license terms are included. %    - reselling the SOFTWARE, or including it or any portion of it, in any %      software that will be resold is expressly forbidden. %    - transfering the SOFTWARE in any form to a commercial firm or any  %      other for-profit organization is expressly forbidden. % % END TERMS OF USE LICENSE  if(nargin<3)     logsonly=0; end  [nlines,nchar]=size(lasheader); % %  need to modify the lasheader % 	k=4; 	%start with fourth line 	units=lower(units);  	if( ~strcmp(units,'metric') & ~strcmp(units,'imperial') ) 		error(' units string must be either imperial or metric') 	end 	flag=0; 	if( strcmp(units,'metric') ) 		flag=1; 	end 	str=lasheader(k,:); 	[nrows,ncols]=size(lasheader);  	% define the units fields 		ft= '.FT  '; 		ft2= '.F   '; 		m=  '.M   '; 		mm= '.MM  '; 		in= '.IN  '; 		cm= '.CM  '; 		kgm='.KG/M'; 		lbf='.LB/F'; 		om= '.OHMM'; 		of= '.OHMF'; 		msm='.US/M'; 		msm2='.USM '; 		msf='.US/F'; 		kg= '.KG  '; 		lb= '.LB  ';  		m2ft = 3.2808; 		ft2m = 1/m2ft;  		mm2in= .03937; 		in2mm= 1./mm2in;  		cm2in= 10*mm2in; 		in2cm= 1./cm2in;  		kg2lb= 2.2046; 		lb2kg= 1/kg2lb;  		kgm2lbf = kg2lb*m2ft; 		lbf2kgm = 1/kgm2lbf;  		msm2msf = ft2m; 		msf2msm = 1./msm2msf;  		om2of = m2ft; 		of2om = 1./om2of;  	while( ~strcmp(str(1:2),'~A') ) % 		ind=find(str=='.'); 		if(isempty(ind)) izone=6:10; 		else izone=ind(1):ind(1)+4; 		end 		test=str(izone); 		ind=find(str==':'); 		number=str(izone(5)+1:ind-1); 		cmt=str(ind:length(str)); 		if( str(1)=='~') 			if( strcmp(upper(str(1:6)),'~CURVE') ) 				chgnum=0; 			else 				chgnum=1; 			end 		end         %if logsonly is 1, then only information in the ~Curve block is changed         %if logsonly is 0, then all changes are made 		if(~isempty(ind) & ind>(izone(5)+1)) 		if( flag==1 ) 			%convert from imperial to metric 			if( strcmp(test,ft) | strcmp(test,ft2) ) 				%convert to meters                 testold=test; 				test=m; 				if( chgnum & ~logsonly) 					number=str_num2num(number,ft2m);                 elseif(chgnum)                     test=testold; %change it back 				end 			elseif( strcmp(test,in) ) 				%comvert to mm                 testold=test; 				test=mm; 				if( chgnum & ~logsonly) 					number=str_num2num(number,in2mm);                 elseif(chgnum)                     test=testold; 				end 			elseif( strcmp(test,lb) ) 				%convert to kg                 testold=test; 				test=kg; 				if( chgnum & ~logsonly) 					number=str_num2num(number,lb2kg);                 elseif(chgnum)                     test=testold; 				end 			elseif( strcmp(test,lbf) ) 				%convert to kgm                 testold=test; 				test=kgm; 				if( chgnum & ~logsonly) 					number=str_num2num(number,lbf2kgm);                 elseif(chgnum)                     test=testold;%change it back 				end 			elseif( strcmp(test,msf) ) 				%convert to msm                 testold=test; 				test=msm; 				if( chgnum & ~logsonly) 					number=str_num2num(number,msf2msm);                 elseif(chgnum)                     test=testold;%change it back 				end 			elseif( strcmp(test,of) ) 				%convert to om                 testold=test; 				test=om; 				if( chgnum & ~logsonly) 					number=str_num2num(number,of2om);                 elseif(chgnum)                     test=testold;%change it back 				end 			end 		else % convert from metric to imperial 			if( strcmp(test,m) ) 				%convert to ft                 testold=test; 				test=ft; 				if( chgnum & ~logsonly) 					number=str_num2num(number,m2ft);                 elseif(chgnum)                     test=testold;%change it back 				end 			elseif( strcmp(test,mm) ) 				%comvert to in                 testold=test; 				test=in; 				if( chgnum & ~logsonly) 					number=str_num2num(number,mm2in);                 elseif(chgnum)                     test=testold;%change it back 				end 			elseif( strcmp(test,cm) ) 				%comvert to in                 testold=test; 				test=in; 				if( chgnum & ~logsonly) 					number=str_num2num(number,cm2in);                 elseif(chgnum)                     test=testold;%change it back 				end 			elseif( strcmp(test,kg) ) 				%convert to lb                 testold=test; 				test=lb; 				if( chgnum & ~logsonly) 					number=str_num2num(number,kg2lb);                 elseif(chgnum)                     test=testold;%change it back 				end 			elseif( strcmp(test,kgm) ) 				%convert to lbf                 testold=test; 				test=lbf; 				if( chgnum & ~logsonly) 					number=str_num2num(number,kgm2lbf);                 elseif(chgnum)                     test=testold;%change it back 				end 			elseif( strcmp(test,msm) | strcmp(test,msm2) ) 				%convert to msf                 testold=test; 				test=msf; 				if( chgnum & ~logsonly) 					number=str_num2num(number,msm2msf);                 elseif(chgnum)                     test=testold;%change it back 				end 			elseif( strcmp(test,om) ) 				%convert to of                 testold=test; 				test=of; 				if( chgnum & ~logsonly) 					number=str_num2num(number,om2of);                 elseif(chgnum)                     test=testold;%change it back 				end 			end 		end  		str= [str(1:izone(1)-1) test number cmt];  		lasheader(k,:)=str; 		end  		k=k+1; 		str=lasheader(k,:);  	end