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function [cson,tshft,tcsp,zcsp]=cscorrdisp(s,z,tcs,zcs,transfer)  % cscorrdisp(s,z,tcs,zcs,transfer) ... initiate the display % [cs,tnot,tcs2,zcs2]=cscorrdisp('fini') ... finish the display % % CSCORRDISP puts up an interactive display allowing the the check shot % correction of a sonic log. The algorithm used in any iteration is that % found in CSCORR_SONIC. Facilities are provided to edit the check shot, % view the corrected log next to the original, and view the applied % delta-t's. % % s = vector of input sonic log % z = vector of depth for s % tcs = vector of check shot times % zcs = vector of check shot depths % transfer = string vector containing any legal matlab command to be called %		when the user signals completion % cs = corrected sonic % tnot = one-way time constant that must be added to integrated sonic %			one-way times to match check shot times. % tcs2 = vector of edited check shot times % zcs2 = vector of edited check shot depths % % G.F. Margrave November 1994 % % NOTE: It is illegal for you to use this software for a purpose other % than non-profit education or research UNLESS you are employed by a CREWES % Project sponsor. By using this software, you are agreeing to the terms % detailed in this software's Matlab source file.   % BEGIN TERMS OF USE LICENSE % % This SOFTWARE is maintained by the CREWES Project at the Department % of Geology and Geophysics of the University of Calgary, Calgary, % Alberta, Canada.  The copyright and ownership is jointly held by  % its author (identified above) and the CREWES Project.  The CREWES  % project may be contacted via email at:  crewesinfo@crewes.org %  % The term 'SOFTWARE' refers to the Matlab source code, translations to % any other computer language, or object code % % Terms of use of this SOFTWARE % % 1) Use of this SOFTWARE by any for-profit commercial organization is %    expressly forbidden unless said organization is a CREWES Project %    Sponsor. % % 2) A CREWES Project sponsor may use this SOFTWARE under the terms of the  %    CREWES Project Sponsorship agreement. % % 3) A student or employee of a non-profit educational institution may  %    use this SOFTWARE subject to the following terms and conditions: %    - this SOFTWARE is for teaching or research purposes only. %    - this SOFTWARE may be distributed to other students or researchers  %      provided that these license terms are included. %    - reselling the SOFTWARE, or including it or any portion of it, in any %      software that will be resold is expressly forbidden. %    - transfering the SOFTWARE in any form to a commercial firm or any  %      other for-profit organization is expressly forbidden. % % END TERMS OF USE LICENSE  if(nargin>1) 	action='init'; else 	action=s; end  %initialize the display if(strcmp(action,'init')) 	hmasterfig=gcf; 	hfig=figure('visible','off'); 	%set the figure size 	pos=get(hfig,'position'); 	ss=get(0,'screensize'); 	xscreen=ss(3); 	yscreen=ss(4); 	xdefsize=1000*xscreen/1152; 	ydefsize=750*yscreen/900;  	if( xscreen== 1)    xscreen = 1000; 	end 	if(yscreen==1)    yscreen=800; 	end   	if( (xdefsize < 200 ) | (xdefsize > 1100) )    xdefsize=1000; 	end 	if( (ydefsize < 200 ) | (ydefsize > 900) )    xdefsize=750; 	end   	if( pos(1)+xdefsize> xscreen-10)    pos(1)= pos(1) - (pos(1)+xdefsize -xscreen)-50; 	end 	if( pos(2)+ydefsize> yscreen-10)    pos(2)= pos(2) - (pos(2)+ydefsize -yscreen)-50; 	end  	fight=ydefsize; 	figwd=xdefsize; 	set(hfig,'position',[pos(1:2) figwd fight]); 	 	%make the menu 	hopt=uimenu(gcf,'label','Options'); 	 	%edit the check shot 	hedit=uimenu(hopt,'label','Edit C.S. Times','callback',... 		'cscorrdisp(''editon'')');  	hundo=uimenu(hopt,'label','Undo Last Edit','callback',... 		'editlines(''undo'')','enable','off'); 		 	%compute the corrections 	hcompute=uimenu(hopt,'label','Compute Corrected Log','callback',... 		'cscorrdisp(''compute'')'); 		 	%zoom 	hzoom = uimenu(hopt,'label','Zoom','callback',... 			'cscorrdisp(''zoom'')'); 	hunzoom = uimenu(hopt,'label','Un-Zoom','callback',... 			'cscorrdisp(''unzoom'')'); 		 	%Set check shot times 	hcstimes=uimenu(hopt,'label','C.S. Times are...'); 	honeway=uimenu(hcstimes,'label','ONE WAY Traveltime','callback',... 		'cscorrdisp(''settimes'')','checked','on'); 	htwoway=uimenu(hcstimes,'label','TWO WAY Traveltime','callback',... 		'cscorrdisp(''settimes'')','checked','off'); 		 	%cancel 	hcancel=uimenu(hopt,'label','Cancel','Callback',... 		'cscorrdisp(''cancel'')'); 	 	%done 	hdone=uimenu(hopt,'label','Done','Callback',... 		'cscorrdisp(''done'')'); 		 	%initialize the plotting 	sep=.05; 	xnow=sep; 	ynow=2*sep; 	width=.5*(1-4*sep); 	ht=.85; 	hax1=axes('position',[xnow ynow width ht]); 	grid 	%hax1=subplot(1,3,1); 	hcst=line(tcs,zcs,'color','r','marker','*','markersize',12); 	set(gca,'ydir','reverse'); 	ylim=get(gca,'ylim'); 	ylabel('depth'); 	xlabel('Red: c.s. times  Green: sonic times  Blue: corr. sonic times'); 	 	%hax2=subplot(1,3,2); 	xnow=xnow+width+sep; 	width=.5*width; 	hax2=axes('position',[xnow ynow width ht]); 	grid 	hson=line(1.e06 ./s,z,'color',[.5 0 .5]); 	set(gca,'ydir','reverse'); 	set(gca,'ylim',ylim); 	xlabel('Purple: input sonic  Blue: corr. sonic');   text('string','Check Shot Correction Display','units','normalized',... 		'position',[0 ynow+ht+1.6*sep],... 		'horizontalalignment','center','fontsize',18); 	 	%hax3=subplot(1,3,3); 	xnow=xnow+width+sep; 	hax3=axes('position',[xnow ynow width ht]); 	grid 	set(gca,'ydir','reverse'); 	set(gca,'ylim',ylim); 	xlabel('Red: dt at c.s.  Blue: applied dt'); 	 	%make a message panel 	hmsg=uicontrol('style','text','string','Edit check shot or Compute corrections',... 		'units','normalized','position',[sep .01 1-2*sep .5*sep]); 	 	%save things 	set(hfig,'userdata',[hopt hedit hcompute hzoom hunzoom hcstimes honeway... 			htwoway hcancel hdone hmsg hundo]); 	% 	% userdata assignments 	%	hopt = h(1) ... [z s] the origonal depth and sonic vectors 	%	hedit = h(2) ... the current anchors for the cs times 	%	hcompute = h(3) ... [hax1 hax2 hax3] the three figure axes 	%	hzoom = h(4) ... [hcst hint hint2 hson hcs hdt hdts...] curve handles  	%			hcst= current check shot times 	%			hint= original integrated sonic times 	%			hint2 = current integrated sonic times 	%			hson = original sonic 	%			hcs = corrected sonic 	%			hdt = check shot delta t's 	%			hdts = splined delta t's 	% hunzoom = h(5) ... handle of the master figure 	% hcstimes = h(6) ...[zcs tcs] the current (edited) check shot corrections 	% honeway = h(7) ...the latest corrected sonic 	% htwoway = h(8) ...the constant time shift, tshft 	% hcancel = h(9) ...the three window button functions before zooming: [f1 nan f2 ... 	% hdone = h(10) ...the transfer function 	% hmsg = h(11) ...unused 	% hundo = h(12) ... notused 	% 	set(hopt,'userdata',[z s]); 	set(hedit,'userdata',0); 	set(hcompute,'userdata',[hax1 hax2 hax3]); 	set(hzoom,'userdata',[hcst 0 0 hson 0 0 0]); 	set(hunzoom,'userdata',hmasterfig); 	set(hcstimes,'userdata',[zcs tcs]); 	set(hdone,'userdata',transfer); 	 	%make the figure visible 	set(hfig,'visible','on'); 	 	return; end  %turn on editing if(strcmp(action,'editon')) 	h=get(gcf,'userdata'); 	hedit=h(2); 	hcompute=h(3); 	hzoom=h(4); 	hmsg=h(11); 	hundo=h(12);  	%se if we are really turning it off 	flag=get(hedit,'checked'); 	if(strcmp(flag,'on')); 		cscorrdisp('editoff'); 		return; 	end 	 	handles=get(hzoom,'userdata'); 	hcst=handles(1); 	 	anch=get(hedit,'userdata'); 	 	axes=get(hcompute,'userdata'); 	hax1=axes(1); 	 	set(gcf,'currentaxes',hax1); 	editlinesinit([-hcst anch]); 	editlines('locate');   %modify the window button down function  fcn=get(gcf,'windowbuttondownfcn');  set(gcf,'windowbuttondownfcn',['cscorrdisp(''setaxe'');' fcn]);   set(hedit,'checked','on');  set(hundo,'enable','on'); 	 	set(hmsg,'string',['MB1(click): new pt MB1(drag): move pt MB2: delete pt'... 			' MB3(click): set/free anchors MB3(drag): move pt groups']); 	 	return; end  %turn off editing if(strcmp(action,'editoff')) 	h=get(gcf,'userdata'); 	hedit=h(2); 	hzoom=h(4); 	hcstimes=h(6); 	honeway=h(7); 	hmsg=h(11); 	hundo=h(12);  	if(strcmp(get(hedit,'checked'),'on'))  		flag=get(honeway,'checked'); 		if(strcmp(flag,'on')) 			fact=1.0; 		else 			fact=.5; 		end 	 		anch=editlinesfini; 		set(hedit,'userdata',anch(2:length(anch))); 	 		handles=get(hzoom,'userdata'); 		hcst=handles(1); 		tcs=get(hcst,'xdata')/fact; 		zcs=get(hcst,'ydata'); 		set(hcstimes,'userdata',[zcs(:) tcs(:)]);  		set(hedit,'checked','off'); 		set(hundo,'enable','off'); 	end  	set(hmsg,'string','Editing turned off'); 	 	return; end  %compute the correction if(strcmp(action,'compute')) 	h=get(gcf,'userdata'); 	hopt=h(1); 	hedit=h(2); 	hcompute=h(3); 	hzoom=h(4); 	hcstimes=h(6); 	honeway=h(7); 	htwoway=h(8); 	hmsg=h(11);  	set(gcf,'pointer','watch');  	cscorrdisp('editoff');  	flag=get(honeway,'checked'); 	if(strcmp(flag,'on')) 		fact=1.0; 	else 		fact=.5; 	end 	 	dat=get(hopt,'userdata'); 	z=dat(:,1); 	s=dat(:,2); 	 	dat=get(hcstimes,'userdata'); 	zcs=dat(:,1); 	tcs=fact*dat(:,2); 	 	[cs,tnot,delt,zcs2,tcs2,deltcs]=cscorr_sonic(s,z,tcs,zcs); 	tson2=.5*int_sonic(cs,z);  	set(honeway,'userdata',cs); 	set(htwoway,'userdata',tnot); 	 	%plot the results 	handles=get(hzoom,'userdata'); 	%[hcst hint hint2 hson hcs hdt hdts...] curve handles 	hcst=handles(1); 	hint=handles(2); 	hint2=handles(3); 	hcs=handles(5); 	hdt=handles(6); 	hdts=handles(7); 	 	haxes=get(hcompute,'userdata'); 	 	set(gcf,'currentaxes',haxes(1)); 	if(hint) delete(hint); end 	tson=.5*int_sonic(s,z); 	hint=line(tson+tnot,z,'color','g');  	if(hint2) delete(hint2); end 	hint2=line(tson2+tnot,z,'color','b'); 	%delete and redraw the cs times so that they are on top 	x=get(hcst,'xdata'); 	y=get(hcst,'ydata'); 	ls=get(hcst,'linestyle'); 	ms=get(hcst,'markersize'); 	kol=get(hcst,'color'); 	delete(hcst); 	hcst=line('xdata',x,'ydata',y,'linestyle',ls,'markersize',ms,... 		'color',kol);  	set(gcf,'currentaxes',haxes(2)); 	if(hcs) delete(hcs); end 	hcs=line(1.e06 ./cs,z,'color','b');  	set(gcf,'currentaxes',haxes(3)); 	if(hdt) delete(hdt); end 	hdt=line(deltcs,zcs2,'color','r','marker','*','markersize',12); 	if(hdts) delete(hdts); end 	hdts=line(delt,z,'color','b');  	%save the handles 	set(hzoom,'userdata',[hcst hint hint2 handles(4) hcs hdt hdts]);  	%message 	set(hmsg,'string','Done to finish... else Edit and re-Compute');  	set(gcf,'pointer','arrow');  	return; end  if(strcmp(action,'setaxe')) 	h=get(gcf,'userdata');  hcompute=h(3);  haxes=get(hcompute,'userdata'); 	set(gcf,'currentaxes',haxes(1)); 	return; end	  % % initiate a zoom % if(strcmp(action,'zoom')) 	h=get(gcf,'userdata'); 	hcompute=h(3);  hcancel=h(9);  hmsg=h(11);   %save the window button functions  f1=get(gcf,'windowbuttondownfcn');  f2=get(gcf,'windowbuttonupfcn');  f3=get(gcf,'windowbuttonmotionfcn');   set(hcancel,'userdata',[abs(f1) nan abs(f2) nan abs(f3)]);   %initiate  selboxinit('cscorrdisp(''zoom2'')');   set(hmsg,'string','MB1: draw zoom box');   return; end if(strcmp(action,'zoom2')) 	h=get(gcf,'userdata'); 	hcompute=h(3); 	hcancel=h(9);  	%reset the functions 	fs=get(hcancel,'userdata'); 	ind=find(isnan(fs)); 	set(gcf,'windowbuttondownfcn',setstr(fs(1:ind(1)-1))); 	set(gcf,'windowbuttonupfcn',setstr(fs(ind(1)+1:ind(2)-1))); 	set(gcf,'windowbuttonmotionfcn',setstr(fs(ind(2)+1:length(fs))));  	box=selboxfini;  	if(length(box)==5) 		delete(box(5)); 	end  	xmin=min([box(1) box(3)]); 	xmax=max([box(1) box(3)]); 	ymin=min([box(2) box(4)]); 	ymax=max([box(2) box(4)]);  	%get the current axis settings 	xlim=get(gca,'xlim'); 	ylim=get(gca,'ylim'); 	test1=xmin-xlim(1)+xmax-xlim(2)+ymin-ylim(1)+ymax-ylim(2); 	test2=(xmin-xmax)*(ymin-ymax); 	if(abs(test1)<10*eps | abs(test2)< 10*eps) 		cscorrdisp('unzoom'); 	else 		set(gca,'xlim',[xmin xmax],'ylim',[ymin ymax]); 		%do the other two axes 		haxes=get(hcompute,'userdata'); 		ind=find(haxes~=gca); 		%xrnge=abs(diff(xlim)); 		%xminpct=(xmin-min(xlim))/xrnge; 		%xmaxpct=(xmax-min(xlim))/xrnge;  		for k=1:2 			hax=haxes(ind(k)); 			%xlim=get(hax,'xlim'); 			%xrnge=abs(diff(xlim)); 			%xmin=min(xlim)+xminpct*xrnge; 			%xmax=min(xlim)+xmaxpct*xrnge;  			set(hax,'xlimmode','auto','ylim',[ymin ymax]); 		end 	end  	return; end  if(strcmp(action,'unzoom')) 	h=get(gcf,'userdata'); 	hcompute=h(3);  	haxes=get(hcompute,'userdata');  	set(haxes(1),'xlimmode','auto','ylimmode','auto'); 	ylim=get(haxes(1),'ylim'); 	set(haxes(2),'xlimmode','auto','ylim',ylim); 	set(haxes(3),'xlimmode','auto','ylim',ylim);  	return; end  %set for one-way or two way times if(strcmp(action,'settimes')) 	h=get(gcf,'userdata'); 	hzoom=h(4); 	honeway=h(7); 	htwoway=h(8);  	hmenu=gcbo;  	%determine current mode 	flag=get(honeway,'checked'); 	if(strcmp(flag,'on')) 		modenow=1; 	else 		modenow=2; 	end  	%determine desired mode 	if(hmenu==honeway) 		modethen=1; 	else 		modethen=2; 	end  	if(modenow==modethen)%do nothing 		return; 	end  	handles=get(hzoom,'userdata'); 	hcs=handles(1);  	if(modethen==1)% display used to assume 2-way now its assumed 1-way 		set(honeway,'checked','on'); 		set(htwoway,'checked','off'); 		tcs=get(hcs,'xdata'); 		set(hcs,'xdata',2*tcs);  	else %display used to assume 1-way now its 2-way 		set(honeway,'checked','off'); 		set(htwoway,'checked','on'); 		tcs=get(hcs,'xdata'); 		set(hcs,'xdata',tcs/2); 	end  	return; end 		 % % cancel % if( strcmp(action,'cancel') ) 	h=get(gcf,'userdata'); 	hunzoom=h(5); 	set(gcf,'pointer','watch');  	hmasterfig=get(hunzoom,'userdata');  	yesnoinit('cscorrdisp(''cancel2'')','Really Cancel??');  	return; end if( strcmp(action,'cancel2') ) 	h=get(gcf,'userdata'); 	hunzoom=h(5); 	hdone=h(10); 	hmsg=h(11); 	hfig=gcf;  	ans=yesnofini; 	if(ans==1)  		hmasterfig=get(hunzoom,'userdata');  		hax=get(hmasterfig,'currentaxes'); 		set(hax,'userdata',-1);  		transfer=get(hdone,'userdata');  		figure(hmasterfig); 		eval(transfer);  		close(hfig); 	else 		set(hmsg,'string','Cancel Cancelled'); 		set(hfig,'pointer','arrow'); 	end  	return; end  % % the done button % if(strcmp(action,'done')) 	h=get(gcf,'userdata'); 	hunzoom=h(5); 	hcstime=h(6); 	honeway=h(7); 	htwoway=h(8); 	hdone=h(10);   hfig=gcf; 	hmasterfig=get(hunzoom,'userdata'); 	hax=get(hmasterfig,'currentaxes');  	cs=get(honeway,'userdata'); 	if(isempty(cs)) 		set(hax,'userdata',-1); 	else 		cs=cs(:); 		tnot=get(htwoway,'userdata'); 		dat=get(hcstime,'userdata'); 		zcs=dat(:,1); 		tcs=dat(:,2);  		set(hax,'userdata',[cs' nan tnot nan zcs' nan tcs']); 	end  	transfer=get(hdone,'userdata');  	figure(hmasterfig); 	eval(transfer); 	close(hfig); end  % % the fini step % if(strcmp(action,'fini')) 	hax=get(gcf,'currentaxes');  	dat=get(hax,'userdata'); 	if(dat==-1) 		cson=-1; 		tshft=[]; 		tcsp=[]; 		zcsp=[]; 	else 		ind=find(isnan(dat)); 		cson=dat(1:ind(1)-1); 		tshft=dat(ind(1)+1); 		zcsp=dat(ind(2)+1:ind(3)-1); 		tcsp=dat(ind(3)+1:length(dat)); 		cson=cson(:); 		zcsp=zcsp(:); 		tcsp=tcsp(:); 	end  	return; end