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% GoldsteinUnwrap2D implements 2D Goldstein branch cut phase unwrapping algorithm. 
% References:: 
% 1. R. M. Goldstein, H. A. Zebken, and C. L. Werner, “Satellite radar interferometry: 
%    Two-dimensional phase unwrapping,” Radio Sci., vol. 23, no. 4, pp. 713–720, 1988. 
% 2. D. C. Ghiglia and M. D. Pritt, Two-Dimensional Phase Unwrapping: 
%    Theory, Algorithms and Software. New York: Wiley-Interscience, 1998. 
% Inputs: 1. Complex image in .mat double format 
%         2. Binary mask (optional)           
% Outputs: 1. Unwrapped phase image 
%          2. Phase quality map 
% This code can easily be extended for 3D phase unwrapping. 
% Posted by Bruce Spottiswoode on 22 December 2008 
load 'IM.mat'                               %Load complex image 
IM_mask=ones(size(IM));                     %Mask (if applicable) 
IM_mag=abs(IM);                             %Magnitude image 
IM_phase=angle(IM);                         %Phase image 
%%  Set parameters 
max_box_radius=4;                           %Maximum search box radius (pixels) 
threshold_std=5;                            %Number of noise standard deviations used for thresholding the magnitude image 
%% Unwrap 
residue_charge=PhaseResidues(IM_phase, IM_mask);                            %Calculate phase residues 
branch_cuts=BranchCuts(residue_charge, max_box_radius, IM_mask);            %Place branch cuts 
[IM_unwrapped, rowref, colref]=FloodFill(IM_phase, branch_cuts, IM_mask);   %Flood fill phase unwrapping 
%% Display results 
figure; imagesc(residue_charge), colormap(gray), axis square, axis off, title('Phase residues (charged)'); 
figure; imagesc(branch_cuts), colormap(gray), axis square, axis off, title('Branch cuts'); 
figure; imagesc(immultiply(IM_phase,IM_mask)), colormap(gray), axis square, axis off, title('Wrapped phase'); 
tempmin=min(min(IM_unwrapped));          %This bit is just done to create a pleasing display when a mask is used 
figure; imagesc(temp_IM), colormap(gray), axis square, axis off, title('Unwrapped phase');