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Copyright (c) 1991 Microsoft Corporation 
Module Name: 
    This file contains all the externs for the global variables. 
    Rajen Shah (rajens) 10-Jul-1991 
Revision History: 
#include <clussprt.h> 
#if DBG 
extern      DWORD  ElfDebug; 
#endif  // DBG 
extern      HANDLE ElfConnectionPortHandle; 
extern      HANDLE ElfCommunicationPortHandle; 
extern      PWSTR Computername; 
extern      LIST_ENTRY  LogFilesHead;       // Log files 
extern      LIST_ENTRY  LogModuleHead;      // Modules registered for logging 
extern      LIST_ENTRY  LogHandleListHead;  // Context-handles for log handles 
extern      LIST_ENTRY  QueuedEventListHead; // Deferred events 
extern      LIST_ENTRY  QueuedMessageListHead; //Deferred Messagebox 
extern      RTL_CRITICAL_SECTION    LogFileCritSec; 
extern      RTL_CRITICAL_SECTION    LogModuleCritSec; 
extern      RTL_CRITICAL_SECTION    LogHandleCritSec; 
extern      RTL_CRITICAL_SECTION    QueuedEventCritSec; 
extern      RTL_CRITICAL_SECTION    QueuedMessageCritSec; 
extern      SERVICE_STATUS ElfServiceStatus; 
extern      SERVICE_STATUS_HANDLE ElfServiceStatusHandle; 
extern      RTL_RESOURCE        GlobalElfResource; 
extern      PSID        AnonymousLogonSid; 
extern      PVOID       ElfBackupPointer; 
extern      HANDLE      ElfBackupEvent; 
extern      HANDLE      LPCThreadHandle; 
extern      HANDLE      MBThreadHandle; 
extern      HANDLE      RegistryThreadHandle; 
extern      DWORD       RegistryThreadId; 
extern      ULONG       EventFlags; 
extern      ELF_EOF_RECORD  EOFRecord; 
extern      PLOGMODULE ElfDefaultLogModule; 
extern      PLOGMODULE ElfModule; 
extern      HANDLE      hEventLogNode; 
extern      DWORD       BackupModuleNumber; 
extern      PSVCS_GLOBAL_DATA   ElfGlobalData;    // WellKnownSids 
extern      LPWSTR LocalComputerName; 
extern      ULONG ComputerNameLength; 
extern      BOOL EventlogShutdown; 
extern      HANDLE ElfGlobalSvcRefHandle; 
extern      WCHAR   DefaultMessageBoxTitle[]; 
extern      LPWSTR  GlobalAllocatedMsgTitle; 
extern      LPWSTR  GlobalMessageBoxTitle; 
extern      HANDLE  g_hTimestampEvent; 
//changes to support clustering 
extern      BOOL                    gbClustering;  
extern      PPACKEDEVENTINFO        gpClPackedEventInfo; 
extern      RTL_CRITICAL_SECTION    gClPropCritSec;      
extern      HMODULE                 ghClusDll; 
extern      PROPAGATEEVENTSPROC     gpfnPropagateEvents; 
extern      BINDTOCLUSTERPROC       gpfnBindToCluster; 
extern      UNBINDFROMCLUSTERPROC   gpfnUnbindFromCluster; 
extern      HANDLE                  ghCluster;