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// TrayIcon.h : header file 
// CTrayIcon window 
class CTrayIcon : public CObject 
// Construction/destruction 
	CTrayIcon(CWnd* pWnd, UINT uCallbackMessage, LPCTSTR szTip, HICON icon, UINT uID); 
	virtual ~CTrayIcon(); 
// Operations 
	BOOL Enabled() { return m_bEnabled; } 
	BOOL Visible() { return !m_bHidden; } 
	//Create the tray icon 
	Create(CWnd* pWnd, UINT uCallbackMessage, LPCTSTR szTip, HICON icon, UINT uID); 
	//Change or retrieve the Tooltip text 
	BOOL    SetTooltipText(LPCTSTR pszTooltipText); 
	BOOL    SetTooltipText(UINT nID); 
	CString GetTooltipText() const; 
	//Change or retrieve the icon displayed 
	BOOL  SetIcon(HICON hIcon); 
	BOOL  SetIcon(LPCTSTR lpIconName); 
	BOOL  SetIcon(UINT nIDResource); 
	BOOL  SetStandardIcon(LPCTSTR lpIconName); 
	BOOL  SetStandardIcon(UINT nIDResource); 
	HICON GetIcon() const; 
	void  HideIcon(); 
	void  ShowIcon(); 
	void  RemoveIcon(); 
	void  MoveToRight(); 
	//Change or retrieve the window to send notification messages to 
	BOOL  SetNotificationWnd(CWnd* pNotifyWnd); 
	CWnd* GetNotificationWnd() const; 
	//Default handler for tray notification message 
	virtual LRESULT OnTrayNotification(WPARAM uID, LPARAM lEvent); 
// Overrides 
	// ClassWizard generated virtual function overrides 
// Implementation 
	BOOL			m_bEnabled;	// does O/S support tray icon? 
	BOOL			m_bHidden;	// Has the icon been hidden?