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% RUNDEMO Illustrates the use of BFILTER2 and CARTOON. 
%    This demo shows typical usage for the bilateral  
%    filter implemented by BFILTER2. The application 
%    of bilateral filtering to image abstraction is 
%    demonstrated by the CARTOON function. 
% Douglas R. Lanman, Brown University, September 2006. 
% dlanman@brown.edu, http://mesh.brown.edu/dlanman 
close all; 
% Load test images. 
% Note: Must be double precision in the interval [0,1]. 
img1 = double(imread('einstein.jpg'))/255; 
%%img2 = double(imread('mandrill.jpg'))/255; 
%%img3 = double(imread('academy.jpg'))/255; 
% Introduce AWGN into test images. 
% Note: This will show the benefit of bilateral filtering. 
img1 = img1+0.03*randn(size(img1)); 
%%img2 = img2+0.03*randn(size(img2)); 
img1(img1<0) = 0; img1(img1>1) = 1; 
%%img2(img2<0) = 0; img2(img2>1) = 1; 
% Set bilateral filter parameters. 
w     = 5;       % bilateral filter half-width 
sigma = [3 0.1]; % bilateral filter standard deviations 
% Apply bilateral filter to each image. 
bflt_img1 = bfilter2(img1,w,sigma); 
%%bflt_img2 = bfilter2(img2,w,sigma); 
% Display grayscale input image and filtered output. 
figure(1); clf; 
set(gcf,'Name','Grayscale Bilateral Filtering Results'); 
subplot(1,2,1); imagesc(img1); 
axis image; colormap gray; 
title('Input Image'); 
subplot(1,2,2); imagesc(bflt_img1); 
axis image; colormap gray; 
title('Result of Bilateral Filtering'); 
% Display color input image and filtered output. 
figure(2); clf; 
set(gcf,'Name','Color Bilateral Filtering Results'); 
subplot(1,2,1); imagesc(img2); 
axis image; colormap gray; 
title('Input Image'); 
subplot(1,2,2); imagesc(bflt_img2); 
axis image; title('Result of Bilateral Filtering'); 
% Apply bilateral filter for a "cartoon" effect. 
cartoon_img3 = cartoon(img3); 
% Display color input image and abstracted output. 
figure(3); clf; 
set(gcf,'Name','Image Abstraction Input'); 
imagesc(img3); axis image; 
title('Input Image'); 
figure(4); clf; 
set(gcf,'Name','Result of Image Abstraction'); 
imagesc(cartoon_img3); axis image; 
title('Abstracted Image');