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		CBLOCK	H'00' 
		   WREG_temp			; Storage memory of WREG in ISRs with low priority 
		   STATUS_temp			; Storage memory of STATUS in ISRs with low priority 
		   BSR_temp				; Storage memory of BSR in ISRs with low priority 
		   counterU				;| 
		   counterH				; > Registers used in delay subroutines 
		   counterL				;| 
		   TX_buffer			; Saves the byte which will be send on the SMBus  
	       Bit_counter			; Register used in TX_byte and RX_byte subroutines 
		   RX_buffer			; Save the byte received from the SMbus 
		   flagreg0				; Defines user flags			 
		   DataL				; Contains the low data byte read from MLX90614 
		   DataH				; Contains the high data byte read from MLX90614 
		   PecReg				; Contains the PEC byte read from MLX90614 
		   SlaveAddress			; Contains the device address 
		   command				; Contains the SMBus command 
		   Nack_Counter			; Defines the numbers of the  attempts one message to be sent in case of a failure  
		   PEC4					;| 
		   PEC3					;| 
		   PEC2					;| 
		   PEC1					;| 
		   PEC0					;| 
		   PEC					;| 
		   CRC4					;| 
		   CRC3					; > Registers used in CRC8.asm file 
		   CRC2					;| 
		   CRC1					;| 
		   CRC0					;| 
		   CRC					;| 
		   BitPosition			;| 
		   shift				;| 
;delay constants 
#define TBUF	d'5'			; Defines SMBus timings(Tbuf- bus free time between Stop and Start condition) 
;SMBus control signals 
#define _SCL_IO TRISC,3			; Defines SCL pin direction 
#define _SDA_IO TRISC,4			; Defines SDA pin direction 
#define _SCL    PORTC,3			; Defines SCL data pin 
#define _SDA    PORTC,4			; Defines SDA data pin 
#define bit_out	flagreg0,0		; Contains the bit that will be send on the SDA line 
#define bit_in	flagreg0,1		; Contains the bit that is received on the SDA lina 
;MLX90614 definitions 
#define  RAM_Access    0x00		; Define the MLX90614 command RAM_Accsess 
#define  RAM_Tobj1	   0x07		; Define address from MLX90614 RAM memory   
#define  SA    		   0x00		; Define SMBus device address 
#define  DEFAULT_SA    0x5A		; Define default SMBus device address