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% A=ols(y,x), where y is a vector, x is a matrix, performs ols  
% estimates of the regression of y on the columns of x.  
% A is a 2 x (k+1) matrix, where k is the number of  
% columns of x, having the parameter estimates on the first  
% line and the standard errors on the second.  
% In the last column, the first element is the estimated variance of % residuals and the second is the corrected R^2.  
% [A,u]=ols(y,x) produces the vector u of the residuals as a further  
% output. [A,u,fit]=ols(y,x) produces the fitted values.  
% [A,u,fit,v]=ols(y,x) produces the varcov matrix of the estimates.  
function [ols,u,fit,v]=ols(y,x)  
par=inv(x'*x)*x'*y; %%% ols coeff  
fit=x*par; %%% fit  
u=y-fit; %%% residuals  
m=size(x); T=m(1); k=m(2); esu=u'*u/(T-k);  
r2=1-(u'*u)/(dmey'*dmey); %%% R2  
r2c=1-(1-r2)*(T-1)/(T-k); %%% adjusted R2  
%%% varcov matrix of the estimates  
%%% standard errors  
ols=[par' esu; espar' r2c];